America Disgusted: Ferguson Police’s Darren Wilson Cleared of Indictment

darren wilson free no charges murder of darren brown unarmed ferguson missouri

The violence in Ferguson hit all new highs today after St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch announced that Officer Darren Wilson won’t be indicted for shooting unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown to death. According to McCulloch, Wilson acted correctly in accordance to his training and American law.

“When McCulloch read his statement, a crowd gathered around a car from which the news conference was broadcast on a stereo. Brown’s mother, Lesley McSpadden, sat atop the car. When the decision was announced, she burst into tears and began screaming before being whisked away by supporters.” —CBC.

It’s unclear at this early point to gather information on casualties and arrests, but several gunshots have rang out through the night, many businesses have been looted, some set on fire, as well as many vehicles. Over 100 FBI agents have been deployed to Missouri.

Showing solidarity, protests also erupted in Seattle, Chicago, New York, Oakland, LA, Cleveland, St. Louis, and other major cities across the country, all involving heavy police presence and sorted violence.

Darren Wilson shot Brown repeatedly as Brown dropped to his knees with his hands up back in August of this year, as many eyewitnesses and recorded audio of the gunfire has verified. It’s now guaranteed he won’t face any consequences for his actions which left an unarmed teenager dead face down in the street.

Wilson had a support fund set up directly after the shooting that has raised more money for his legal team than the Brown family was able to raise for Michael Brown’s fund. All of that money will now go to officer Wilson as he won’t be needing a legal team.

As reported months ago, agent provocateurs have been spotted in Ferguson for months reportedly inciting violence against the police, military, the national guard, FBI, and SWAT teams and then running out of the crowds as the police respond with heavier violence against the innocent protesters.

It was also reported that officer Ron Johnson, who is in charge of the riot police in Ferguson, was coordinating riot situations with New Black Panther leader Malik Shabazz. The New Black Panthers, as it was reported early on, seem to have completely hijacked what was peaceful protests, turning them into dangerous riots.

According to CNN:

“Officer Darren Wilson told a grand jury that Michael Brown punched him in the face when he drove back to him after identifying him as a possible suspect in a shop theft, according to documents released by St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch.”

This statement, which claims Wilson was responding to a possible shop theft Brown was involved in, completely flies in the face of what Ferguson police chief Thomas Jackson stated the week of the shooting. He told a swarm of reporters officer Wilson had no idea about Brown’s incident at the convenience store approximately 20 minutes prior to the killing. Jackson stated the two incidents were “completely unrelated.”

More to come.

By Olan Thomas of

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