American Justice Ferguson Style: Recorded Shots and Money Being Made

michael brown darren wilson shooting supporters charity fund raising olan thomas cut2thetruth cut to the truth ferguson st louis

Last week CNN released a story about an audio tape they had come in contact with which appears to have captured the Michael Brown shooting—just the sound. As witnesses reported, the recording—which is of some dude in his apartment on the street Brown was shot on hitting on a girl on the internet—distinctly sounds like a bunch of shots were fired—6 or 7—before a pause of a few seconds, followed by another 4 shots.

There are a few seedy aspects to the story, the first being that CNN, who has a lengthy reputation for making up false stories, was the first to get their hands on the recording; and the second being that the person who provided the recording is remaining anonymous. Nevertheless, the shots heard in the background of the creepy audio file match the witnesses story that officer Darren Wilson shot multiple bullets at Brown, Brown turned around after being hit and dropped to his knees with his hands up, and Wilson opened fire again pointblank, hitting Brown in the head, face, neck, and chest; killing him.

The Ferguson police’s story, which this tape could prove to be a lie, is that Brown tried to grab Wilson’s gun while Wilson was in his car and a shot went off, Wilson got of his car and opened fire in self defense, and Brown died. For this scenario to be true, this tape has to be false. In the tape there is no opening shot in the car, just two bursts of shots, never a single shot on its own—though the recording may have been started just after that. Either way, the recording clearly plays the 2 flurries of shots having a long break between them—long enough for Wilson to know his target was unarmed and unable to fight back, which in my own opinion is cold blooded murder. CNN reports the FBI is looking into the tape to verify its authenticity.

michael brown darren wilson shooting supporters charity fund raising olan thomas cut2thetruth cut to the truth

Meanwhile, in the midst of the rioting, which has calmed down dramatically, and protesting for justice against the barbaric actions of officer Darren Wilson, new protests have erupted with people supporting the killer-in-hiding. Astonishingly, the supporters of Wilson have raised more money for him than the supporters of Michael Brown have for their side. Here’s a bit from Quartz a couple days back:

“On Aug. 17, the page Support Officer Darren Wilson” was created by his supporters on the crowd-funding platform Even though Wilson has not been arrested, supporters say the funds will be used to cover his legal fees. Within seven days, the page raised $234,910 from 5,901 people. It was closed on Aug. 22 after reaching its goal.”

Another page was started just over a week later called Support Officer Wilson which raised over $130,000 in two days. $20 “Officer Darren Wilson, we support you, 8-9-14,” t-shirts have been selling like hotcakes and bringing in thousands of dollars for the citizen killing cop’s charity fund at rallies in the St. Louis area.

Wilson, meanwhile, hasn’t left his home or spoken to anyone since the killing, although his friends have told reporters he is receiving multiple death threats and fears for his life. Isn’t that too bad?

As it sits now Wilson hasn’t even seeked council for his actions and it’s unknown who will represent him, if anyone, when it comes time to go to court. Until that time we patiently wait to hear the side of the story protecting Wilson from Wilson himself.

By Olan Thomas

Video from:
Video Sports News


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