Syria Under Attack: Israel Aiding ISIS and al-Nursa Front

israel backing isis with munitions guns missiles western forces aiding isis and rebels in middle east

It appears accusations are surfacing, as it has recently been reported, claiming Israel has taken upon itself the responsibility of not only bombing Syrian targets for ISIS — including an international airport near Damascus — but also supplying ISIS and other Syrian rebels with missiles, bombs, munitions, and good old fashioned guns.

 According to Israeli spokespeople, the five unprovoked attacks over the last 18 months were done in defense — a popular excuse used by Israel and the exact excuse used for the relentless attacks on Palestine earlier this year — stating Syria’s military has been “hiding sophisticated weaponry destined for Hezbollah in Lebanon” — Hezbollah being a Shi’a militant group and political party in Lebanon overseen by the Jihad Council, and sworn enemies of Israel.

“Israel regularly claims it is under threat from neighboring Syria and Lebanon, and has used this as justification to attack its neighbors. The Syrian government claims Israel’s latest airstrike had an ulterior motive, describing it as ‘direct aggression carried out to help the Syrian government’s opponents.’ The ‘opponents’ Syrian officials are referring to are US-backed rebels, ISIS and Turkey.”21st Century Wire, Dec. 8th, 2014.

Recently the Syrian armed forces had pushed back the rebels and secured the areas of Deir Ezzor, Aleppo and their surrounding cities, but now, Syrian officials state, after the recent bombings, Israel has done nothing but aid the terror networks in their pursuit of taking over the entire country, erasing the victories so hard fought in those areas. This was exactly why Israel did what they did, they say.

Israel isn’t acting alone, either. According to RT, a base in Turkey was used by Israeli forces to carry out a massive bomb attack on Syria in July, which Turkish sources blamed on rebel groups, such as al Nursa Front and ISIS, but were described by witnesses of the Syrian military to be more firepower than any terror network has their hands on. When asked about the attacks, President Benjamin Netanyahu made it clear to a CBS interviewer that Israel will do anything to destroy Hezbollah, but added, “I’m not in the habit of saying what we did or didn’t do.” 

While he doesn’t take responsibility, it’s clear Netanyahu — a man who just fired his entire government for not being as right-wing as he wants them to be — was alluding to being involved in the bombings, whether he was or not. Either way, it’s been revealed by sources in Israel that just like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and even western countries, Turkey is a major funder of ISIS:

“Turkey Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his AK Party have…ties to the Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS…The Jerusalem Post reported…Islamic State…said Turkey, a member of NATO, provided funds for the terrorist group.”

“Turkey paved the way for us. Had Turkey not shown such understanding for us, the Islamic State would not be in its current place. It [Turkey] showed us affection. Large number of our mujahedeen [jihadis] received medical treatment in Turkey.” —ISIS Fighter quoted in Jerusalem Post.

Tensions were high for years between Turkey and Israel, but since President Netanyahu publicly apologized for his government’s part in the feud it seems a truce is at hand as the two countries are working together against a common enemy: Syria.

To add to all of this, in 2013 Syrian forces found Israeli-made missiles stored in the small town of Reef, a place still overrun with rebels, and then again back in June when they discovered a massive cache of Israeli-made weapons and munitions from al Qaeda-linked rebels in Banias, a city in the Tartous governorate which borders on Lebanon — al Qaeda being the precursor to ISIS; both groups are offshoots of the Mujahidin network formed by the American government back in the 1980’s to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan.

An Iraqi army unit has also recently found Israeli-made weapons and explosives stored in the Hamrin Mountains of Iraq, an area still infected by scores of jihadis.

“In February, a senior Iraqi military commander disclosed that the weapons used by ISIL in its war against both the governments of Syria and Iraq are Israeli-made.”Fars News Agency.

Bordering on Israel is an area of Syria called Golan Heights, which Israel has been very public about making a part of their own country, as it was once controlled by them 30 years ago. The civil war in Syria and collapse of its government could be an effective tactic to achieve this land grab. Back in September, al-Nursa militants were successful in driving out hundreds of UN soldiers from the Golan Heights, taking over the entire Syrian side of it. The next week Israel launched an air defense missile over the Heights that took down a Syrian plane, claiming it flew into Israeli airspace, and providing a safe haven for ISIS troops as America launched their attack in Northern Syria. 

golan heights syria israel

Following this week’s Israeli bombings, the Syrian Foreign Ministry publicly called on the UN’s secretary-general, Ban Ki-Moon, and his security council, to place sanctions on Israel for what he describes as “a heinous crime against Syria’s sovereignty.”

Nevertheless, the UN has never made a move to punish Israel in any way for its atrocious actions, even as it killed thousands of Syrian and Palestinian children alike on a daily basis for months earlier this year. It’s unlikely any punishment will come its way, considering western media hasn’t even been reporting these issues.

By Olan Thomas of

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19 thoughts on “Syria Under Attack: Israel Aiding ISIS and al-Nursa Front

  1. Wake up world, Israel is the cause of Middle East chaos. Can one honestly believe Israel’s hands are clean? I think not, Israel has no concern for the destruction of Christian, Assyrian, Arab, artifacts, they only care for themselves. Any American who supports Israel, has not been aware of their demonic intentions. They do not care if they involved our soldiers in another war. The final goal is the Third Temple , where helpless animals will be sacrificed, and the development of the Greater Israel will be mapped out after the destruction of Syria and Iraq. These monsters have no limits, shame on them, and may their time be short. I would say read as much as you can read about the Talmud, secret societies, the devil khabalah, you will be surely shocked. I pray for an end to their regime, God Willing.

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