James Foley Isis Execution Tape: FAKE??

*As Youtube sensors freedom of the press, they  deleted the original video with a warning to shut down our account—like the Nazi’s they are—so we have been forced to edit out the most vital part, but below are screenshots of the frames we edited out of the Youtube video, proving further this was a fake tape.

Today the tape of American reporter, who I’ve never heard about, James Foley, was released by the terrorist network ISIS.

At first I didn’t want to watch it—I can’t stand looking at stuff like that—but after watching an interview with James’s parents and seeing how unusually calm they were acting directly after seeing their own son was decapitated, I suspected something wasn’t right. These people were perfectly composed after seeing a horrific picture—the last picture any parent would want to see—a whole video, in fact, of a man cutting off their son’s head. Seeing something like that would probably drive my own mother to the brink of insanity. Actually, I’d be insulted if it didn’t. But, as we usually see in these media privy false flags, these parents seemed rehearsed and ready to talk to the news.

I couldn’t help but to have also noticed Foley’s parents kept receiving phone calls and text messages the entire time they were talking to the press; as if they were receiving lines and directions. It was an overall weird scene, and because it smelled so bad of a hoax of some kind, I had to watch the actual execution video.

I pressed play and watched with one hand to my face ready to cover my eyes. It was nerve racking to think this guy is about to have his blood spilled all over the place. The executioner put the knife to Foley’s throat—I cringed and almost p-worded out, but kept my eyes open enough to notice: There was no blood!

I rewound and zoomed in, full screened, slowed it down. There was no mistaking it—it had to be a fake. Granted, the video released on the internet cuts away about 7 or 8 saws into Foley’s neck, but c’mon. A person’s throat is where they bleed from the most. That’s why pigs’ throats are slashed when they are slaughtered—it bleeds them out the fastest. It’s the same with us humans. That’s why Wu-Tang is always telling you to protect your neck. We definitely would have seen a lot of blood when the knife connected with Foley’s skin. This isn’t even to mention how calm he looks and sounds seconds before a brutal death.

James foley isis execution fake hoax false flag american cia 2 James foley isis execution fake hoax false flag american cia 3 James foley isis execution fake hoax false flag american cia 4 James foley isis execution fake hoax false flag american cia 5 James foley isis execution fake hoax false flag american cia

Not only is there no blood, but upon further review and logical recourse, I have to conclude that Foley is way too calm for someone who knows the knife is about to end them. Some may say they had him drugged, but that to me is ridiculous as he reads his lines—clearly being held up behind the camera—without error and as sober as a nun.

After the camera cuts away and shows Foley’s apparent body with its head cut off and placed on its back—an easy photoshop trick—the camera cuts to the same executioner with another American reporter in front of him that he says ISIS will kill just like Foley if Obama doesn’t back off. But the executioner, the same guy who had just decapitated a man, had no blood on himself whatsoever—his hands, clothes, knife, shoes; nothing. How could this be?

Screenshot (260)

To me this seems like an ameturely edited propaganda film, but you be the judge.


by Olan Thomas

Article and video for non-profit, educational intentions.

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25 thoughts on “James Foley Isis Execution Tape: FAKE??

  1. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate this article. I was thinking about this terrible act last night, but had this strange feeling, that james Foley had NOT been killed. I’ve never watched an actual beheading (though there are plenty online) but i just had to see for myself if this man was dead. I checked every avenue imagineable, and couldn’t find the video, save one where the actual deed is blurred out. I’ve been trying to find someone who has actually seen it. Well you have, and you confirm my suspicions I read on another site that this was way too high a production value, and that they were both obviously miked. I can’t help but wonder if the REAL reason this video can no longer be viewed is because “they” don’ want all the analysis to disprove this beheading. If you know of a place where I can see the whole footage for myself, it would be gretly appreciated. Thanks again for opening up the debate on my earlier suspicions.

    • Hi Margot, I saw it when it just came out on a website called Reblop.com, which I found through searching on Facebook oddly enough, but it has since been taken down. I saved the video though, if you email me @ cut2thetruth@gmail.com I will reply with a link for you to download the original I posted which Youtube made me take down. It’s the whole thing, red-edited in slow motion.

    • Yup, that’s the point, it was shot in parts, not generic at all, which an actual film of this type would presumably be be—not edited like a commercial where makeup is done is blood is cleaned off for other takes. Much too fishy for me. Thank you for the link though, that film shows the fact there no blood when his throat is cut.

  2. If this video was actually shot live in the desert, with the hot wind blowing, how can we hear their words so clearly but not any of the wind blowing into the microphone?

  3. The ‘experts’ all hedge their bets have you noticed by claiming Foley is still dead though. Oh yeah, he’s definitely dead, they definitely killed him, we mustn’t offend whichever service set this up, but we just think, erm, err he was killed elsewhere and the video was staged to mock the west. How totally convinient, the moment the entire internet explodes with people who quite rightly question it. They can’t suppress the doubt so they roll with it by admitting to part of it. Seems legit. Not.

  4. Calm? How could they be so calm and collected? Not a stutter, or even tear? Shit I know how easy it in to slice skin open, why couldn’t the knife slice straight through with that much force and movement. I can press plastic to my neck like that too. Why shave their heads? Easier to make a fake decapitated head.

  5. Yeah. It’s all a lark. He’s going to turn up at the local boozer next week, with the other guys? No problem? You stupid fucks. Get off the whacky tobaccy.

  6. all of these videos are faked, they are lying through their teeth. they

    did the same for the iraq war in 2003 if you remember? no weapons of mass destruction found?

    they have subtly told you not to watch any of the videos. know why? because they’re faked, and once you watch one, you will wonder why there isn’t a huge public outcry when we are going to war over them. americans have already destroyed a grain silo with 30 civilian workers dead, how much more destruction to come with their saying it’s going to be a 2 or 3 year campaign?

    do us a favour and watch one for yourself. you’ve watched horror films in the past and known they’re not real, but they were a great deal gorier than anything you see on these videos, because they’re faked.

    “I actively avoided watching the video, even after seeing quite a few
    people claiming it was a hoax. But, as the Athenian lawmaker Solon
    decreed ‘ it a crime for any citizen to shrink from controversy’. So, I
    decided it is all of our duty to check this out, considering the amount
    of hoax claims coming out all over the place. When I watched it, I
    couldn’t believe there hasn’t been a massive public outcry.”

    the latest one’s on ridiculous snuff, porn and gore site theync.com (sent to me in a link, i promise!) and the sotloff one with a great discussion is on the ‘free britain forum’ page on facebook.

    final note – i wouldn’t want to see a real person really get their head cut off, it would abhor and terrify me. trust me, they’re as real as a politician’s promises.

    peace & love & freedom xxx

  7. They are dead…you are just trying to calm your nerves by saying it’s not real and it’s o.k ..i tried to do the same thing , but don’t try to change the facts or misslead others by false claims.

    now to the show:
    1. This video was made by brutal people…talented brutal people (which makes them more dangerous). they know how to screen wind noises..they have the money and the equipment for to do so.
    2. It was shot in parts…and if not, they changed the executioner..it’s not that difficult. he just have to put black clothing.
    3. they(media) stop the bleeding section, out of respect for the decease’s parents.
    4. they(isis) do lots of beheading videos for lots of people..to do a few more of americans,british.. is not the fly in their soup.

    looking for better days to come

  8. if you watch full clear videos of beheadings that start from the adams apple first, there is verry little blood and takes a second to cut through the cartaledge. to also confirm this you can go online and research the process of shaving the adams apple the doctors themselves talk about the low level of blood. i thought to it was fake so i researched and watched and i truly feel this is real and you shouldnt underestimate these niqas.

    • I think the proof would be in releasing the actual tapes, in which case I would retract every statement made.

      Otherwise I think it’s more than naive to say “I believe the beheading tapes are real” when you haven’t even seen the beheadings, especially given what military action has come as a result and the track record of lies the US gov’t has used for decades to go to war on foreign soil in the past.

      Maybe that’s just me.

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