World War III: US House Passes Resolution 758 Against Russia

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As the mainstream media wastes our energy on yet another ISIS name change, this time to Daesh — probably to direct traffic on the net away from the thousands of “ISIS FALSE FLAG” videos exposing the US faking news stories in relation to the group  — what’s happening in relation to the almost inevitable war between Russia and a US-led NATO army has gone virtually unreported.

Meanwhile the US Senate is due to vote on House Resolution 758:

“In essence, House Resolution 758…would provide a de facto green light to the President  of the United States to declare war on the Russian Federation, without the formal permission of the US Congress.” —Global Research.

If passed, this act will enable Obama to single handedly declare on war Russia, no questions asked. This is a follow up to a bill passed through Congress in May — The Russian Aggression Prevention Act — America’s initiative to increase “U.S. and NATO support for the armed forces of Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia, and other NATO member-states”; to “direct the U.S. Permanent Representative to NATO to seek consideration for permanently basing NATO forces in such countries”; and to direct a plan to Congress “for accelerating NATO and European missile defense efforts” throughout Europe.

United States four-star General and NATO’s top commander to Europe, Phillip Breedlove — an ironic name for a man whose life revolves around wars being fought — is leading a project for a military base in Poland to be transformed into an Eastern hub for NATO forces to oppose Russia with thousands of armed soldiers at the drop of a hat:

“He plans to recommend placing supplies — weapons, ammunition and ration packs — at the headquarters to enable a sudden influx of thousands of Nato troops to be ready for action in the event of a crisis.” Times UK.

Breedlove’s initiative, which seems to only increase the chances of a military conflict with the Russians, began in August.  By October NATO had forces running military exercises in the Baltic states, tanks were deployed in Lithuania, and troops of the Iron Sword nations — 9 Atlantic nations including Canada, the US, Germany, Estonia, Hungary and the U.K — were quickly prepped for battle against one of the world’s most armed military forces.

As those drills commenced into November, back in the US, the previously mentioned Resolution 758 was drafted up and passed through the House. Its contents are chalked full of accusations that Russia has invaded Ukraine with military force and references Russia being responsible for the downing of MH-17 over Kiev — neither are supported by any credible evidence.

“Ironically, it also accuses the Russian Federation of having imposed economic sanctions not only on Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova but also on several unnamed member states of the European Union.”Global Research.

Simply put, the resolution calls for making sure all the countries in NATO are prepared for war at America’s order. This is highlighted by the resolution mentioning Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty, which states NATO member countries must wage war against any country America commands them to.

This is all at the same time as NATO considers making Ukraine a member state. If this is accepted, since America has already stated numerous times — other than in Resolution 758 — that Ukraine is under attack from Russia, their entry could be the spark the US needs to officially strike, as the collective doctrine for NATO states:

“An attack on one member of the Atlantic alliance is an attack on all members of the Alliance.”

The mainstream media may be blacking out this information from the public, but Putin is well aware of what America is up to. Two days ago it was announced that he has launched a new national defence facility meant to moniter threats to Russia’s national security during times of peace, and to take over control of the entire country when and if an attack comes. With all of this aggressive movement from the US and its NATO allies, that attack just seems like a matter of time.

By Olan Thomas of

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3 thoughts on “World War III: US House Passes Resolution 758 Against Russia

  1. Im sorry to say but, if America goes to war with Russia and China we will be wiped off the map. Then again if the dollar is low why not right? Give it up supermen, its not old Germany and its not Iraq. Their twice our size, way more manpower , and their technology is just as if not more advanced. You cant bully these guys like youve done everyone else. Good luck I hope you win quick because once they start dropping bombs there wont be a country to defend.

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