No-Show Christ: Hamilton Woman Stores Husband’s Body In Hopes of Resurrection

noshow christ hamilton man decays decomposes kaling wald prays for husband peter walds resurrection

Hamilton just lost the grey cup to Calgary last weekend in my hometown of Vancouver, but the city wasn’t to be outdone in the crazy department.

Kaling Wald, mother of 5, decided to trust in god when it came to the illness and death of her husband Peter Wald, who suffered for months with a foot infection due to diabetes that the family decided not to seek medical assistance for, instead they thought praying would work. Guess what: it didn’t.

After praying regularly with her five kids and seven other adults sharing the house, Peter slipped into a coma, his stomach began bloating, and he died a painful death back in March of 2013.

peter walds van praying body stored for 6 months

The Wald van.

The story doesn’t stop there. After Peter Wald died, his wife sealed off the room he was in and instructed her children to pray some more, this time for Peter to be resurrected from the dead. Even though they tried as a family to contact Jesus for this miracle for six-months, Jesus was a no-show.

When neighbours asked about her husband, curious about the 52-year-old man’s seeming disappearance, Kaling Wald would tell them he was ‘in God’s hands now.’” —The Hamilton Spectator.

After those six-months of useless prayer the sheriff arrived to evict the family for a defaulted mortgage. He would be the first person to come across the maggot covered, rotting corpse of Peter Wald.

Expecting the eviction, the family packed the dead man’s belongings and had his shoes and bags ready to go. ‘That was how strong our faith was,’ Kaling says.” —The Hamilton Spectator.

Peter’s body was so decomposed it was impossible to identify by photograph. Kaling Wald will face no jail time for her actions.

“​Kaling Wald pleaded guilty to failing to notify police or the coroner that Peter Wald had died from an illness that wasn’t being treated. She received a suspended sentence and an order to get counselling as well as 18 months probation.” —

The Children’s Aid Society, obviously, was asked to look into the case, but almost immediately found Wald was a good mother who was just acting in accordance with her Christian beliefs. She’ll be able to keep her kids. In my own opinion, they’re doomed.

Had this madness not been perpetrated in the name of religion — a psychopathic system of belief that is protected from criticism and punishment in our society — this woman’s kids would have been snatched out her hands as fast as taxes are deducted from your paycheck; and rightfully so. This woman — and her late husband — were so out-of-touch with reality they should’ve been locked up for dangerous delusional behavior. They definitely shouldn’t have ever been allowed to raise children. Hopefully this is a lesson to the rest of the deluded Christians — for the most part, though all the religions do it — who think prayer is a means to help yourself. Prayer is simply talking to yourself in your own head. If you need medical help, go see a doctor. Think about it this way: even Jesus prayed to himself not to kill himself on the cross, and he wouldn’t even listen himself. Prayer doesn’t work.

By Olan Thomas of

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One thought on “No-Show Christ: Hamilton Woman Stores Husband’s Body In Hopes of Resurrection

  1. I knew this family personally for three years before this tragedy. I spent nights there and one of the kids where my best friend. The family are honest and good people, everyone deals with death in there own way, clearly this may have not been the tradition way to go about it, but since this happened I have lost all contact of them, and I’m missing my friend dearly with no judgement in my mind

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