Malaysian Flight MH17: Oxygen Masks From Northwoods

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After Malaysian flight MH17 — a Boeing 777 passenger jet — was shot down by an air defense Buk M1 missile over Donetsk, Ukraine in July, there have been no real answers provided, at least from the west’s side, as to who shot down the plane and why.

“All 298 passengers, including 80 children, and 15 crew members died when the jet flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur crashed on 17 July in the rebel-held territory of Donetsk Oblast.” The Independent (UK), (9/10/2014)

Instead there has been very vague stories with no backing from our media which always pins the blame on Russia, even though Russia has denied any part in the attack and has shown satellite images of several Ukrainian military Buk missile systems surrounding the crash site, which is more than unordinary considering the pro-Russian separatists have no airplanes to defend against.

At that same conference in July, Russian Intelligence also provided radar and satellite data which clearly showed Ukrainian military aircraft — SU fighter jets — guiding the commercial Malaysian flight way off its regular path and into Donetsk airspace in the heat of battle. As Russia asks, why did MH17 take this out-of-character path; and why were there Ukrainian fighter jets accompanying it? What’s more interesting is the question of why a Ukrainian fighter jet lingered at the scene of the crash for 4 minutes after the missile made contact?

missile defense systems caught by russian satellite in ukraine mh17 cut2thetruth

The investigation into the crash is being headed by the Dutch National Prosecuter’s Office, for some reason, and during an interview a few days ago Dutch Foreign Minister, Frans Timmermans, let it slip on national TV in The Netherlands that a passenger was found in the wreckage wearing an oxygen mask.

“The passenger did not have the mask on his face, but its elastic strap was around his neck, said Wim de Bruin, a spokesman for the Dutch National Prosecutor’s Office which is carrying out a criminal investigation into the air disaster.

De Bruin said Dutch forensic experts investigated the mask ‘for fingerprints, saliva and DNA and that did not produce any results. So it is not known how or when that mask got around the neck of the victim.'” The Sydney Morning Herald, (9/10/2014).

This, clearly, raises a number of questions. The first one being: Why did this man — an Australian passenger — have an oxygen mask — from the Boeing 777 — on his face in the first place? The next question would be: How did he put the mask on if the plane were just ripped apart by a missile? And third: When did he put the oxygen mask on; before or after the blast?

The answers for these could all be found without having to suspect the Ukrainian/American’s side of the story being a lie, but then again this new information could also very much confirm the Russian and separatist’s claims and hypotheses.

Crash site in Donetsk.

Crash site in Donetsk.

As we and many other publications reported back in July, a commander for the separatists, Igor Girkin, told reporters that his men at the scene of the wreckage, when it had just happened, informed him that many of the bodies in the crash were obviously dead long before they boarded MH17. According to their claims these corpses were already decomposing and were drained of all blood. Could an oxygen mask have been put on a dead body upon boarding for theatrics?

Whatever the case for the odd circumstances surrounding this entire event, one can’t help but see the striking similarities between MH17’s legend and the 1962, now unclassified United States Government documents for Operation Northwoods, which detailed a plan for the CIA to covertly swap a passenger jet — filled with undercover agents with fake passports — going from Florida to South America with a drone CIA jet — painted to look the exact same as the passenger plane — making the switch mid-flight at a military base in the waters near Cuba.

The agents would get off at the base and return to their regular identities. The drone plane would then finish the rest of the flight and be identified on any radar system as the commercial plane.

As the empty drone plane flew close to Cuba it would put out a pre-made “MAYDAY” call, then by radio control it would be blown to pieces. “Mock funerals” would be held for the phony victims and broadcast through media to the public. Cuba would be blamed for the killings of innocent people coming from the US and America would have all the excuse they needed to invade and assassinate Fidel Castro.

Sound crazy? That’s because it is crazy! But nonetheless it’s 100% true, and only one example of the deceptive operations the American government has used to trick people into fighting wars. Click here to read the documents yourself.

The passports pulled out of the wreckage were in pristine condition. The only damage were holes punched through a few of them, which is what is done to passports after they are voided.

The passports pulled out of the MH17 wreckage were in pristine condition. The only damage were holes punched through a few of them, which is what is done to passports after they are voided.

passport mh 17 crash ukraine oxygen mask passport 2 perfect condition passport mh 17 crash ukraine oxygen mask passport 2 perfect condition3passport mh 17 crash ukraine oxygen maskpassport mh 17 crash ukraine oxygen mask passport 2 perfect condition 33 3 in a row passports

The Northwoods scenario matches the story of Malaysian flight MH17 to a tee, only the names of the countries and the technology involved — because of the difference in generations — have changed; and as a result of the crash over Donetsk the Ukrainian government has stepped up its war effort tenfold, even asking to join NATO strictly for its military resources — all NATO really is.

Horrifying, yes, but terribly interesting as well. It seems the more news that comes out about Flight MH17 the more questions with no real answers get raised, instead of the other way around; but what do we expect, the truth? All that is guaranteed at this point, it seems, is disinformation and more senseless war; so, business as usual.

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