Stephen Harper: American Puppet / Canadian Tyrant

stephen harper watched by Obama America kiss ass prime minister iraq syria cut2thetruth olan thomas war in the middle east false flag

As if he was the plaything of big American business, which is exactly what he is, Canada’s Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, yesterday stood in front of the House of Commons and stumbled over answers about the war in Iraq and Canada’s involvement from opposition leaders. Here’s

“How many Canadian soldiers are now in Iraq,” the NDP leader [Tom Mulcair] demanded of Stephen Harper.

The answer wasn’t so brief. “Twenty-six today,” the prime minister said. But there could be more later based on operational needs, though never more than the 69 soldiers the government agreed to send in the first place, he said, rambling on for a bit.”

We could get into how in bed Harper is with Israel and then move onto how Israel runs America’s involvement in the Middle East, but it would just get us to the same place. The bottom line is: Stephen Harper will do whatever the American government tells him to do, even if that means sending Canadian soldiers to war.

stephen harper watched by Obama America kiss ass prime minister iraq syria cut2thetruth

Obama thought bubble: “That’s right ya pasty little bitch, just like I told ya to say.”

The problem is, as opposition leaders are pointing out, Harper, like Obama, and his cabinet are doing their best to keep what they’re doing a secret, while at the same time using every loophole they can invent to unconstitutionally get armed soldiers on the ground on foreign soil, such as sending soldiers to “train” Kurdish troops.

harper sending troops to train kurdish forces on ground on foreign soil

“Stephen Harper has committed Canadian soldiers to Iraq for a 30-day assignment, although it is widely believed Ottawa will ultimately extend what the government insists is not a combat mission.” –Globe and Fail.

Like Mulcair of the New Democrat Party, current prettyboy and next prime minister Justin Trudeau of the Liberals had some harsh words for the prime minister as well, which is funny because when he becomes prime minister in 2016 — and it’s obvious he will based on the propaganda the news has been grooming the masses with since 2011 — Canadians are going to see how far up American big business’s ass Trudeau really is. Long story short: he’s a puppet for Power Corp., just like his father was, and will trump Harper in his selling of Canadian sovereignty, dignity, and global reputation.

“‘The prime minister is intent on going to war in Iraq,” Trudeau accused Harper on Wednesday. ‘It’s up to him to make that case to Canadians. He hasn’t even begun.’

‘How much are Canadians going to pay for the prime minister’s war in Iraq,’ Mulcair followed.” –

Both Canada’s and America’s laws require those governments — who, remember, are there to serve the people, not the other way around — must decide democratically between all of their elected officials if they are to send troops to other countries, not the whim of the president or prime minister. In Canada this means passing votes through the House of Commons; in the US by a vote in Congress and the Senate. Neither of these things are happening because of the old buzzline that “this isn’t a war, it’s counter-terrorism.” Uh-huh.

stephen harper watched by Obama America kiss ass prime minister iraq syria cut2thetruth biggest prick i ever met

At a business dinner in New York last week Harper told an audience full of rich war profiteers and reporters:

“The United States has just recently…asked for some additional contribution…Since they didn’t release the letter publicly, I’m not going to do that. I’ll just say the government of Canada will make a decision…about what additional steps we may be willing to take, but I think this is a very important objective of the [U.S.] president.”

And what’s important to the president is important to Harper; and as we know, war in the Middle East has been important to every president for the past several decades.

When news of Harper telling the Wall Street Journal and the businessmen of New York his plans to serve America in another one of its killing sprees, NDP leader Tom Mulcair turned to the secretary for the minister of defense in Parliament and angrily asked:

“The prime minister has just stated in New York that the United States has requested additional resources from Canada in Iraq. The prime minister says he needs to have some debate in cabinet before he can make any decision on this file. Will there also be a debate and vote in the House of Commons?”

James Bezan, the secretary questioned, sidestepped and gave an answer in no way related to the democratic system and instead returned with, “We have been supportive of U.S. efforts in forming this coalition to take on and tackle ISIL, and that’s why we have committed Canadian Forces in a non-combat role.”

bruce a heyman united states ambassedor to canada

That’s a Tweet from the United States Ambassador to Canada, Bruce Heyman. I guess he doesn’t know that what Stephen Harper says doesn’t necessarily represent the opinion of the 35,540,419 residents inside Canada’s borders, and that they only found out they were involved in military action in the Middle East through US publications, not from their brave leaders, most of whom also had no idea what Harper was up to.

harper isis threatens canada in audio tape terrorist videous obama cut2thetruth fals flag

Because of the prime minister’s rash decisions, ISIS tapes have been coming out swearing to attack Canada for backing the States and Harper is preparing to send in airstrikes on Iraq from Canada’s aging fighter jets. The taxpayer will of course foot the bill.

harper sending fighter jets to fight isis in iraq toronto star reports

This is no surprise though, and all according to plan, I’m sure. The war on terror, to the pleasure of the western war machine, is back in full swing and reports are announcing this ISIS battle will take years and years, there’s no end in sight — that’s not to mention Nursa Front, Libyan Dawn, and all the other American funded and trained al Qaeda splinter groups with names impossible to pronounce springing up in the region — guaranteeing more and more deaths, fear propaganda, lies, deception, taxes, political upheaval, and unrest for everyone in the world while they try and explain to themselves a reason for this insanity to be happening.

To really combat terror, end support for Saudi Arabia

As for my own opinion as a Canadian, since this is my blog and all, I’ll state it plainly:

Most of my readers are American, and I can’t say how much I appreciate and stand up for my American brethren as I feel those living in America are living under a terrible political, legal, and economic system that is rigged to harm the people it claims to protect. I feel the American population are victims in some of the worst ways possible to opinion forming mind control brought on by a terrible education system, a mindless entertainment industry, an extremely violent culture, and an example of cutthroat business tactics being the only way to success.

The government of America and the decisions it makes are sickening. I think the lying, deceptive, war crazy, mass murdering, command and conquering, corporate and bankster owned government of America, whether liberal or conservative, are the worst collection of elitist terrorists to ever grace the earth. I would prefer it if my country had absolutely nothing to do with the American government at all, ever, period.

Canada has had, at least as long as I’ve been alive, a great reputation with the rest of the world. One a Canadian could be proud of. In fact, when Americans travel abroad they used to be advised to wear Canadian flags on their clothes and luggage to hide the fact they were American and trick people into showing them any respect at all. Canadians were welcomed by all, everywhere.

We were viewed as a free, peacekeeping, harmless country by the rest of the world, even in the places Americans were sworn enemies of.

canadian flag canada middle east harper government killing war america isis cut2thetruth olan thomas

Well, those days look like they’re over. We are America. We watch their TV and movies, eat their food, wear their clothes, talk their slang, worship their stars; we’ve sold our railroads, power, and oil companies to them, and now we even fight their wars.

Congratulations Canada, you’ve let your government completely sell you out, your international reputation is nearly ruined altogether, and if you don’t start paying attention and taking action against these American-ass-kissing criminals you’re letting run your country for you, the next attack could be a lot closer than New York.

by Olan Thomas of

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