We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook: Full Film

As it faces a war upon itself to stay available on the internet, We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook explores — in great depth — the events that occurred in Newtown Connecticut on December 14th, 2012 that were reported by the mainstream media to be a mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School; an event many are calling a complete hoax created for a sinister political agenda. This film intends to rightfully prove the latter.

Giving the many independent researchers who came together to make this film possible nothing but added attention and credibility, the film has been removed from Youtube countless times already — it was just released this week — as well as Vimeo. But make no mistake, it has been receiving non-stop plays since it has been available.

To stay one step ahead with this pertinent collection of information, the webmasters at Independent Media Solidarity have been uploading the project on a number of different video streaming providers.

“Censorship of independent media and overly stringent copyright policies have turned YouTube into an unfair ecology. As such, the videos can be viewed right here on our site. Streaming of the video is provided by a number of alternative providers.” —MediaSolidarity.com.

Refusing to give up on what is quite possibly the biggest hoax aimed at manipulating the public by means of traumatizing them in American history — next to 9/11 — We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook is a must watch for not only Americans, but every person living in any part of the world to truly understand why this event was staged, how it was pulled off, and the ramifications of its occurrence since.

By Olan Thomas of CUT2THETRUTH.com.

*If video is down, please go to official site @ www.MediaSolidarity,com.

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