Blair Stokes: FSU Crisis Actor Exposed

The main witness to tell the cameras about the library shooting at Florida State University — another gun control campaign hoax — is a girl, of some sort, named Blair Stokes, who was reported to be a random student who happened to be in the library when the shooting occurred. This, of course, isn’t the case. She has been easily proven to be a media personality who also works for a public relations company dedicated to — get ready for this — changing public behavior.

The company is Salter Mitchell and their motto is: “Behaviour is our bottom line.”

“We create ideas that sell themselves. Customers are not pitched, they are pleased. Issues are not sold, they are reframed. Our product is this: A better offer well delivered — an offer designed around 12 common behavioral determinants to spur your target audience to action. Now.” —

In a nutshell — for those who haven’t read the book Propaganda by Freud’s nephew Edward Bernays — public relations was a term coined after the second world war to replace it’s ugly precursor: propaganda. In Bernays’ book he describes the invisible hand which really directs the masses; the one they don’t know about. For example, Bernays — a world renowned propagandist — explained how the pork industry was failing in the early half of the 20th-century, and how they hired Bernays as their public relations consultant. Instead of making advertisements that said, “BUY PORK!”, Bernays wrote to hundreds of doctors and asked whether they felt a bigger breakfast in the morning — and he gave a few examples — was better than a smaller one. After he had enough write him back that thought a bigger breakfast was better, he disregarded the doctors who disagreed and his ad campaign was made. It stated: “100 doctors agree a breakfast of bacon and eggs is the healthiest breakfast for your family.”  Today we still eat bacon and eggs for breakfast. Through his campaign Bernays directed the public to think bacon was a must for their health, and he saved the pork industry because of it. He also had a bunch of beautiful women march in a broadcasted parade smoking cigarettes, which were labelled “freedom torches.” This spurred average women in America to take up smoking, instead of just the hookers and gutter tripe before then. He was hired to do this for the tobacco industry. For the velvet industry he had royalty photographed with a velvet strand in their hats. Propaganda, or public relations, is now evolved and hard at work. The invisible hand indeed.

Salter Mitchell, the company Blair Stokes works for, is a PR company who works on changing the public’s behavior for their clients. Using their intern as the main witness of this shooting — fake shooting — is a dead giveaway that Salter Mitchell was hired to coordinate the whole event at FSU. As indicated in the video above — by Red Pill Revolution — Stokes presents every tell as a liar, displaying the same delight all the families and witnesses have displayed for the press through every school shooting over the last 3 years.

Proving further this is a contrived event and Stokes is a paid witness, here’s a recent Tweet from her Twitter:

blair stokes

By Olan Thomas of

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Video from:
Red Pill Revolution


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