James Corbett: Crashes Of Convenience

Alternative media reporter, James Corbett, who has done incredible work on 9/11—recently putting out a lengthy video on who benefited from the attacks—released an extremely interesting report today on MH17—the Malaysian aircraft which went down over Ukraine.

Setting his route of investigation in the beginning, Corbett methodically breaks down the “official” story—what we were told by the western media sources—which he aptly deems as “weaponized information”, and compares it to the timeline of events and counter reports; also debunking the rumours and lies told by sources other than the mainstream media.

Screenshot (279)

As we went over when this story was breaking, there were and still are many unanswered questions surrounding the mysterious events of MH17’s destruction—mainly posed by Russia, who was instantly blamed for the plane being shot down.

To those of us following these events—the ones intensely sold to us. relentlessly, by the mainstream media—which lead to military intervention or monetary aid to foreign countries, we know to look much deeper than what we’re being spoonfed. Not only that, we instantly suspect lies and deception. Corbett reveals all he knows—which is a lot more than I knew—in great detail in this presentation.

By Olan Thomas

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