Bono: Massive Ego, Bigger Crook

bono one foundation stealing money from africa charity scam bono theif thief u2 worst band on earth megalomaniacs fuck u2 bono

Have you ever known someone with an ego so big, someone who thought they were so cool, they felt comfortable wearing ridiculous sunglasses at all times; indoors or out: night or day? We probably all have, but then we turned 25 or so and those types of narcissists faded away into delusional megalomania. This isn’t the case when it comes to certain dinosaur rockstars.

If there’s one person on this earth — other than the pope —  that you can clearly see feels like they deserve to be obligatorily worshipped, it’s Bono. If God exists, He killed Elvis for being a middle-aged egomaniac with a messianic complex that was just too much for one planet to handle. If the Devil exists, he’s the reason Bono isn’t dead yet.

For a critical review from a professional musician and producer: U2 is by far the most overrated, talentless, vanglorious, whiny, repetitive, emotionless, fake, pretentious, pure garbage band that ever existed. Music would be better off had they never released a song, ever. They personally ruined Rock n’ Roll.

With all this being said, let’s get into showing Bono for who we all suspected he really was before we got this confirmation. Before getting into it though, I’ll briefly remind you this knighted Pop singer won a Nobel Peace Prize for his “work” in charity.

According to multiple news sources recently, Bono’s personal charity — which is called the ONE Foundation — has been taking over 98% of the donations it’s raised. This means, as media has reported, that just over 1% of the money collected for Bono’s charity actually went to who he claimed he would give it to. These figures are leaked from the year of 2008.

bono one foundation caught keeping 98 percent of charity money (2)

Out of £9.6 million worth of emotionally swindled donations from hard working fans and non fans around the globe, Bono paid the staff of his foundation £5.1 million — which works out to £42,500 a year each on average with 120 reported members — and only gave a pitiful £118 thousand to his causes — 1.23% of the total collected.

Care to take a guess where the rest went? It went straight into Bono’s enormous personal bank account — £4,382,000 in total. This unpunished scam, in case you didn’t catch on yet, is a complete fraud and robbery on a worldwide scale no matter what way it’s looked at. This coming from the foundation whose website states:

“The One Foundation is committed to working in those countries that are most acutely in need and where we believe we can make the greatest impact…wherever possible. Currently, this includes: Angola, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Niger, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia.”

Just so we’re clear what has happened: Bono has just used the painful-to-comprehend poverty of 9 of the saddest places in the world to rob his own fans and those who saw the ONE foundation as a way to help those countries. How he gets away with it is beyond comprehension.

Charity scams are a well known phenomenon and this has to be one of the most high profile examples reported. It’s an act sick enough to make the late Jerry Falwell flinch, literally.

Instead of running into trouble with the law, more recently Bono ran into hot water with music fans around the world who suddenly had a brand new U2 album called “Songs of Innocence” — laughable — downloaded onto their music devices, without giving their permission.

U2 made a deal with iTunes to automatically upload their music to people’s phones, computers, and tablets, clearly thinking they were doing music listeners a great favor they would praise them for. Not quite. I’ll leave you with this quote from the New York Post:

“Oops,” Bono said in the new video as the other members of U2 giggled. “I’m sorry about that. I had this beautiful idea. Kind of got carried away with ourselves. Artists are prone to that kind of thing. Drop of megalomania, touch of generosity, dash of self-promotion and a deep fear that these songs that we poured our life into over the last few years might not be heard. There’s a lot of noise out there. Guess we got a little noisy ourselves.”

Bonus quote from Bono:

“Before I tell you what I learned from Bill, I’ll tell you what I taught him. I’m not Sonny Bono( (laughs)…that’s not true. It’s an interesting story about not judging your friends. I said to Paul Allen, ‘Would you help me get to Bill Gates? Because we really need to professionalize our operation, and we need funding, and I know that he’s interested in the same things that we are, and Melinda, too.'” —Speaking on launching his charity worldwide with Forbes magazine and Bill Gates, 2013.

By Olan Thomas for and The Anti Gates-Bono Association for a free Africa.

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11 thoughts on “Bono: Massive Ego, Bigger Crook

  1. While I do agree with you about Bono’s ego and his agenda philanthropy, U2 was never originally a rock & roll band, they were always considered in the early days “new wave” and it wasn’t until they released Joshua Tree that they were dubbed an “Irish rock band.” That was due to the little(audience & venue)band turning to sudden “rock star” status and being placed on the “rock” charts because the industry had no real “New Wave” chart to classify them under. Your comment that they have ruined rock & roll really should be directed to the industry that moved them over to that in the first place, though clearly you don’t think they are musically talented in any way.

    Well I can tell you, that as a musician who plays guitar and one who also loves rock & roll and a great rock & roll song as much as the next fan, they did something original and created a certain musical sound, especially in the area of The Edge’s guitar effects and his use of delay. While I am not saying The Edge is on the playing scale of Jimmy Hendrix if you remember he and the experience did exactly the same thing in their generation, so did Led Zeppelin in theirs.

    While I do feel that as time has gone on their(U2) sound has grown quite repetitive they are some good, not great mind you musicians and can definitely write some good songs, that obviously keep selling over time, and they have no issue, even now, selling out stadiums around the world. I found out my my second guitar teacher that while I may not like certain types of music, I should respect the ability and creative talent of the musicians who may play it, as it would seriously broaden my musical creativity, and it has, and understand that music comes and goes in cycles, and learning to as much of it as possible, would always provide me with work, while that particular cycle happened to taking place.

    The problem is the term “Rock” really applied to only a certain type of music, and like so many other terms, it has become overly broadened to include music that definitely would have been considered rock 30 years ago.

    Thanks for the article, from what else I have read, Bono is supposedly in the billionaire group now, that would certainly help A LOT of people, but as the wisest person who ever lived once said, “You shall know them by their fruits, a good tree will produce good fruit, and bad tree will only produce bad fruit.”

    • To correct mis-statement, ” to include music that definitely WOULDN’T have been considered rock 30 years ago.”

      Have a good day. Thanks for the article.

  2. I’m interested in the fraud part and Bono does seem to be a megalomaniac. But lay off your pronouncements on what is and isn’t good rock or good music. It’s completely subjective.

  3. Lesson learned. Don’t give to organization, until you know how much of it goes to the charity! Remember
    Amway. The CEO has a mistress on the side! That is not charity!

  4. So Number 1: Bono wheres those tinted glasses because he’s had glaucoma for 20 years. Number 2: Appreciation of music is subjective, sorry, you can’t blame U2 for “ruining rock and roll”, Number 3 and this is, I guess, supposed to be your point, though you spent plenty of time making sure we all know you are completely subjective toward and completely bias against Bono and U2 before making it… The One Foundation, did you even read the article you posted? It says nothing of Bono lining his own pockets with it’s funds, it’s a big accusation, site your source, friend. And it explains (whether you like it or not) that the charity model is not programs on the ground, it’s about advocating to governments etc.

  5. I think bono a crook, he thinks he ‘s all but unfortunately , it is but just a man who likes lifting people , which is sad , but it is also a tax advantage. because he has a company , its foundation is one palpation deductible , so handy if you want to smell the incompetent tax . bono bono what you’re doing,

  6. If what you say is true about than ripping off the one charity then why don’t you pursue legitimate legal routes . These are really serious accusations and should be backed up by evidence. So if you feel so convinced about your arguments bring them to there logical conclusions.

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