Breaking: Possible False Flag Australian Hostage Situation



[As it broke]:
A black flag with white Arabic writing — similar but not exact to the ISIS flag — hangs in the window of the Lindt Chocolate Cafè in Sydney, Australia, while an unknown number of reported hostages are trapped inside, some with their hands pressed to the window for the cameras to see.

“Live television footage showed patrons inside the Lindt Chocolate Café in Martin Place standing with their hands pressed against the windows. A black-and-white flag similar to those used by Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants was also visible.”CBC.

No one has been reported as injured in the situation and after more than 6 hours 5 people emerged from the building.

“Two female Lindt employees ran from the building just before 5pm. Three other hostages, all men, ran from the cafe earlier this afternoon and are now speaking with police.”

Terrorists negotiating and releasing hostages? At this point reports are saying there is only one gunman — another lone wolf, go figure — and the original guess of 50 hostages has been said by police to be a little high.

One man released was sent to St. Vincent’s Hospital. Why is anybodies guess, as David Faktor, spokesman for the hospital, wouldn’t comment any further than “he’s fine” to reporters’ questions.

Australian prime minister Tony Abbott made an appearance stating he didn’t know whether or not the situation is politically motivated, but of course hinted that it is, and then went on to say these things happen “to scare people out of being themselves.” Quite true.

It’s way too early to tell, but as the cafè is part of Martin Place, which holds the Reserve Bank of Australia — the country’s central bank — and several other financial institutions, the situation can’t help but to look like another false flag with an ISIS scapegoat, very similar to the Parliament shootings in Ottawa last October, which have been exposed thoroughly as nothing but a means of trauma-based propaganda. Could it be Australia’s turn to justify paying for a war in the Middle East they have no business in fighting?

martin place terror drill australia hostage situation lindt choclate cafe

Extremely quick on the draw was Press Reset Earth — a recommended channel for your subscription — who already released a video linking an article from — Australia’s main news source — from May 2013, in which it reports a terrorism drill breaking out in Martin Place mirroring the events happening in “real life” today, as is usually the case with staged events that get reported as live. After all, practice makes perfect. Below is a short video of a news broadcast from 2013 about the drill.

“At 1am, with the Daily Telegraph present, a convoy of dark Toyota 4WDs, with their spotlights blazing, sped down Macquarie St and burst onto Martin Place to unload a team of highly specialised Australian Defence Force counter terrorism soldiers.” —, May 2013.

Interestingly enough, and conveniently for Australia’s media in televising this situation as it happens, Sydney’s Channel 7 news is right across the walkway from the cafe. Take a wild guess at who is syndicating the breaking footage to all the other networks around the world. And they don’t even have to leave the office. Coincidence?

lindt cafe and channel 7 news australia


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7 thoughts on “Breaking: Possible False Flag Australian Hostage Situation

  1. You should know the significant fact that the Lowy Institute for International Policy is also just around the corner from Martin Place at 31 Bligh Street.

    Lowy, that’s Frank Lowy, who held the lease with Larry Silverstein on the WTC for 9/11. Lowy, the international retail shopping mall magnate, and former Haganah commando, whose Westfield Group properties–including Westgate Mall in Nairobi–have been the site of numerous fraudulent “terror” incidents. I caught the tip in today’s NYT whose article quoted a “military analyst” from the Institute, James Brown, saying: “Someone in that shop wants us to know they have an Islamic link.” Is there a bigger tell?

    Have you seen any of the purported hostage videos and messages that were put out? Someone should collect them all.

    And the video you posted is no longer available.

    • Yes tax payers will cover reinsurance of insurance companies if there is a terrorist attack on commercial buildings since the introduction of the Terrorism Insurance Act 2003.
      Due to 9/11 in 2001, reinsurance companies have become reluctant to cover terrorism acts to their insurance companies or charge very high premiums.
      “ARPC is a statutory authority established by the Terrorism Insurance Act 2003 to administer the terrorism reinsurance scheme, providing primary insurers with reinsurance for commercial property and associated business interruption losses arising from a declared terrorist incident.”
      If you visit
      it is quoted:
      “An eligible terrorism loss is a loss or liability arising from a declared terrorist incident. An incident can only be declared a terrorist incident by the Treasurer, after consultation with the Attorney General, if a terrorist act has happened in Australia after 1 July 2003. ”
      So all we need is the terrorist act declared and the purse strings will open – covering insurance companies for say a massive bomb taking place in a Westfield Shopping centre.

  2. Spotted ABC news 24 interviewing “Stuart and Maxine Rosenthal”, supposed American tourists who ‘had friends who were injured in the Boston bombing’ who had arrived yesterday.

  3. I am not saying it is the same person. But someone on youtube claims that a CCN employee Barbara Starr is also a crisis actor matched to some of the photos above.
    “You can’t make this stuff up”, as they say.

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