Questions for Canadians About The Ottawa Shooting (Film)

To those who refuse to face the ugly truth,

This disappointment is turning to anger. I can’t believe this country. But then again, what do I expect?

It has been proven time and time again, anomaly by anomaly, channel by channel, blog by blog, site by site, clip by clip, picture by picture, contradiction by contradiction, and more, that Canadian citizens have been played for fools, lied to, expected to be stupid, and they couldn’t care less. In fact, they don’t even want to believe it.

Is it conditioning that dictates people I know and find intelligent turn away and disagree with the cold hard facts? Are you that scared to admit you’re a victim? Because that’s exactly what you are, and you’re taking it like a bitch in prison; no disagreements, no standing up for yourself or your fellow countrymen.

I’ll compare it to a few months back when I was researching the James Foley fake-execution — which we fully exposed as a fraud. In my line of work I’ve seen so much data and incontrovertible proof of deception, murder, payoffs, and the like, given to the world at the hands of the elite and the governments they control — like tons, that’s why I started this project and work it for free every single day, all day — I’m trained to see through the lies the mass media — and government — hands us, especially when these narratives lead to soldiers being deployed overseas to get their brains blown out, and worse, kill innocent people from parts of the world they couldn’t find on a map, let alone describe their political philosophy enough to dispute it, so when I saw “Foley’s parents” I knew the situation wasn’t adding up. I searched that morning until I found the “execution tape.” When it came to the part of the executioner cutting into the throat — which turned out to be fake — I cringed and shut my eyes. I’m not built for seeing that shit. My natural reaction was to close my eyes and not look. This is the only analogy I can muster to explain why Canadians aren’t in the streets hunting down their elected officials to hold them responsible for treason. People’s natural reaction when confronted with the fact they are being lied to about everything is to close their eyes — tight. “No, no, no! I won’t look!” They’re not built for this shit. Time to man up.

History will show you thousands of instances of empires lying to their people to serve their agenda — from the Catholic church to Hitler to Stalin. Do you think those populations were expecting it? No, this is how it works. Are you naive enough to think it couldn’t happen here? “No, that stuff wouldn’t go down in Canada!” Really? Open your eyes.

There’s a lot Canadians who don’t understand about big banks, globalization, economics, covert operations, the lengths intelligence agencies go to direct public opinion, and so on, and so on. But forget all that. Don’t try to understand it right now. Keep it simple. What we were told about the shooting in Ottawa was a complete lie. Look at the evidence for why people are saying that. Start there. End there. All you have to understand is that you are the victim here. Even sicker than that, by denying it, or even refusing to look into it, you’re an accomplice to your own destruction. You’re helping them make you look like an idiot. Your government — no matter who they are, Liberal, Conservative, etc. — is a group of elites working for other elites. Case closed. How could a 4 or 5 figure earner like you trust these people without question? They think you’re less than dirt. They look at you like you look at the homeless. You fight their wars. They profit off war. Don’t you get that? Don’t you see these people are psychopaths?

Let’s put it this way. The United States has been raping the middle east of its resources, installing their own governments in its countries, and killing its citizens in the millions in horrible ways for over 3 decades straight now. There has been no threat against America from any of those countries this whole time; case in point: nothing has ever happened — minus 9/11, but if you still think that was 19 hijackers who are still alive today then you’re hopeless. They have been manipulating their population with lies to dupe them into supporting their cause. Even dying for it.

The United States now has Canada singing the same tune, loud. Stephen Harper, your prime minister, is sending Canadian troops to the middle east and bombing the shit out of people. Killing them. Dead. That’s murder on a huge scale. These are the moral bearings of this man. If he believes this is the answer, then why isn’t his son over there? He’s able bodied, isn’t he? No, Harper won’t send Benjamin because even though he’s a mass murderer, he cares about his son and wouldn’t subject him to such traumatic danger. But he is perfectly fine sending yours. Think about that. How important could he really feel sending troops to kill “the enemy” is when he knows well enough to keep his own family out of the situation? How stupid are you to take his son’s place?

But forget all that for now. If you don’t know how much money is made from war and how much government officials — no matter what party — make off off those wars, don’t worry about it now. Just look at the facts of the Ottawa shooting and wake up. The bullet holes were there a year and six months before it happened. The cops were there 28 minutes before the event started. The CPR of Nathan Cirillo was fake. There was no blood anywhere — at the War Memorial or in Centre Block — except a small drop away from Cirillo. The cops were laughing the whole time. They reported a shooting at Rideau Mall down the road, rushed it, and then denied anything happened. There were camera crews set up in the very hallway the event went down in, none of which were told to get leave or even get out of the way of the apparent 40 to 50 bullets that were being fired around them. They made their Parliament employees sign gag orders. These “drills” happen and are reported as “real-life” after they happen all the time. All the evidence is there for you to look at and judge for yourself. What don’t you understand? How do you answer these anomalies? Don’t let them lie to you. Quit being the victim they expect you to be. Quit being weak. Quit being scared. As soon as you see the evidence, there is no denying it. Don’t let people on TV tell you what to believe without questioning them. You have to wake up, because right now you’re fucking it up for the rest of us who aren’t too scared to look, those of us who have already seen, and who are ready to fight back against our oppressors. But we need you on board. So please, stop being ignorant and wake up.

By Olan Thomas of


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