Canadian Terrorism: Right On Time

canadian shooter rideau parliament hill false flag canada isis war bombing

Currently Ottawa is on lockdown. There’s cops and agents everywhere in the downtown core. This is due to only one of two recent “terrorist attacks” on Canadian soil.

The CBC is all over this like a fat woman on anything resembling food. They’ve excitedly become CNN for Canadian viewers. The fear mongering is up, the ratings are up, their tweets are up, their paychecks are up. All is good for the CBC. Congratulations CBC!

But what about Canadians? I guess we’re not safe anymore. Terrorism is here in full force. Let’s start in order of the attacks as they were reported:

“The 25-year-old, known as Martin “Ahmad” Rouleau, allegedly hit two members of the Canadian Forces as they were walking in a strip mall just outside St-Jean-sur-Richelieu at about 11:30 a.m.” National Post, Oct. 20th, 2014.

That’s the story in a nutshell. Twenty-five year old, Martin Rouleau, a man from Montreal, got in his car and went to a local recruiting office to hit people with it. When two recruiters walked out into the parking lot, Rouleau stepped on it and nailed them. One has died, the other is alive.

Not only that, he didn’t stop to exchange insurance information like a good Canadian citizen and just took off. This led to a high speed chase through Montreal where Rouleau eventually flipped his car, lived, got out, and was shot to death by authorities.

Rouleau, as it always turns out, was known to authorities before the attack. He was on a list of 90 people believed to possible terrorists — Muslim terrorists supporting ISIS — in Canada. They even had a couple meetings with Rouleau, his Islamic priest — called an imam — and his family. None of that seemed to be enough. A few weeks before the event his passport was frozen, making it impossible for him to leave the country. Now the 24 says authorities wished they hadn’t have suspended his passport, because that just trapped him in Canada and guaranteed an attack on its soil. Reports everywhere in Canada are all calling him “radicalized” — that seems to be the buzzword.

The killing was instantly brought up in the House of Commons — before they even confirmed it — and labelled as the work of a “lone-wolf” — a “terrorist”. Remember lone-wolf attacks and shooters? They don’t really have them here that often, but our good friends in America — who are so graciously dragging our gutless politicians to war with them — have so many “lone-wolves” it’s as if these psychopaths were made in a warehouse — Timothy Mcveigh, Ted Kaczynski, Elliot Rodger, Mark David Chapman, Lee Harvey Oswald,  Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, Sirhan Sirhan, Adam Lanza, Nidal Malik Hasan, Jack Ruby, James Von Brunn, Naveed Afzal Haq, John Hinckley Jr. (almost), James Holmes, John Wilkes Booth,  Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar, Buford Furrow, Scott Roeder, James Earl Ray, to name a few. Oh wait, no, scratch James Earl Ray. After he died in prison an American court found it was actually the Memphis Police and United States Government that actually killed Martin Luther King, Jr. Hint, hint.

Moving along we come to the next Canadian “terrorist attack” that went down this week:

“A gunman turned the nation’s capital into an armed camp Wednesday after he fatally shot an honour guard at “point blank” range at the National War Memorial before setting his sights on Parliament Hill.

The extraordinary scene ended with the assailant shot dead in the polished marble halls of Parliament’s Centre Block, apparently by the sergeant-at-arms of the House of Commons, while SWAT teams combed the busy parliamentary precinct in an ongoing but seemingly fruitless search for accomplices.” —Macleans Magazine, Oct. 22, 2014.

The man’s name is being reported as Michael Zehaf-Bibeau. We’ll refer to him as Bibeau, but note this person has a name — just like Martin “Ahmed” Rouleau — that is extremely indicative of Muslim and French-Canadian roots, making it all the easier to sell this as an international story easily graspable — and therefore believable — to anyone in the world who hears it.

As this second story led to Ottawa being shut down by the authorities — not unlike the High River gun grab or the Moncton “shootings” — and is also the story being carried with a 24 hour feed from the major networks, this is the one we’ll focus on.

There are quite a bit of questions raised through this event — which, by the way, perfectly coincides with Canada sending fighter jets to bomb the shit out of Muslim countries because America said so; a decision which the Harper Government has faced a lot of negativity over from opposition and the public. Let’s go through the timeline of events:

Bibeau starts his rampage at the War Memorial across the street from the Parliament building in downtown Ottawa by gunning down an honour guard. Check.

canda war memorial shooting in ottawa false flag

He then runs to the street and hops in his car. But he doesn’t drive far. He pulls the car across the street and runs into the Parliament Building where someone films dozens of cops and guards running towards a door while gunfire is roaring. Apparently this is where Bideau was fatally hit in the center block of Parliament Hill — this is what has been reported in Macleans and several other sources.

Shooter apparently getting into his car on the right side of the road.

Shooter apparently getting into his car on the right side of the road.

Strangely, while the events were unfolding, the police issued a statement that they were still looking for the suspect after the shooting inside Parliament. I guess they didn’t look at the body laying in a pool of blood right in front of their faces, you know, the one they just shot and killed.

Then, believe it or not, many miles away, police blocked off Chateau Laurier in Ottawa, where they — according to Global News — were still looking for the shooting suspect, guns drawn, tape out, and screaming at citizens to “get back!”

Shortly after that it was being reported that another shooting was taking place at Rideau Center as Global filmed SWAT and police rush the three-story shopping mall. Even though there were filmed witnesses testifying that “the shooter got away,” later on that day the police reported there was no shooting at the mall at all. What?

Next the police issued statements at a press conference with their official story, which states Bibeau acted alone and is now dead, but, of course, they believe he is part of a bigger network of suspected terrorists in Canada and expect more radical terror behaviour.

I’m sure my readers know where I stand on this whole situation; both of them. This is a situation sure to lead to what? Increased military action abroad? Military and police force at home? Martial law lockdowns? Racial fear and hatred? Tighter surveillance? Loss of freedoms in the name of “security”? War spending? Dead people? Destruction? You better believe it; and a whole lot more. That’s how these things work and have worked for decades, if not centuries. These are the results of government implemented false flags, I have no doubt about it.

Screenshot (353)

Article from back in October about a new bill to heighten Canadian intelligence, security, track citizens, and tighten surveillance, where the threat of terrorist acts in Canada is used as ammunition to sway MPs to support the unconstitutional law. Isn’t that convenient? See video from Jeff C. at bottom of article.

It’s kind of like how styles in America creep their way across the border a little late, haircuts and clothing, etc. Now Canadians are in for what happened in America just after the turn of the millenium. Freedoms were lost, the police presence stepped up, the news amped with fear, and the people terrified. Now this wave of horror is occurring North of the elephant like a ripple of water moving away the center point of the bowl where a piece of shit just dropped in the toilet.

This is just an intro. MUCH more to come.

By Olan Thomas of

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    For any of my readers who are not clear about orchestrated “terrorist attacks” and other false flags (learn that term, please). Understand that the Global Cabal’s faux government corporations, mainstream faux news and rabid dog police are doing good jobs at acting their parts. And then you will rapidly become fully awake, can turn away from them and create your very positive life with disregard of them. Go local. Get spiritual. Get ready for New Earth.

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