Stephen Harper: Enemy of Canadian Veterans

stephen harper candian veterans military getting screwed suicide rate cut funding canadian vets

Nevermind the turnout at the war memorial on Remembrance Day setting records. Sheep are herded easily and it’s nothing impressive once you’ve seen it before.

Even though the war propaganda coming out of the Canadian mainstream media has been cranked up to 11, and Harper’s government is promoting war everywhere they can — Harper himself giving Vladimir Putin an ultimatum — what matters is what the people who actually fight in these elite politicians’ wars for this country think. They’re appalled!

If you saw the candy coated garbage on Remembrance Day praising Canada’s great leader and military, forget the BS you saw. The real veterans weren’t shown. I like how put it:

“What are [the veterans] doing? Are they cheering their closet commander? Are they mistaking jingoism for patriotism — as so many are these days, including quite a few people in the media? Have they chosen marketing over information? They have not. In fact, the veterans are here not to praise Caesar but to bury him.”

Keeping in mind Stephen Harper feels he is justified in sending other people’s children overseas to kill people who aren’t their enemies, let’s go over some harsh realities that reflect how Harper actually feels about his brave soldiers.

Canadian Afghan suicide rate more than kills on duty

A very telling stat is the veteran suicide rate in Canada. It’s alarmingly high; double the British Army’s, which has three times as many people in it. Though the veterans of the Afghan war — a war Canada had no business in fighting that left our soldiers physically and mentally devastated in many ways — have been begging for adequate medical personnel to handle their dire mental issues, but they’ve been provided less and less.

“Since 2011, the Harper government has cut $226 million from Veterans Affairs administrative funding — a 30 per cent chop.”

Two hundred and twenty-six million dollars taken away from veterans! How’s that for a thank you? Disgustingly, $50 million of that was just put into building hundreds of tank monuments across the country — as if this were the Soviet Union — in honour of the Afghan war, for no other reason than to indoctrinate future generations into thinking wars are necessary, ordinary, important, heroic, and unavoidable — a much different Canada than I grew up in, or so I thought, at least.

Screenshot (387)

These are not the actions of a man who cares about his soldiers, this should be readily apparent to anyone privy to the situation, but instead the actions of a crooked politician who cares only about the propaganda he can disperse at their expense. Soldiers aren’t human beings to him, they’re his playthings; expendable playthings.

Why is this truth not shown on TV to the citizens of Canada who think our veterans are happy with their government?

“The Harper government saved $3.8 million by closing… nine VA centres. It proceeded to add $4.5 million to Fantino’s [Vet’s Minister] ad budget to assure the viewers of Hockey Night in Harperland that the government was doing a great job with vets. Who cares about the truth when you can always use public money to produce phoney commercials?”

The Harper government, in collusion with CBC and Sun Media — who make all the news in Canada, no matter where you get it — are the fiercest liars in Canadian history, only comparable to America, which is no doubt influencing the situation — after all, these are their wars our soldiers are going to fight and either dying or coming home mentally unstable.

“These men and women are neglected in the Canadian Forces and then completely abandoned as veterans.” —Liberal MP Frank Valeriote.

In reality the Harper government has screwed veterans in every way they can think of. Most notably cutting the yearly salary for veterans of a measly $31,000 a year to a one time payout, which claims a maximum amount of $350,000:

“Only a small number of veterans — 148 — have ever received anything close to that amount since 2006. The average payout is $45,000. Try managing that with one arm, one leg, or a troubled mind — particularly if you did not clock in the 10 years in the Forces to qualify for a pension.” —

$45,000 for the rest of your crippled, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, life. Sound fair? Almost as fair as the one cent cheque the Canadian military wrote to Cpl. Justin Stark’s mother after he killed himself on duty.

His selfish actions have earned Harper countless protest and a lawsuit with a group of British Columbia Afghan vets, but the feeling is shared across the country: veterans want Harper and his criminal cabinet gone.

“A group of angry veterans, who want the Harper government defeated in the next election, is appealing to serving members of the military to join them in protest.”

The fact of the matter is Stephen Harper’s speeches — which are chalked full of lies — are written by a man named Nigel Hannaford; his decisions are made by lobbyists he has already promised deals to; and his system will keep going after he’s gone, because it’s not his system; it’s the system. One look at him doing his thing reveals he’s an emotionless puppet. No party will tow a different line because they all work for the same people. Veterans, especially, and soon-to-be soldiers should learn this fact. Debates before elections we witness aren’t for the people so much as they’re for lobby groups, bankers, and CEO’s, as these are the people who actually decide who gets into office through funding those campaigns that meet their standards. The Canadian military is every bit as duped into surrendering their lives — one way or the other — for causes they don’t understand as any other western force. They’re told from recruitment of the heroics of war, the patriotism of serving your country, and the dangers of “terrorism” — a name you could now label anything to convince someone to fear it. They’re not told of the real reasons these wars are being fought, who is profiting, or the sexual abuse that happens within the ranks, or the things they’ll see and do after they become the occupying force in a poverty stricken country, or the dramatic suicide rate of those who have served before them, or the lack of funding and medical assistance they’ll receive when they return home a permanently different person — never for the better. Liberal, Conservative, NDP, Green; it doesn’t matter at all. To serve their military is to serve the real terrorists. Promises must be made to sit as PM, MP, MLA, etc., and those promises are not for the good of the soldiers. Soldiers are pawns in a globalist game — human machines; numbers on paper — and the evidence is hard to keep hidden, though that’s precisely what’s happening. The question is: how long will this continue until our country wakes up to the harsh realities their lives are governed by?

By Olan Thomas of

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