David Cameron Hints at a 9/11 Attack: Bombs Over Syria

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Yesterday British Prime Minister, David Cameron, hinted towards a serious dropping of bombs on ISIS strongholds in Syria the day the new Iraqi government is formed, which is coincidentally, or maybe not so much, on September 11th.

This comment was made in urgency after ISIS beheaded Steven Sotloff—or so we are told they beheaded him, though the evidence shows it almost certainly didn’t happen—click here for coverage—afterwards showing a tiny clip of a thin, unshaven British hostage, another reporter also kidnapped a year ago, named David Cawthorne Haines, who the mainstream media is reporting as a Scottish reporter.

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Why a prime minister would stand in front of the international media and basically spill the beans on where and when his army plans to attack is beyond my reasoning ability. Why prepare your enemy? This is just another example of how obviously non-organic and crafted this whole situation is.

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For an example let’s just go back a week or two when James Foley was “executed”. As soon as the news stations were breaking the story, I was watching the, so-called, execution tape repeatedly in slow-motion. No I’m not a psycho who enjoys watching snuff films, in fact that type of stuff makes my stomach weak; I was watching to confirm my suspicions after seeing Foley’s “parents” basically wrap up the breaking story as quick as it started—as if we were all supposed to know about it already—calmly, without a tear, and while reading text messages off their phone—my suspicion of course being that this was a false flag operation, these people were actors, and James Foley wasn’t really dead. Anyway, I slowed the tape down, zoomed in, and it was clear that there was no blood coming from Foley’s neck after the “executioner”, who spoke with a British accent not an Arabic accent, had basically sliced enough times against the skin of Foley’s throat to cut it with a fake knife, which no doubt it was, though it never cut anything. Simple fact of the matter was: there was no blood.

The next scene showed the executioner holding Steven Sotloff and saying he was next if Obama didn’t cease his drone strikes—but the executioner had no blood on him at all! What, did he shower and change? No, considering the hostages and executioner are visibly mic’d and the shots are filmed from multiple angles which switch off mid scene, I think we can pretty much conclude this was not a terrorist execution film, but a poorly edited, but clearly edited and produced, intelligence-film made to sell another war in the Middle East—and if you don’t think the government of the United States would do such things then you have some reading to do, because on this very site we have made-public government documents proving the US, Israeli, and British governments has been doing things like this for generations—and let’s not forget how this ISIS came to be in the first place.

Now, to get back to fake films. After I made a video exposing how fake the Foley beheading tape was—and uploaded it to our Youtube channel—the hits started pouring in at an unusually high rate. I guess since I had uploaded it while the story was breaking and people could see holes in the story, or least sense something was up, that Foley’s beheading was no doubt the most searched video on the net. As it happened, Youtube took the video down within three or four hours and gave me a strike against my account.

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Damage control in the press and on social media was chaotic to put it lightly. Many other videos on the Foley tape were taken down off Youtube as well; in fact, Jeff C. of Free Radio Revolution is completely locked out of his account now as a result of recieving a strike from Google for graphic violence when he didn’t even show a clip of the tape, he just talked about it. And even crazier than that, by the next day Britain had ruled that anyone caught even searching for the video on the internet would be considered a terrorist. The information war was in full swing.

There was a discussion I joined that day on the panel of a show called We’ll Do It Live, with Jeff C., Peekay22, Red Pill Revolution and some other dedicated truther-Youtubers who had run into the same types of issues. Google, Facebook, Twitter, you name it, they were censoring free speech like a fascist regime. Only the official Foley/ISIS story would be allowed to be told, no other theories were permitted. We had definitely struck a nerve by exposing this thing so fast. I ended up re-uploading my video without the fake beheading scene and it has remained up since.

The next day after that the damage control was still hectic and the situation got even crazier, as mainstream media sources had no choice but to try and make up excuses for such an obvious hoax of a tape, and many started to release stories that the recording was, indeed, a total fake, even putting “experts say” in the title, as they tend to do to attract readers. Here are a few of those articles: Telegraph UK, The Australian, New York Post, The Times UK, Gawker.

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So the question is: Why, if they have admitted the tape was a fake, are we letting them continue to show us extended versions of the same tape—the Sotloff beheading and the one on it’s way starring this Scottish actor—and pretending like we believe they’re real? When are we all going to stand up and call a spade a spade? How could the Foley tape be fake and the Sotloff tape be real when they were filmed at the same place; most likely at the same time? They can’t be!

will ferrell

The sickest part is the decisions which have come from these events. After the Foley beheading came Obama sending “intelligence gathering” flights over Syria. Once Sotloff was killed it was time for some bombs to drop in Syria—something Obama was elected for promising he would never do. Now with this Scottish character next on the chopping block, we have David Cameron and his pink, fat face already telling the world the date he plans to attack.


Let’s get one thing straight: This is a war for oil and resources; nothing more, nothing less. As we saw from the mouth of the American former head of the Joint Chief’s of Staff in our last video, this plan has been in the motion since before September 11th. The United States has methodically been going from oil country to oil country, creating, training, and funding terrorist organizations to destroy them from within and then setting up their own governments inside of these countries; governments which cater to the new central banks they erect and the corporations brought in to completely rape the country of its resources, leaving a once poor population even poorer, less educated, terrified, sick, angry, and constantly under threat of attack—all of this madness for the wealth of a handful of people and control for even less. And they only get away with it because we let them. How long are we going to keep letting them?

by Olan Thomas of www.Cut2TheTruth.com

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