FBI to MLK: You Have 34 Days to Kill Yourself

martin luther king jr fbi letter 1964 novemeber from j edgar hoover fbi mlk murdered by american government and memphis police

While stumbling through papers for research in America’s National Library, Beverly Gage, a professor of American history at Yale, came across an unredacted FBI letter to Martin Luther King, Jr. that demanded her attention.

For decades the letter — created under J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI in November of 1964 and designed to look like it was written by an angry African-American — was impossible to fully understand as most of it was blacked out. Today it’s abundantly apparent the letter was intended to force King to kill himself within 34 days of receiving it — “this exact number has been selected for a specific reason, it has definite practical significance” — or else face the consequences. We now know he chose the latter.

History has shown King was quite a womanizer, which is a personal flaw and has nothing to do with his overall message of equality, but because the FBI followed and bugged every location he went, they had his number this peccadillo, and tried their best to exploit it to its furthest lengths. Using these threats as their fuel, the letter is as follows:

mlk suicide letter rev

It’s quite disturbing to think this man — whose message was peace, cooperation, and equality in America, and the world — was viewed as such a threat to the American government, but it’s much more disturbing to see the ways they deal with agitators not beating the violent war drum Americans are raised to march to.

“Although the FBI’s attempts to discredit King were unsuccessful, that doesn’t mean modern intelligence agencies have given up on similar tactics.” —BBC.

To those surprised the US government would stoop to such low tactics to eradicate those influencing their citizens to think for themselves, this is just the tip of the iceberg. In 1999 the King family took a Memphis motel owner named Lloyd Jowers to court accusing him of being involved in the conspiracy that left King dead on the porch of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis hours before one of his speeches in April 1968. The King family won. Not only that, the court also found the United States Government and the Memphis Police Department guilty of the murder, as well.


By Olan Thomas of CUT2THETRUTH.com.

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