Ebola in Congress: Authorities Playing Possum?

The negligence and lack of proper procedures in the handling of the world’s most current deadly virus — a crisis that the news reports as mounting more and more every minute — were somewhat addressed today, I guess, as the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), along with other officials, made statements in front of Congress on their Ebola response protocols in an attempt to explain why things are going so wrong.

Taking the lead was CDC director Dr. Tom Frieden, who answered the brunt of the questions for the panel, though he did a very good job to dodge questions as well. One example would be when a congressman asked if the CDC had discussed travelling restrictions for people coming into the States from West Africa with the White House, repeatedly posing it as a yes or no question, but no answer was given.

The hot topic of conversation was the two nurses who have been reported as contracting Ebola on US soil — one of which, Amber Vinson, hopped on a plane from Texas to Cleveland after having spoken with the CDC who left it up to her to make the decision of whether or not to fly. Because she did choose to board the plane there are now hordes of people — 132 on the same flight as her — who could potentially be infected both in Texas and Ohio. Many members of congress, rightly so, were appalled at the way this situation is being handled; or so they led on.

Not mentioned — among many other burning questions in the minds of many Americans — were questions regarding why the CDC released a novella in 2012 about a zombie invasion in the USA where a deadly disease breaks out, a story which parallels what’s going on in Africa right now, and maybe America soon; or answers about details of the utter failures which took place in Texas; some of which so bad they seem intentional. The CDC, as was mentioned at one point in the hearing, took two days to arrive in Texas after they heard Thomas Eric Duncan — the man who apparently died and passed on the disease to the two nurses — arrived with Ebola symptoms. To illustrate this problem further, here’s a report from CNN yesterday:

“‘The protocols that should have been in place in Dallas were not in place… those protocols are not in place anywhere in the United States as far as we can tell,’ National Nurses United Executive Director RoseAnn DeMoro said. ‘We’re deeply alarmed.'” CNN.

According to Deborah Burger, co-president of the nurses union, Eric Duncan was “left for several hours, not in isolation, in an area where other patients were present” when he was admitted for possible Ebola.

“There was no one to pick up hazardous waste as it piled to the ceiling… They did not have access to proper supplies.” —Deborah Burger.

After hearing this information it’s no surprise that when the nursing supervisor requested Duncan be moved into isolation, the hospital administrators refused until they were pleaded with, which took quite some time. It’s all really quite unbelievable, yes, and it only gets worse.

Because Duncan’s test results weren’t properly contained, the tube-system which transfers materials among the wards of the hospital are all possibly contaminated.

Yesterday the New York Times released a letter to America written by Josephus Weeks — reported to be the nephew of Thomas Duncan —  where he lambasted the medical system, blaming them for killing his uncle:

“On Friday, Sept. 25, 2014, my uncle Thomas Eric Duncan went to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas. He had a high fever and stomach pains. He told the nurse he had recently been in Liberia. But he was a man of color with no health insurance and no means to pay for treatment, so within hours, he was released with some antibiotics and Tylenol…The biggest unanswered question about my uncle’s death is why the hospital would send home a patient with a 103-degree fever and stomach pains who had recently been in Liberia — and he told them he had just returned from Liberia explicitly due to the Ebola threat.”

Could this be the worst medical establishment on earth? If this is how carelessly they mis-diagnose and mistreat Ebola patients, it would be smart to avoid going to this texas hospital even for something minor, you might just end up getting a sex-change by accident. Seriously, ask yourself: How does a hospital make so many critically wrong decisions on the most important epidemic in their entire staff’s lifetimes; and while the whole world is watching?

Taking a step back and looking at the whole situation from another angle could provide some answers — disturbing answers. When one considers the lapses of judgements which have occurred — one after the other — and the ramifications of them individually and then collectively, it isn’t that hard to see these blunders have been instrumental in spreading not only international panic, but possibly the deadliest disease to ever hit our continent. Taking a step back makes it look as if these “mistakes” could have been intentional steps; especially when compared in contrast to all of the billions of dollars that will be made when a vaccine is released, which is all but guaranteed to happen soon. Are we watching a plan unfold while the authorities play possum? Again?

For those of us who have seen the thousands of inconsistencies of 9/11 and remember the supposed “ignorance” of the Bush administration before and after that event; and have also taken into account the ramifications and profits made by those in the Bush administration during that time — installing an Iraqi and Afghan government, an endless war on terror, surveillance laws, mega oil profits and even larger defense contractor profits, not to mention the American companies who went in to rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan which Bush and Cheney reaped so much cash off of, and so on, and so on — we can now see the only “ignorant” people were the ones not seeing that the American government at that point wasn’t so ignorant after all; their mistakes were intentional; their obliviousness was calculated; they got just what they wanted; and they got away with it too.

Let’s hope, contrary to the current evidence, this situation is different.

By Olan Thomas of http://www.CUT2THETRUTH.com

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