Ottawa False Flag: Old Bullet Holes In Parliament Shooting


cbc liars false flag ottawa bullet holes in wall of parliament hill in april 2013 one year before terrorist attack complete hoax bullshit

Whether you believe it was a terrorist attack, a mental health issue, or just some crackhead who went crazy with a gun in downtown Ottawa, let’s get one thing straight right now: it never really happened.

We already broke down much of the inconsistencies, enough to expose this event outright, which you can read here, but they just keep rolling in. Now for another nail in the coffin, once again showing us CBC, the government of Canada, and all other authorities bringing you the story that a crazed Muslim went nuts and killed a soldier, then died himself after a 58-year-old Sergeant-at-Arms dove through a hail of bullets and shot him midair, here’s something you can easily check for yourself.

Have you ever used Google Maps? It’s pretty great. You can virtually walk down any street in the world almost. Want to see your house? Just go to Google Maps and you can take a look; or you can look at the Pyramids, or the White House, Stonehenge, Niagra Falls, or the Grand Canyon. Know where else you can look? Parliament Hill.

Google Maps allows you to take a virtual walk right through Centre Block from the comfort of your own home. This being said, Google doesn’t travel through every city with a panoramic camera at all times. That would be impossible. Usually the stuff you see on Google maps is a little old. Take for instance this picture inside Centre Block:

april view of buulet holes in centre block canada ottawa false flag


This picture taken in April of 2013, as Google indicates in the black box in the left hand corner. Notice anything? Somehow the bullet holes from the Zehaf-Bibeau shooting were already there 1 year and 6 months before it ever took place. How does that work? Need a closer look?

april view of parliament hill shooting bullet holes

Here’s CBC showing this wall — which is where Bibeau died according to the “official” story — on a newscast where Evan Solomon — one of the fakest individuals on the planet — tells Canadian viewers that the holes in the wall, which were there over a year ago, are fresh and from the shooting, even though the news also reported Bibeau was shot 20 times, and there is no blood. How?

cbc lying about false flag ottawa zehaf-bibeau

Evan Solomon of CBC: paid liar.


By Olan Thomas of

Ottawa Shooting: Evidence of a Staged False Flag Attack – Dario Di Meo
Free Radio Revolution


11 thoughts on “Ottawa False Flag: Old Bullet Holes In Parliament Shooting

  1. Dude, you’re on shaky and dangerous ground. Before you decide that I’m ‘against you’, let me explain the problem here and why it’s in your – our – best interests to rein it in a bit. You can refute every argument that someone makes, or you can let them slip up and watch the world laugh at them. That’s why “conspiracy theorist” is synonymous with “idiot nutjob” in the popular mindset; there ARE a lot of idiot nutjobs cranking out crazy ideas, and every level-headed skeptic with a suspicion of foul play is considered guilty by association.

    Now, you’re claiming that nobody died in this incident. In effect, you claim that these men never existed, and that’s a pretty offensive thing to say about someone, especially when they’re dead. Whether or not they did exist, the perception that they did means that an article like this will enrage the public against speculationists and critical watchdogs alike. That’s why nobody has to go far to cover up a conspiracy; it takes care of itself as a result of human nature.

    For the record, I fully believe that this shooting was orchestrated, but that it was otherwise real (turn a usefully psychotic man loose with a bad idea and stand back). To support this, I’d point out that the shooter’s mother came forward to state that the RCMP misquoted her and changed her police statement in a manner which incorrectly implies terrorist connection, viz.: that her son had intended to go to Syria when in fact his goal was to go to Saudi Arabia ( ). In addition, the slain soldier’s girlfriend has publicly chastised Canada for its dismal support and treatment for mental health issues , with nary a mention of “terrorism” or religious extremism ( ).

    In summary, even if you’re right it’s unwise to write speculative diatribe as though it is fact, and if you’re wrong then it’s an even worse idea.

    • Appreciate your comment, but I strongly disagree. I would put a lot of money on the fact no one was shot in Parliament, and at this point there is loads of evidence to show that it was fake. Common sense dictates my opinions, not fear of what people may call me (“conspiracy theorist” or “nutjob”). This site is about the truth, and the truth is there if you’re willing to think and look. If someone died then that is terrible, but I need proof my good sir, and if you have looked into the details of this whole case and accept what they’re claiming as proof to be real, then I’m afraid I feel sorry for you. His “mother” could say a lot of things, it doesn’t prove a thing. This man could be dead, that doesn’t prove he died in Parliament. When there is no evidence for the official story, and evidence firmly against it, it would be silly and naive to believe the former. Being an apologetic for lies is not my business, and I’m sorry if it’s yours. Now for more information on how easy it is to have staged events executed, including mock funerals, I point you towards the Operation Northwoods story we put out months ago which will show you in plain sight government papers outlining exactly how these covert operations work. It’s the US, yes, but this is how it’s done. It’s clear Problem-Reaction-Solution, and it pains me so many Canadians are apologetics for the liars in CBC and the Canadian Government. People need some spines in this country. Call a spade a spade. The bullet holes are there 1 year and 6 months early and you still want to give the rest of the BS the news and gov is telling you the benefit of the doubt? his is what I feel sorry for. You need to face facts. But again, thanks for your comment as this issue needs much discussion, and we look forward to a response. In the meantime here is some more reading material for you to discredit. 😉


  2. For a free pdf of the book MASS MURDER: Official Killing in Tasmania, Australia (2014; 2nd edition) which details a false flag incident at and near Port Arthur, in which it is said 35 people were killed and 23 were wounded, email: The patsy, Martin Bryant, had an IQ of 66 (retarded) and was functioning at a school grade-six student level. He is now incarcerated for life, never to be released. There was NO! TRIAL, NO! INQUEST, NO! PUBLIC INQUIRY of any kind. There is not a shred of hard evidence proving his guilt. The person believed to be the killer, or one of the killers, is named and identified with mages in this 700-page book.

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