Ferguson Prosecutor Robert McCulloch: Race War Catalyst

tom mcculloch ferguson farce prosecutor swift decision father killed by black man in the 60s

Since August the main narrative the mainstream media has been driving home through the whole Michael Brown debacle is the issue of race. I can’t think of one piece of news I’ve read about the topic that didn’t specify that Michael Brown was black and officer Darren Wilson was white. Well, while race is a valid issue, it’s not the only issue, as the news is trying to convince Americans of. Whether white, Asian, black, or whatever, a cop got out of his car and shot an unarmed kid to death for no good reason. It’s a much bigger issue than race.

On the other hand, when it comes to who was chosen prosecute the killer — quite possible intentionally chosen for the results that followed his work — race might have played a big issue.

“The judgment of McCulloch was remarkably swift — and remarkably harsh. But why?” —Yahoo News.

The head prosecutor in the case of whether to indict Darren Wilson or not, which as we know ended with a grand jury dismissing Wilson of any wrongdoing, was a man named Robert McCulloch. Who is he?

“He’s been the St. Louis County prosecutor since 1991 and his deep ties with police have rankled area residents for years.” —NY Daily News.

McCulloch, first of all, works everyday with members of the Ferguson Police Force and has for quite some time. As HLN legal analyst Joey Jackson put it, prosecutors “rely upon police every day…You give them your support, your resources. They give those resources back to you.”

Ferguson residents have been opposed to McCulloch’s position for years, saying he has deep ties to police, since many of his brothers and cousins are cops in Missouri, as well was his father. McCulloch’s lifelong dream was to be a cop himself, until he got his leg blown off. How he landed a job as the man who makes the case for punishing police officers is anybodies guess.

“[In 2001] a pair of undercover cops shot and killed two men inside a car…in a hail of 21 bullets. A federal probe, while ruling the shootings were justified, found that the men were unarmed and their car had not moved forward when the officers opened fire. McCulloch declined to prosecute the cops. He further inflamed tensions by referring to the suspects Earl Murray and Ronald Beasley as ‘bums.'” —NY Daily News.

To say McCulloch had no bias in seeing Wilson walk free based solely on his kinship to the badge would be an extremely naive thing to do, even for the common spectator, let alone the authorities deciding on how a fair trial would be handled. He bleeds blue, relies on officers for his career, and would be the first to let them get away with murder. It’s a farce this man was chosen to prosecute.

But not only that, according to CNN, McColloch’s father was a cop, too. Guess how he died:

“His father, a police officer, was killed on the job in 1964 by an African-American man when McCulloch was 12.” —CNN.com.

These two attributes of the prosecutor’s past — close ties with cops, both in his family and on the Ferguson Police Department, and the childhood murder of his cop father by an African-American — are obvious grounds to dismiss him of leading the Wilson indictment case. His father was killed by a black guy when he was 12? That’s a huge conflict of interest that I would hope anyone could clearly see.

“For decades McColluch has been viewed suspiciously by many in his own community. They regard him as having a strong prosecutorial bias in favor of law enforcement and an unusually strong prejudice against its accusers.” —Yahoo News.

Could he have said those things wouldn’t, or didn’t, affect his work ethic in this case? Maybe. He could have meant it, too. That doesn’t matter. Justice — real justice — would have dictated this man ill equipped for the job and found an unbiased third party to prosecute.

Need an analogy? Imagine your family member was murdered and in the case against his killer you found out the prosecuting attorney was a member of the killer’s lodge and his father was killed by someone who worked the same company as your son. There is no way you would feel comfortable with any of those connections; neither would the court system — ideally — if you brought them up as conflicts of interest. This guy would be almost guaranteed to throw the case and let the killer walk free. You might as well instead just have two defence attorneys and no prosecution at all in that case.

There’s no difference here. Many questions need to be answered about the handling of this situation — from the shooting to the riots, to the police presence, to the curfews, to the focus on race and the press’ instigation of white vs. black, to the infiltration of peaceful protests, to the coordination of the destruction, to the links of New Black Panther leader Malik Shabazz to police figures, to the heavy FBI presence, to the late hour the verdict was announced, to the verdict itself — the choice of prosecutor is key here. This is obvious foul play, not just incompetence, and because of it a precedent has been set in America that it’s okay for cops to kill anyone and they will go unpunished, de facto martial law has been implemented for a second time this year in Missouri, and America is erupting across the map; all things I can’t help but to feel was someone’s plan since day one.

By Olan Thomas of CUT2THETRUTH.com.

More to come on Ferguson.

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