Another Fake ISIS Beheading: David Cameron Pledges War for “As Long As It Takes”

david haines cawthorne fake isis tape beheading execution killer executioner no blood fake false flag cut to the truth cut2thetruth cut 2 the truth olan thomas

“They’re all the same! Doesn’t anyone else see that? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!” –Will Farrell, Zoolander.

Not once, not twice, but three times now we, the public, have been subjected to obvious fake beheading videos which led to heavy military action from the Americans in the Middle East. What’s making me sick is the public’s overall lack of critical judgement. They have bought these lies hook, line, and sinker.

After the James Foley beheading tape came out it was exposed as a fake by experts around the world, not just us “truthers”, but for some reason the majority of the public either overlooked those articles in mainstream publications or forgot about them right away. Well, here is a reminder:

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These articles were kneejerk reactions to the overload of Youtube channels which showed the Foley video as a clear fake. My own video was attracting thousands of hits an hour and then it was taken down by Youtube, who were scrambling to censor every video exposing the massive lie. Here’s a reupload:

Next, even though the mainstream news had just reported the beheading was a fake, Steven Sotloff’s beheading video was released by ISIS, which was referred to as a “carbon copy” of the Foley tape, just with Sotloff in Foley’s place—which it was. Here’s the problems with the tapes:

• There is no blood when the victims throats are being sliced repeatedly with the executioner’s blade.

• The camera turns off as the beheadings begin and then turn on when the executions are over; and the videos only show a brief picture of the easily faked beheaded bodies.

• The next scene, which in both show the next victim—Sotloff after Foley’s; Haines after Sotloff—have the the executioner clean and polished—no blood on his clothes, skin, or knife.

• Multiple cameras are going at once and they switch between each other like a sitcom is filmed.

• The video is filmed by a steady-cam; 1080P.

• The victims and executioner are visibly professionally mic’d.

• • The executioner has a British accent; not an Arabic accent.

• The “body” Foley’s head is on after the execution has zero hair on the legs.

• Foley and Sotloff read their lines to the camera without a slip up, which proves they weren’t drugged, which leaves no excuse for them to be so impartial to their coming “deaths”.

James foley isis execution fake hoax false flag american cia 5

This all being said, I will spare you the reality of what a real beheading tape looks like, as I have seen several and don’t wish that visual on my worst enemy, but I can assure you none are professionally filmed, mic’d, and edited; and none have ever spared the watcher the horror of seeing the killing—that’s why they make these tapes. Foley’s tape and Sotloff’s tapes were faked.

david cameron false flag isis middle east david haines james foley steven sotleff

Obama took it upon himself to increase his military in Syria and Iraq a little more each video, and now with the release of the new one today it looks like it’s David Cameron’s turn to use this false flag as means to involve the UK in this western intelligence created war:

“We will do everything in our power to hunt down these murderers and ensure they face justice, however long it takes.”David Cameron,

How ever long it takes to do what, Cameron; destroy ISIS or secure mass amounts of fossil fuel for British Petroleum? I couldn’t find a copy of the “execution” of David Haines tape—reportedly a scottish peace worker—anywhere in its entirety, but I did watch the mainstream news reports and it’s the same thing for the third time; same executioner; same threats, blah, blah, blah:

As we have gone over so deeply now in our False Flag Serieswhich includes mountains of government testimony and unclassified documents—the US government has been creating and funding these terrorist actions in other countries and their own—most currently Middle Eastern countries—and using them as excuses to invade said countries as far back as Abraham Lincoln—it’s their only trick. Ask yourself, why isn’t America in African countries where the exact same things are going on that they claim are happening in the Middle East? Because there are no American oil companies out there. Call it a conspiracy all you want but the proof is overwhelming that this is how America works, and has worked for it’s entire history. Need further proof? Watch this:

To anyone who has read 1984 by George Orwell; is our press not the definition of the Ministry of Truth? Where is the integrity? How can they put out an execution video, call it a fake, and then use extensions of that video, calling them real, and justify more war as retaliation for them? How do people just go along with it and accept anything these actors and lobbyists on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and even Bill “the Shill” Maher are selling them? It doesn’t add up. Are people that stupid? Are the actors you see on American television the final say on these matters because they say their opinion on TV? 

We can probably accurately guess already what the reaction to this latest David Haines tape will be. It’s obviously the excuse to bring all of the UK into the war—which means more money spent, more debt compiled, more destruction, more death, and more misery for humanity; all over lies. It’s quite a shame no one has stood up in the mainstream news to point this stuff out, but it’s clear journalism doesn’t exist anymore. As I said before: Welcome to Oceania.

by Olan Thomas of

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9 thoughts on “Another Fake ISIS Beheading: David Cameron Pledges War for “As Long As It Takes”

  1. Can’t agree with you more, America won’t care until their boys and girls are dying in the war, then when it hits home, they will care. The neocons need to justify another war action for the US and Britain, or should say the military government complex! We are always at war with something or someone. War is good for business.

    • No, its for who runs the US and the Brits, the “queen” is a wanted criminal, see here:
      It is the rothschilds and rockefellers who are the illuminati NWO, and they run and control almost every govn’t now,and have been in cahoots with the evil royaol family for years, why do you think little jew-kate marrried into royalty. so the jews can finally have a thrown! And they are still working on Syria, iraq and Japan, they have tried to get their banksers into Japan but Japan said NO, so israHELL’s rat-childs and rockefellers’ sent mini nukes to Fukushima! WAKE UP PEOPLE and know who the real enemies and terrorist’s are, and wayne they also own each countries military and have for many years in the US…WAKE UP!

  2. So if cameron the criminal terrorist does everything in his power to hunt these murderers down, would he not have to shoot himself?? Would he not have to murder the corrupt criminal govn’t? Would he not have to murder the queen? Would he not have to murder obama and both of their masters the rat-child criminal terrorist’s who run the cia-mossad-britain-ISIS! Would he not have to murder israHELL? That’s mighty big of you cameron, considering the truth and that being that YOU and YOURS are the real criminal terrorist’s from hell you fat face little puke! Off with his head and his pedophile and child murdering “queen” and her nazi-boy charles who so loves to pedophile Gods little ones! These criminals still think we are in 1982 and everyone is sleeping?? Guess what boe head criminals….the people are waking up in record numbers and can see through your weak evils and all that your kind have done in Gods world under your kinds weak and cowardly satan!

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