ISIS False Flag: “Attack On America…Is Definite,” Says NSA/CIA Director

Former director of the CIA and NSA, Michael Hayden, appeared on CNN today. Filling the role of a war salesman, Hayden promoted the idea to CNN viewers that ISIS is sure to bring the war to their door.

“It’s a matter of timing.”

Hayden, who was director of the NSA during the height of the Edward Snowden scandal and was responsible for tapping all of America’s phones—and recording and saving the conversations—basically sat there and guaranteed a 9/11 scale attack that is not only unavoidable, but also unforeseeable.

As we’ve gone over before, America created the Islamic terrorists that run wild in the war-torn Middle East today. They did this to combat the Soviets when they got in bed with Yassir Arafat in the mid-1980’s. Since then the west has used splinter groups of these fanatics to invade the Middle East, serving many purposes for elite globalists—money for defence contractors, infrastructure contractors, taking enormous loans from central banks, or to secure territory for oil and drugs; the list goes on.

The host of the show basically sits there and lobs up pre-rehearsed questions, acting more like a hype-man than a real news host. But, what should we expect these days? I don’t even know his name, because it’s not worth knowing, but his job was clear: trumpet whatever this CIA agent says and sell America on the idea of “invading Syria”—which are the words splashed across the screen the whole time.

Above is a Cut2TheTruth short documenting the propaganda report from CNN with captions to point out the psychological manipulation and tell the real tale behind the rhetoric.

Former Director Of The NSA And CIA Michael Hayden Speaks At Security Conference

By Olan Thomas

Video from:
olan thomas




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