FSU Shooting: Days After Surprise Florida School Shooting Drill

myron may school shooting florida state university hoax false flag

Four days after FOX News reported on the angry parents of a Florida middle school, where authorities ran an unannounced school shooter drill that students thought was real life, justification came — surprise, surprise — as another school shooting happened at Florida State University. This one was reported as real life.

school shooting in florida middle school drill unannounced to students and parentsschool shooting florida bullshit hoax false flag gun control

According to the reality fabricators at CNN:

“Gunshots rattled a peaceful, packed Florida State University library early Thursday, with three people getting hurt as hundreds of students huddled between bookshelves before police encountered and killed the gunman outside.”

CNN, go figure, mentioned nothing about the fake shooting that happened down the road a few days prior.

The lonewolf shooter is being identified as a 2005 FSU grad named Myron May. According to police chief, Michael DeLeo, May was afraid of being targeted — whatever that means — and took it upon himself to make examples of the dangers of targeting people, painting the picture of a paranoid maniac.

myron may facebook post mkultra mind control

“‘Mr. May had a written journal and videos where he expressed fears of being targeted and that he wanted to bring attention to this issue of targeting,’ DeLeo told reporters. ‘A preliminary review of these documents and videos demonstrate that Mr. May was in a state of crisis.'”

While CNN reports the scene as a hectic gongshow, the video released shows a different story. What we see in the footage are confused people who look like they’re not sure what was really happening. For a second you see someone on the ground holding their leg as if he were hit by a bullet, but there is no blood. Typical of a drill scenario. Something we’ve seen time and time again. Just like last week, or so, when the Washington State drill was reported as real, even though it was proven a hoax before CNN even got a chance to report on it; and even though it was proven a hoax, they still did report it to be real and haven’t changed their stance.

shooting victim or actor fsu florida state university gun control gun laws usa

Victim or actor?

According to reports, the police arrived on the scene within five minutes and found May outside of the university’s library where they demanded he drop his handgun. May — according to Tallahassee police spokesman, David Northway — apparently refused and instead shot his weapon at the officers, provoking them to kill him where he stood.

May hadn’t been in the state since 2009. He left that year to attend other schools in Texas and New Mexico, conveniently returning to Florida last week to shoot up the library of his former alma mater, leaving it nearly impossible for anyone at the scene or around town to recognize or have much of a history with him.

Just like in every other state that has recently had a lonewolf school shooting — or theatre shooting — and there are dozens — upon dozens — Florida, just like the rest of the western world, is in the midst gun control issues. Anti-gun advocates have had their sights on changing its lenient laws on the right to own and carry concealed weapons in the state. Its actually called “The Gunshine State” by gun owners. Earlier this year Florida colleges announced they would allow their students to have firearms on school grounds.

Screenshot (383)

Months back I wondered if it would take a lonewolf “school shooting” in every state before Americans started waking up to the scheme that’s leading to the disarmament of an entire population — a measure only taken by tyrants such as Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Pot — but now I’m convinced America will surrender their second amendment right without question; and I’m not even a gun guy. This shooting right after an exact drill happened in Sandy Hook, Colorado, California, Washington State, Texas, Tennessee, New Mexico, South Carolina, Georgia, Des Moines, Ohio, Oregon, and so on, and so on; even in Moncton, Canada. Amazingly, the United States is the only country to have such recurring troubles during a heated gun control campaign. Go figure.

More as we receive it.

By Olan Thomas of CUT2THETRUTH.com.

Sources linked in article.

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