Politics and Reality TV: Combining 2 Poisons to Make 1 Remedy

ro ford obama reality tv show

As I sit here and read a Toronto Star article about mayor Rob Ford’s ongoing public scandal—him being filmed smoking crack with a few of the most criminal looking people in existence—while at the same time listening to the mindless garbage coming out the mouths of the people on the reality TV show my girlfriend is watching, it gets me thinking of something I’ve often thought: combine these two evils.


What does it take for an individual to think they are responsible enough to seek a career in politics; to become an elected official? When one looks into it they find politicians don’t go to politician school and earn a degree in presidency, though they may take classes in the political medium and even major in political fields, but this is actually rarer than one would assume.

No, when one looks into it they find the people in high positions of government generally come from the world of business. Once a CEO now a congressman; once a CFO now a finance minister—and so on. These elite men and women are morealess groomed for positions in politics by sharks in the corporate world for reasons far from wanting to do the public any good. In fact, to men of success in business, the public is nothing to be protected, but manipulated completely. This is why the marketing industry is the most lucrative next to banking and insurance—which shows you the neighborhood it dwells in.

On the same line of thought, what is the job description of an elected official? According to the US constitution and similar documents in other democratic countries which are apparently aimed at guarantying people’s basic freedoms, the government is put where it is by the people, for the people. The government works for us. This, at least, is the illusion; how it is ideally, but not how it is realistically.

Even though we pay our tax dollars to these people we don’t know where they’re spent. Even though we trust these people to make and enforce our laws we don’t know what they are or why, or how, they came to be. Even though we give these people the power to make key decisions pertaining to our very wellbeing, we never know the real reason these desicions were made, or who made them and under what circumstance. We instead have to take their word for it every time a decision is made as to why it happened and accept it, no matter what their word consists of, since we can’t really prove otherwise until far down the road when the decision’s mark has been left, good or bad.

They loved 'em back then.

Good speeches don’t make good people.

The amount of trust given to people in politics is astonishing, especially when one takes into consideration the power these people have over society, and even more especially when one thinks of how many public political scandals there are every single year with this politician taking 700 government paid flights a year to Tahiti with his wife and underaged boyfriend, or that politician going down to Cuba on the taxpayers bill once a month for his cocaine orgy, or this politician getting found to have 5,000 pictures of naked children on their work computer, or that politician being paid obscene amounts of money from so and so to sway a bill into passing. Time and time again it’s proven that the foul play these positions could possibly spawn does occur on a regular basis; and to staggering extremes. It’s simply a system which breeds corruption, and it is designed and operated to protect that corruption at all costs. And we just continue to put up with it, I guess hoping it will smooth itself out by itself—as if anything ever worked that way.

Rob Ford is a classic example. Here’s a guy caught on tape smoking crack with known high-level gangsters and he was allowed to not only finish his term but is now running for reelection; and could win. For anyone who doesn’t know the story, the previous sentence is it in a nutshell. Yes there were denials and ups and downs, he said she said, and typical media hype, but the point is simple: The mayor smokes crack. What else does one need to know? Get this crackhead the hell out of city hall! Forget the crack addiction, can you imagine the types of people this guy must be associated with in that type of lifestyle? Do you think people smoke crack and then attend parties with caviar? I’ll bet you a 50-rock that isn’t the case; just look at the picture above.

rob ford

Rob Ford, of course, is only one example of someone who was caught and exposed for who they really were opposed to who they pretend to be for the public’s benefit—Nixon as well. Had the video never come out of Ford smoking crack the world wouldn’t have got the hours worth of comedy that came from the situation, and far more importantly, the world wouldn’t have got to see behind the scenes footage of a public figure’s life. Something I think should be a job requirement.

Instead of studios spending money to follow sociopathic, egotistical, spoiled, materialistic, conceited, rich, boring idiots like the Kardashians 24/7, there should be camera crews following around the sociopathic, egotistical, spoiled, materialistic, conceited, rich, boring idiots we elect into the government. An internet channel for every mayor, MP, MLA, senator, president, prime minister, etc., broadcasting 24 hours a day to keep an eye on the positions of power and decision making which affect us all.

Why should somebody who claims they want to represent thousands to millions of people and make their decisions for them be opposed to such a thing? Logically the first politician to decline such a proposal should be deemed as someone with something to hide, shouldn’t they?

Barack Obama, Arne Duncan

The fact of the matter is—and we all know this fact—in public appearances politicians are simply reading some professional writer’s words off of cue cards or teleprompters; words which were carefully thought up to give a portion of the story in order to not reflect the actual agenda, thus guiding public opinion to benefit a few rich people and no one else. If this is a fact that’s new to you I suggest going back through political speeches of yesteryear and then checking what the results were—and who profited from said results. It doesn’t matter if they come from the right or left, they are all working for the same people; and it aint you.

If the people of Toronto had enforced a rule which obligated politicians to be recorded and documented during every part of their day, this is what they would have known about the man in charge of their entire city, Mayor Rob Ford:

To quote Ford from the video, who was speaking about a man who was claiming to have a tape of him smoking crack but hadn’t yet released it:

“No holds barred brother. He dies, or I die! Brother, you’ve never seen me fuckin’ go! You think so, brother? But when he’s down, I’ll rip his fucking throat out! I’ll poke his eyes out! I will! Fuck! When he’s dead, you help make sure that motherfucker’s dead! I need fuckin’ ten minutes to make sure he’s dead. It’ll be over in five minutes, brother.”

This is the man picking the government running the largest city in Canadian history. The whole time, of course, Ford is miming the murder he is promising his spectators is going to happen. These are the words and mannerisms of a gangster, and this man could remain as mayor for the next several years. You would never hear Ford talk like that at a press conference though, and that too is my point.

Another reason politicians wouldn’t want to be followed around by cameras everyday, other than the fact illegal activity would be captured continuously, is because we would see what they’re really like; what they really talk like, act like, and so on, and their invented and worked public persona would cease to exist—which is really all they are to us; not real people. We would see how phony they are; how controlled they are; how ignorant they are to their actual obligations; how pampered they are; how tended to they are; how powerless they are; and how lazy they are. We would see that our leaders are not leaders at all; and for these reasons they and the people handling them would never agree to such terms.

putin makeup cut tot tthe the truth cut2thetruth olan thomas reality tv shows and politicians

Instead they plan their public appearances with makeup artists, lighting, and pre-written questions and answers; and then they step away into the darkness again until next week for a few minutes of the same act; us never knowing what went on in the time we missed—when they were off “representing our best interests” without supervision.

These are the people, after all, who get us into wars and send us to fight and kill people we don’t know; and die in the process, and if we don’t go fight we still pay for the battle financially through taxes, and therefore through our very careers. Maybe it’s time we started learning exactly why these things are happening, don’t you think? I think it’s time for them to be under the microscope.


Can you imagine the type of politicians we would get if being documented to an internet channel 24 hours a day—minus bathroom breaks—was a prerequisite? Or, if a camera crew for every politician is too big a hassle—and it is unrealistic for all of them, therefore only top officials should be subjected to such treatment—lower level officials could simply be required to wear body cams, like some police officers are made to do on shift now. If this were the case, we would automatically weed out the people with something to hide and reign in the people who were seeking the job for the definition of its purpose: to serve society’s best interest on behalf of the citizens who make up that society.

It’s just some food for thought I suppose, but I hope there are those out there who agree with me that these politicians should be kept under scrutinizing surveillance—any job which claims to serve the public interest should be—instead of them spying on us constantly.

I’ll leave you with this statistic to mull over. In Rialto California police brutality was a problem until 2 years ago when they started making the officers where body cams. Here’s a quote from the NY Times:

“In the first year after the cameras were introduced here in February 2012, the number of complaints filed against officers fell by 88 percent compared with the previous 12 months. Use of force by officers fell by almost 60 percent over the same period.”


by Olan Thomas of www.CUT2THETRUTH.com

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