Propaganda Canada Style: CBC Hypes ISIS and Next Canadian Lone Wolf Attack

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ISIS, or Daesh, whatever the media wants to call them, as we know, have been putting out professionally produced terror videos to threaten the west for months now; or should we say the western forces behind ISIS, or Daesh, or whatever, have been making videos in their name to direct public support for America’s war effort in the Middle East. I’ll direct you to the fake beheading tapes released mid-2014 if you’re confused about the subject.

Another “ISIS video” has just been released, this one just over six minutes, and according to the CBCproven liars — it was made by a Canadian citizen named John Maguire, a 23-year-old who we are told is one of many Canadians who have left the country to join ISIS in Syria. His name, we are told, has been changed to an Islamic handle, Abu Anwar al-Canadi.

“In the video, standing in the ruins of an unidentified area in Iraq or Syria, Abu Anwar warns Canadians that the country’s participation in the U.S.-led coalition fighting the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria group will lead to revenge attacks.” —CBC.

The fear propaganda didn’t stop there. CBC proudly reported that Maguire called for lone-wolf attacks in the streets of Canada, praising the actions of Martin Couture-Rouleau and Michael Zehaf-Bibeau

Ask yourself: would the citizens of Canada have heard the things this man said in his video if CBC hadn’t have published them and made them headline news? Think how many hundreds of thousands of people know a radical Canadian is calling for attacks in Canada because of CBC releasing this story. What was this article designed to do? Well, scare you for one. There’s nothing you can do about this information except feel terrified in your home country; and maybe hate Islamic people in your neighbourhood because you think they’re terrorists. Other than that you’re powerless. This is news for intelligence agents, not the public at large. This isn’t news, it’s selling the idea of Canadian attacks, an idea no one would have had in their head had they not read the article. It’s pure propaganda:

“Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney, in response to “the recent threat toward Canada,” said in a statement on Sunday that Canadians must remain vigilant.

‘That is why we are taking part in the coalition that is currently conducting air strikes against ISIL [ISIS], and supporting the security forces in Iraq in their fight against this terrorist scourge,” he said. “It is also the reason that we are working very determinedly to strengthen the tools available to the police and intelligence community to better protect us.'” —CBC.

There’s the reason CBC’s article was published right there in a nutshell: to provide Canadians with a reason to support their government’s decision to have them pay for a war overseas they really have no business being in, while at the same time to convince Canadians their homeland forces are insufficient and that more money should go into making it easier for intelligence agencies — and police forces — to invade the common Canadian’s privacy.

The fact the video mentions Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, the man blamed for the parliament shooting that has been exposed as a fraud to any person who took the time to look into it — I’ll refer you to the fake CPR of Nathan Carillo and the fake bullet holes in Center Block reported by CBC — the fact that’s even mentioned sends a huge red flag that this video is another western fake.

The CBC, after all, if you’ve been watching, have completely changed their format to all military, all the time. Canada, as CBC portrays it, is a war country. Watch CBC for a week and you’ll see the pattern. They’re not to be trusted in the least. They’re a government owned crown corporation; a public relations extension for the people behind the people Canadians elect to lead them into America’s back pocket. You better catch on, because plenty of others already have and it’s at your detriment to keep living in the dark. It’s your life they’re playing with.

The CBC has been bombarded with tweets and emails since the Ottawa shooting was exposed, and they have since been responding with article after article trying to clean up their mess, but they just keep digging their grave deeper and deeper in attempting to do so. They should just stay away from something as readily confirmed as a fraud as the situation in the Middle East is. From pictures of American soldiers training ISIS militants, to proof of western funding through the Saudis, to fake beheading videos, to Hillary Clinton explaining how these radical groups in the Middle East are created by the CIA, if there is one thing you should know in this world, it’s that anything the media is telling you about the boogeyman in the Middle East — Saddam, Bin Laden, Gaddafi, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Al Nursa, ISIS, ISIL, etc. — is bullshit lies told to you to take your money and give it to weapons manufacturers, security and intelligence contractors, and the bankers who front the dough up front to kick it all off.

Don’t believe the hype.

By Olan Thomas of

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