Still Believe The ISIS Beheadings Are Real: Watch This

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In the 5 or 6 months — give or take, I’m too lazy to check — this blog has been active it has gone from seeing 5 or 6 readers a day in the very beginning to now seeing up to thousands a day and never less than several hundred readers from all over the world; even countries I’ve never heard of. I’m very happy about this because it tells me there are a number people — actual readers, a rare occurrence these days — actively searching for alternative takes on current events from researchers other than those shiny sound and look-a-likes they paste on the news, or the regurgitations of their stories in the mainstream blogs — CNN, ABC, Fox News, CBC, BBC, and so on.

I also get a number of messages ranging from questions about the articles content, to leads, to questions about writing, to outright hate mail. This last hate message, which I read a few minutes ago, is pretty funny. The person who wrote it seems to be a little slow, at least based on his conclusions and manner of writing — which is funny because it appears he writes his own blog; what about I don’t know or care. I deleted the post, which sucks because now I can’t get it back to post it here, but I would love some advice from WordPressers to retrieve it so I can repost. The truth is, for the record, I will delete any post which doesn’t bring any evidence, intellectual thought, or solid debate to the table — go talk shit on your own blog. I’ll keep your comment if you disagree with me, in fact I encourage it, but bring intelligence, research, and knowledge on the subject or beat it.

But aside from the unprovoked anger and overreaction of this simple minded sheep, he raised a point that I know many people as naive as him share. Their point: they saw pictures of James Foley, Stephen Sotloff, and the rest of the “beheading” video “victims” with their heads cut off. They’re dead, case closed.

Before pointing out David Copperfield made it appear to thousands of people — in person — that the Statue of Liberty disappeared, which, of course, it didn’t, I’ll say I have a little background in photo and video editing, so maybe this type of stuff is more obvious to me than people who have no knowledge of those kinds of things, and that’s okay, but to fake the beheading videos — which have now led to a considerable amount of western countries swearing allegiance to America’s war cry, Obama going against his election promises and entering Syria, innocent people being bombed from drone planes, defence spending skyrocketing with the investors in government and policy making getting richer than ever, and so on — to fake them would be simple. The fact none of us have seen the actual beheadings is enough for me to call these fake until I’m presented with real evidence, which we haven’t seen. Like the law states, beyond a reasonable doubt.

Our friend over at Red Pill Revolution — who you can catch live Tuesdays and Wednesdays hosting shows on his channel about these important topics — has just posted a video which shows that not only could the beheading videos be faked, but they could be faked by amateurs with barely any background in film editing at all, but instead just a little imagination.

So to all the doubters who have “seen the pictures of Foley’s head cut off”, WATCH THIS:

By Olan Thomas of

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Video from:
Red Pill Revolution


13 thoughts on “Still Believe The ISIS Beheadings Are Real: Watch This

  1. Notice how that private U.S Military company has changed there name from “ISIS” (Integrated Systems Improvement Services) to “SIS” (Special Intelligence Service) lol

  2. Sounds to me like this website is pure antisemetic in nature. I guess you think the Orlando shootings were “fake” as well?

  3. Weak and totally unbelievable. Its so easy to see through the basic editing above. If you watch all the Isis videos out there very carefully you will see that the vast majority are real. It’s hard stuff to watch but it’s clear that the beheadings, burnings, drownings and shootings are real. Yes a few have been faked but they stand out as such. Wake up and realise that the Arab Muslim world is primitive and cruel. There are bad people in this world doing bad things and good people doing good things, but it takes religion to make good people do bad things.

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