Extreme Vice Fear Propaganda: Canadian ISIS Member Swears Attack On Canada, Obama, and New York City

vice rupert murdoch lies about isis cnn fox news olan thomas america interview with canadian isis member warns of attacks on new york obama and canada propaganda

Former integrity driven Canadian alternative news source Vice Magazine, as we have reported, has become nothing more than a plaything for the terror mongering mainstream media — which is all but a joke to anyone under the age of 35 years old — ever since media mogul and FBI and Mi6 target of investigation, Rupert Murdoch — who currently owns almost every major news outlet in America, as well as claiming ownership to over 175 magazines and newspapers on three continents — invested over $70 million in the budding Canadian Magazine, taking its value over 1.5 billion dollars. One can only imagine the promises Vice founder Shane Smith, and publishers Rocco Castoro and Andy Capper, must have made to receive such an enormous amount of money from the most powerful and underhanded man in media history.

shane smith of vice seels to rupert murdoch for 70 million dollars

As professional, vice-like, execution propaganda films keep emerging from ISIS — James Foley, Stephen Sotloff, etc. — the strangeness of Vice’s relationship with the terror group is a little overwhelming, and very suspicious, especially when one considers who is most definitely pulling the strings from behind the scenes.

While ISIS was busy as hell “beheading” American and European reporters, somehow Vice and its film crews were palling around with ISIS for days, interviewing them, and documenting every move they made for a four part series, all with the consent and hospitality of the leaders of ISIS. How does this work?

Well, recently Vice caught up with another one of their ISIS connections. In an interview with a radical young Canadian, who Vice reports flew to the Middle East to join ISIS on his own accord, Vice doesn’t hesitate to turn the fear-mongering meter up to full blast as they broadcast nothing but threats against Obama, New York, and even my home country of Canada. Here’s how Vice hyped the video:

“Foreign fighters from all over the world have left their home countries to join the ranks of the Islamic State, and the militant group’s lightning advance across Iraq and Syria this summer has helped to boost recruitment. VICE founder Shane Smith spoke with a man thought to be 21-year-old Somali-Canadian Abu Usamah Somali, who has been in Iraq since July and is reportedly fighting with the Islamic State.”

Truther sites have already come out with suspicions against the Vice interview:

“It’s unclear if Shirdon has specific knowledge or simply boasting, beating his chest, for the media. There’s no evidence Shirdon speaks nor has any specific knowledge of ISIS plans.”

The sheer fact Vice has such connections all of the sudden with the most elusive terrorist network in world history, or at least that’s how the media depicts ISIS, is enough to question the publication’s honesty in the first place. Are these actual ISIS fighters they are showing us or are they actors? Or, does Murdoch have connections with the covert American forces helping ISIS become the monster it is and will continue to be? Either scenario is very possible and equally as disturbing.

What’s clear is that Vice has no interest in broadcasting any solution to the conflict, or doing any actual journalism into the root causes for the situation in the Middle East, nor do they ever identify any key players. Instead they’re strictly acting as the western voice for ISIS and making videos that do nothing but instill fear in their watchers, who are generally the demographic of those under 35 who no longer give the mainstream media credibility, based on their knowledge of the internet and their boredom and mistrust of the TV.

cnn mass layoffs fires employees turner news group tv new is a dying industry propaganda

The television news network is a dying medium and it’s exceedingly apparent, from the obvious eye-candy presstitutes the major networks are slapping in front of their teleprompters to the massive layoffs at the major news broadcasting corporations. The mainstream television news broadcast is on its last leg, and businessmen like Rupert Murdoch have teams of analysts feeding them this information. Rather than lose his grip of the control of information it seems like a no-brainer for Murdoch to wave billions in front of the highest viewed alternative media source in the west: Vice Magazine, who do stories on cool new drugs and ways to sneak into North Korea, nothing but shock-entertainment value stories; no real journalism into important issues at all, pure propaganda. These younger people think they have found a source to tell them the truth, but in all reality Vice is spewing propaganda at a harsher rate than any other news corporation on earth as they are literally the only voice ISIS members have had in the west thus far; but again, look who just gave them tens of millions of dollars and imagine the deals that come along with that amount of loot. That’s sell-your-soul type money, there’s no doubt about it.

By Olan Thomas

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