Ottawa False Flag: CBC’s Pathetic Attempts to Change the Story As It Goes

cbc liars cant keep up with truthers cbc exposed zehalf bibeau ottawa false flag

There is, thankfully, a whole team of people — Free Radio Revolution, the Ottawa Expositor, Up North of the 49th, Red Pill Revolution, and tons of others — working on exposing the Ottawa false flag that happened at Parliament at the end of October. CBC is well aware of us and this is proved in the stories they are releasing.

If you aren’t up to date on the unbelievable amount of obvious lies the CBC has been spreading throughout Canada, I advise you read OTTAWA FALSE FLAG: PIECES TO THE PUZZLE and OTTAWA FALSE FLAG: OLD BULLET HOLES IN PARLIAMENT SHOOTING to get up to date.

Now, that second article — exposing the “bullet holes” in Parliament as a year and half old — exposed the Canadian news outright after “journalist” Evan Solomon showed a photo of 9 holes in the wall Michael Zehaf-Bibeau was apparently standing in front of when he was shot dead.


Nevermind the complete lack of blood in a shooting that apparently hit its mark over 20 times, a quick search on Google Maps showed those marks were in that wall in April 2013 — one year and six months prior to the shooting — and they clearly aren’t bullet holes at all. CBC was 100% busted!

So what do they do? They came out with a correction saying they were mistaken; not every mark was a bullet hole, just some of them. One look at the comparisons though, of course, shows every mark on the wall today was there in April 2013. Not one of them are a bullet hole. There are no bullet holes in Parliament whatsoever, anywhere. Again CBC’s caught in a pathetic lie trying to cover up another pathetic lie. As the Ottawa Expositor put it, “They’re even more busted.” (Video at bottom).

In a recent video CUT2THETRUTH released we made sure to point out — in the description — something many people have been doubting: the fact that Zehaf-Bibeau was being reported as a moneyless crackhead — mere weeks before the shooting he was sleeping in a homeless shelter in Vancouver — with no ties to any terrorist groups. Because he was so poor and so addicted to crack, he begged a judge to send him to jail for somewhere to sleep. The fact he somehow had a loaded rifle and a car in Ottawa within a week of being on the streets of the west coast didn’t add up at all. This would have run anyone thousands of dollars to accomplish no matter what form of travel. Few people could afford such a trip themselves. How did he put all this together so fast? This opinion, or question rather, has been raised by many people opposed to the beefed up military, intelligence, and security being sold as vital additions to Canada’s everyday life — mostly by a millionaire intelligence CEO named Steve Day — as a result of a simple crackhead shooting one person — a soldier, remember, no average Canadian citizens were harmed, in fact, Bibeau didn’t even shoot the driver of the car he commandeered.

So, what does CBC do? Yesterday they released a story completely flipping the Bibeau story on its ass. Instead of being a poor crackhead with no ties to extremism, now CBC reports Bibeau was actually very well-off financially, earning $90,000 a year as a construction worker in Squamish, where he went from wearing hip hop attire to Muslim regalia and showing his co-workers — who are unnamed by CBC, as well as the company name — videos of the Taliban.

Screenshot (380)

“He was making more than $90,000 a year, but was very focused on saving money, said the foreman. He spent little and drove a 1994 Nissan Pathfinder he said had been given to him by a man at a Vancouver Islamic centre.”

Quite clearly the CBC has painted itself into a corner. They have to be the most embarrassing propaganda machine in operation. It’s no doubt they are releasing stories at this point strictly in response to the hundreds of videos and articles coming out everyday exposing their shotty deceptions. What else can we expect from them, though? They have perpetrated the biggest hoax in Canadian history, are an accessory to treason, and everything they’ve screwed up on through the whole ordeal is all over the internet forever — and undeniable. Even if they don’t go down now for their crimes they have the rest of their lives to look over their shoulders in paranoia. I’m sure the man in charge of these ridiculous narratives is having panic attacks at this point. And so he should until the day he’s held responsible. With the blunders already exposed, it’s only a matter of time.

By Olan Thomas OF

Video from:
The Ottawa Expositor

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