Ottawa False Flag: Pieces To The Puzzle

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Last night I took part in a roundtable of Canadian alternative media researchers on Many issues were discussed, but at the heart of it was the obvious: What happened in Ottawa?

There are many things about this event which, to me and many others, show it was a staged event. Does this mean nobody died? No. Anyone with half a brain who has looked into what happened in New York on September 11th, 2001, knows that thousands of people were killed to spark an American invasion in the Middle East that hasn’t stopped since. In fact, it’s only gotten worse. 911 was an inside job — you’ve seen the t-shirt. Killing one Canadian would be a lot easier to pull off. This isn’t to say anyone did die though.

There has been no clear footage of the soldier who was shot — Nathan Cirillo — at the War Memorial; nor has there been solid proof that a man was killed in Parliament. In fact, when the evidence we are provided is looked at objectively, which we will do now, it looks like this was, in fact, a methodically planned and executed drill. One acted out to fool Canadians into supporting a harsher police presence and authority, and the involvement of our troops in America’s terror campaign.

We have no solid proof to reasonably say we believe the media and government’s story, which, as crazy as it sounds, I think we should be demanding as Canadians since this event instantly turned into justification for a Canadian Anti-Terror Act which will enable the authorities to track and arrest people before they commit a crime — a complete reversal of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Constitution.

As this affects my personal birthrights, I think I deserve better proof; where there is truth, there is proof. Is this photo proof?

The first thing you learn in first aid training is to give the wounded air and space to breathe. Why are they dogpiling this guy? Sources also say the man looking at the camera and the police were making sure it was impossible for anyone other than that specific crowd — who were doctors, officers, and lawyers who just happened to be there coincidentally — to get anywhere close.

The first thing you learn in first aid training is to give the wounded air and space to breathe. Why are they dogpiling this guy? Sources also say the man looking at the camera with the blue coat and the police were making sure it was impossible for anyone other than that specific crowd — who were doctors, officers, and lawyers who just happened to be there coincidentally — to get anywhere close.

This scene looks wrong and therefore demands explanation. This is not how a man clinging to life should be treated, he is getting no oxygen. They are mobbing him as if to prevent any pictures being taken of him, and according to many sources, they were doing just that.

A critical skeptic — the smartest types of people — would also notice the lack of blood at the scene. When someone is shot at point blank range in the back — or the side/back to be exact — with a rifle, blood is gonna be pretty abundant. We can see none in the picture above; and in the picture below we see a very clean line of blood that doesn’t trace back to the victim, implying it was poured from directly above the stain.

The lack of blood could be explained if the wound was administered to and the bleeding stopped, but this would have to have been done as Cirillo was standing up — which I doubt considering he just got blasted with a high powered rifle — or else the blood would trace right back to where he is laying in the photo, which it doesn’t. This makes no sense unless that blood spot was poured from above itself. Need proof? Fill a cup with water and recreate that stain on pavement. Next, shoot yourself in the side and walk around for a while and pay close attention to how you’re creating a massive trail of blood.

nathan cirillo shooting ottawa war monument4

Keeping in mind these are reported to be professional medics helping Cirillo in the picture above, take close notice of the man on the end. Why is this man elevating Cirillo’s legs? That’s a huge no-no! Anyone with first aid training knows this:

9. DO NOT elevate legs to treat for shock if the gunshot wound is above the waist (unless the gunshot wound is in the arm). Gunshot wounds to the abdomen and chest will bleed more quickly once the legs are elevated, making it harder for the victim to breathe.” —, “How To Treat A Gunshot Wound”.

As the gunshot is above Cirillo’s waist, we can see that protocol for treating him demands his legs not be elevated. How does a group of people — almost all of whom are trained in how to treat a gunshot victim — get this vital step wrong?

“Another passerby was at Cirillo’s feet. Winters, who served as a medic during her 17 years in the Naval Reserve, asked the man to elevate Cirillo’s feet.” —National Post, Oct. 23rd, 2014.

Notice’s reasons for not elevating the legs: the gunshot victim will bleed more and it will make it hard to breathe. This just adds to the confusion on the lack of blood and the fact they are crowding the victim preventing airflow. This, to the critical thinker, makes the credibility very low that these people are who the media says they are; or that the media is telling the truth of what happened at all. A nurse of almost two decades, another nurse, police officers and trained military officers all don’t know how to treat a victim? Either this was a staged scene or the people attending the victim are responsible for his sudden death by doing everything wrong.

Next we’ll take a look at the shooting of Michael Zehaf-Bibeau in the Centre Block building of Capitol Hill. To many people this appeared to be a police drill — one of many that happened that day both at Parliament and the Rideau Mall, before the city of Ottawa was completely locked down and occupied with military-like police forces by evening.

Yes we’ve seen the video footage that shows police running down a large hallway followed by the sounds of a hail of gunshots, but we don’t see the victim. We don’t hear the victim. Is this video proof of anything? Once again, we’re left to believe the narrative given to us by the media. And what a narrative!

kevin vickers shoots parliament hill shooter with spin shot bullshit

The media’s take on the events inside of Center Block state that the police took shot after shot at Bibeau as he hid in a tiny alcove — but they just couldn’t hit him. The whole time, they say, Bibeau was firing back, even though there were about 8 cameras filming in the same place that showed nothing of the sort, and no one else was hurt. Nevertheless, the news wants us to believe that a 58 year old man named Kevin Vickers, Canada’s Sergeant-at-Arms, armed with a pistol, jumped out of nowhere at the suspect, flew twisting through the air — right into the thunderstorm of bullets being fired, but evading all of them — and with his back facing the ground shot upwards at Bibeau from below him — still mid-air, mind you — instantly killing him. I’m not making this up:

“While the facts of those chaotic moments are difficult to fully confirm, it is said that Vickers, 58, then dove and flipped onto his back, shooting upwards at the gunman as he fell to deliver the fatal shots to the man believed to have killed Cpl. Nathan Cirillo earlier that morning.”  —National Post, Oct. 27th, 2014.

Picture taken by photographer directly after Vickers apparently killed Bibeau. He is going to a room where the MP's are hiding to tell them he killed the guy. Why would he do this when it was still thought there were other shooters around as the news and government reported during this time?

Picture taken by photographer directly after Vickers apparently killed Bibeau. He is going to a room where the MP’s are hiding to tell them he killed the shooter — according to CBC. Why would he do this when it was still thought there were other shooters around the building as the news and government reported during this time?

It’s pretty unbelievable stuff. How Vickers wasn’t ripped apart by the bullets coming from the police is a question that must be answered. This is like a scene out of Batman performed by a 58 year old man who possibly wears diapers, though at this point I have no proof for the diaper part. Take another look at the video above. For the record, Bibeau is supposed to be tucked in against the wall on the right inside the large passage at the end of the hall. But where was Vickers? The camera man somehow stood in the middle of the hallway without getting hit, but failed to capture anything.

Here’s a hilarious video made by our friend Jeff C. over at Free Radio Revolution on the Vicker’s hollywood production:

Moving along we come to an article published by called Anonymous Witness Working At Parliament Fears For His Life. The following picture was found on an online message board called on the morning of the shooting, but has since been removed:


It reads:

“I’m a legislative assistant, here is the view outside my office at 9:30a.m, (about 15 minutes before the ‘crazed’ gunman). Just a shit ton of cops hanging out by west block for no reason. I know two things they aren’t telling the press/public. Hopefully you dipshits will take this serious because my career is on the line. If you see/hear that a legislative assistant died, had an accident, committed suicide whatever I’d like to say for the record that I’ve never wanted to kill myself. I take my job serious, but I ask honest questions. Wednesday’s there are events hosted at parliament, and security is slack. There was no need for all these police at parliament this morning pre-shooting incident. Nobody (pm and opposition leaders excluded) of great significance was scheduled for today. Further, blowing up the west end’s transmitter should just make people angry, not dependent on the government. I feel like if we don’t stand up right now, we will be baited into losing everything because ISIS.”

facebook 15 mins before shooting cut2thetruth false flag canada


If this is in fact the case, we can see the police were already setting up for this event 22 minutes before it even began. Multiple sources from Ottawa confirm there is never that many cops — especially a mixture of RCMP and OPP — at that corner, ever. To prove the claim further, the person who posted this then posted their Parliament Pass:

To put the final nail in the this coffin, and to simultaneously prove the Canadian Government — or Harper Government as they demand to be called — is the opposite of transparent. Based on controversial reports released in December of last year, the Government of Canada has forced all employees working for them on Parliament Hill sign lifetime confidentiality agreements stating they can never talk about what they hear or see within the walls of the government. How’s that for a democracy with a government working transparently for the people who elect them? I wonder what they suddenly wanted everybody so quiet about?

The Toronto Star, December 2013.

The Toronto Star, December 2013.

The Globe and Mail, December 2013.

The Globe and Mail, December 2013.

“The confidentiality agreement applies indefinitely even after an employee leaves the job. Only when required by law, such as during court testimony, will they be allowed to breach confidentiality.” —The Globe and Mail, Dec. 11th, 2013.

Let’s not forget the cops — who thought they were off camera — laughing up a storm:

Now, let’s couple all of these strange inconsistencies together and ask: why? Why would they fake this? Well, take a look at the Anti-Terrorism Act proposals that were introduced in October. These give the authorities the power to bug calls, emails, social media, track GPS, freeze assets, take property, detain indefinitely, make arrests without crimes being committed, and a whole slew of other powers that strip Canadians of their rights according to the Charter — those are your birthrights Canadians. Also, take a look at the flack Harper is getting for bending over and letting America pull whatever military support out of his ass they want in the Middle East. This event worked to the advantage of the current government and the bills they’ve been pushing for since they took office. This is undeniable to anyone who follows Canadian politics.

This is what happened in America after their false flag and they failed to do a thing about it. Canada is not a terrorist infected country; don’t let them tell you it is. We believe our elected officials should be peaceful and transparent when we elect them. Don’t let it happen here. Wake up Canada!

Click here for Google Maps Proof the “bullet holes” in Parliament’s walls were there in April 2013.

By Olan Thomas of

Listen to the discussion of a variation of Canadian truth researchers:

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15 thoughts on “Ottawa False Flag: Pieces To The Puzzle

  1. I appreciate your work. One issue I did not hear anyone comment on is the fact that the man who killed the suspect, Kevin Vickers who is the Sargeant at Arms who is now being hailed as a hero in the media, DOES NOT appear to have any blood stains on his clothing. This in spite of having gunned down the suspect at close range. You may want to add this to the long list of items that don’t add up.

  2. I just wanted to say that I didn’t look into this one…..and clearly I should have. I have been paying attention since 9/11 and I didn’t think this would be in the same vein…..I’m shocked.

    Thank you very much for your time and effort on this front. Please, never stop.

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