Canada: One Simple Vote And Your Privacy Is Gone


We’ve been covering it for months, it’s that important, and have reached a few thousand readers on the subject, but that is no way near enough. Other than us, why the hell is The Saanich News the only other publication covering the most unconstitutional bill to ever go through the House in Canadian history? An editorial at that!

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Saanich, in case you’re unfamiliar, is a small district in the Greater Victoria area on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Where is CBC; Macleans; Global; City; the National Joke, er, Post?

Now, if you’re still wondering what the hell I’m talking, join the club. But I will explain, again. Bill C-13 is known as the Cyberbullying bill. It states the government and police in Canada can bypass the Constitution, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the judicial system, and even your cable company to obtain records of, or tap into, your phone calls, phone messages, internet search records, emails, the pictures on your phone, your text messages; your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on; they can monitor your location by GPS, track your movements, and completely invade your privacy, not because they suspect you of committing a crime, but because they think you might want to commit a crime. All of these things were illegal, and technically still are, but they for sure will be perfectly legal now.

Why? Because as Canadians were hiding under their tables scared to death a terrorist would kill them on Tuesday, the House of Commons voted on Bill C-13 — and it passed! All that’s left is for Senate to vote, who will probably pass it unanimously.

So to be clear to my Canadian readers: This means the police or government can now monitor you at all times without a warrant from a judge, without your knowledge or consent, and before you’re a suspect in a crime. But human beings would never abuse such power, right? I’m sure the people who wrote our constitution — Pierre Trudeau’s people, actually — thought it should only be a few decades of freedom for the people of this country. Unbelievable.


What really blows my mind, or maybe not so much, so I’ll say instead, what really pisses me off about the whole situation is the fact this bill went through the House of Commons as CBC and all the other bought-and-paid-for news networks in Canada were ejaculating loads of uncut terror about the contrived attack at Parliament — if not the other, unrelated, white Muslim “terrorist” attack in Montreal, which was a goddamn hit-and-run — on every broadcast they aired. Where was this story? This is huge! As much coverage as the signing of the Constitution and Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms got back in the 80’s should be as much coverage of the bill which negates so much of each document gets.

Personally I think it’s time for Canadians to wake up to what the people they’ve elected are doing with the power they were given. Do you honestly think these rich elitists, born into wealth — people who can’t relate to you, and who you can’t relate to — care in the least about you? Every party is owned by rich men; men whose entire lives have been about finding ways to gain personal wealth. Are you really stupid enough to think these people want what’s best for you? They don’t. They’re liars, actors, speech readers, and of a class who has no time to respect yours.

It’s time for an overhaul.

By Olan Thomas of

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3 thoughts on “Canada: One Simple Vote And Your Privacy Is Gone

  1. I don’t know weather to thank your reporting or cry for my lost blissful ignorance…either way, good job getting the word out! I can’t believe the major media networks are hiding behind green bills and licking dirty arses! from now on, I will get my news from you, thanks

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