The Mexican Revolution

Mexico is in the throes of an all out revolution after 6 children were recently killed by Mexican authorities in collusion with the ruling drug cartels, followed by another 43 children who were abducted from the the small town of Ayotzinapa, and who are presumed tortured and murdered, as sources are reporting. One child, it’s been shown in video, was skinned alive and left in the middle of the street as a means of simply sending a message.

Since news broke of these heinous crimes, the people, justifiably, have taken to the streets in the thousands demanding the President, Enrique Peña Nieto, step down, along with his cabinet, so a new government can be built from the ground up.

“Nothing less than some 24,000 disappearances, over the course of the last three years alone, account for official estimates. Other analysts estimate the actual total as being far higher than that. The Mayor of Iguala and his wife, dubbed as the “imperial couple,” were arrested several weeks ago, as teleSUR previously reported. At the time of their arrest, speculation was that their detention may produce valuable clues that could help solve the case of the disappeared students. However, no significant advances have been made in the case since the detention of the couple. At the time of their arrest, the on-the-run couple were fugitives from the law and in hiding when authorities busted them at a rented home in Itzapalapa, Mexico City.” —Global Research.

In response, President Nieto has done nothing but issue violent threats against the protesters, making sure the people know he is preparing to use state force against them. Many sources are reporting agent provocateurs sent by the president’s men to infiltrate the crowds and insight violence, making the use of state force — shootings, beatings, gassings, etc. — justified in the eyes of those demanding and ordering it. The situation is only heating up.

Unbelievably, yet expectedly, no mainstream news sources in Canada and the USA are covering this story in detail, but we’ll have more to come as CUT2THETRUTH verifies what we have coming in…


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