CNN Propaganda Alert: Terrorists Blowing Up Near You

CNN and their fear monger hosts are, in my eyes, surpassing even FOX News for their terror slinging tactics. A quick look at their website will reveal the tone their plastic faced, fake personality, robotic, sociopathic hosts are selling their dumbed down, mindless, ADD inflicted masses. So what then do we have to fear?

As Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama drops thousands of bombs on foreign soil from unmanned aircraft, the justification for his actions are not only questionable, but most likely complete lies. I’m talking about the beheadings — or fake beheadings — which have been used repeatedly as an excuse to spur this “project” — let us remember, according to Secretary of State and documented Skull and Bonesman, John Kerry, “this is not a war, it’s counter terrorism.”

obama bankers

Of course it isn’t war. American presidents have to consult congress and so on to go to war; but if they don’t call it a war, like the current situation, Obama can, it seems, send troops whereever he wants — same with my prime minister, Stephen Harper, who is sending armed troops to the Middle East on “peace keeping” and “humanitarian” missions, not having to consult with the rest of the government or the people to do so.

In an informed society these types of actions would be scrutinized, weighed, debated, and voted on before consideration for taking them was ever implamented. This is where the propaganda machine comes into play. When the people are scared they will automatically look to the government to protect them. For proof of this just look at what happened to Iraq right after the Twin Towers went down. The psychology of the matter is not only well known by the governments of the world, but abused on a day to day basis; and I advise you to do your homework if you disagree, because this is all documented on this website.

For example, let’s pretend Obama out of the blue came on TV and said, “Today I’m going to completely break the main promises I made to win both of the presidential elections I ran in and use drone planes to bomb Syria.” The public would be in an outrage — so would the international community. No, for Obama to be able to eliminate his corporate sponsor’s competiition in the most lithium, oil, and opium rich part of the world, take out all of the governments in the area and install their own men to run them, first they need an excuse: Enter ISIS, or al Qaeda, or Libyan Dawn, or al Nersa, James Foley, Stephen Sotloff, Mr. Haines, 9/11, the Gulf of Tonkin, the USS Liberty, Pearl Harbour, communism, Osama Bin Laden, Moammar Gadhafi, the Taliban, Cuban rebels, Russian separatists, downed aircraft, and on. These will scare the people so bad they will let their government use their tax dollars and military like their own personal property — which is probably what 90 percent of the people think they are anyways.

Screenshot (320)

I’ve exposed the Foley and co. tapes in detail; if not showing the beheadings were definite fakes, then at least to the point we should all agree there are clear questions that need to be addressed before sending our boys to die and kill again.

This is how you know the mainstream media is involved in the project, because real reporters ask questions, they don’t trumpet assumptions and lies; they try to reduce fear and spread awareness to the public, not the other way around.

Well, CNN just did a segment of fear spreading comperable to a primetime show hosted by Pope Urban II , Joseph Goebbels, and Dick Cheney on the eve of Y2k. According to their round table of “experts”, America is guaranteed an attack in what they deem an “aviation catastrophe.”

What can America expect?

“They have created things such as non-metalic bombs that can’t be detected, explosive clothing, somehow, that can be ignited mid-air, toothpaste bombs…”

You’ll notice CNN has opted to use former New York City Chief of Police during 9/11 and fresh multiple sentence serving ex-convict, Bernard Kerrik, as an “expert” again — a man convicted of conspiracy and fraud on multiple counts — as if his word is worth anything or to be trusted at all when he says, “The intelligence community is doing a really great job…much better than they were doing back in Sepember 2001” — remindng us of the most horrific attack of most of our llifetimes.

For the record, Kerrik was with Guliani safely away from the Twin Towers when they were hit and fell, so if he thinks the intelligence community is doing a better job than they did when they convinced the world America was attacked by 19 hijackers who are sill alive today, then they must be working on something big. But before you move into the bomb shelter your grandpa built during his day of terror filled Americana, just remember a 4-term-serving war monger once aptly said:

“There’s nothing to fear but fear itslelf.”

By Olan Thomas of

Thanks for reading, I wrote this on an iPad so forgive any errors in spelling; this thing is a POS to write on!!!! 🙂


As links seem to be a problem on this iPad when adding to the article — only a few would insert — I’ll leave the rest of my sources here:

Canada sends 69 special forces to Iraq to advise in fight against ISIS


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