Ferguson Police State: Brought to You By The Same People Who Brought You 9/11

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Over the last few days I’ve finally had a chance to look into the mayhem erupting in Missouri. At the present time there is violence pouring forth on the streets of Ferguson, a suburb of St. Louis—the city’s core is being looted, burned, and destroyed. The heavy presence of police at this point is downright scary, and they look no different than the military, which they basically are since the National Guard has been deployed—this being a response to protesters refusing to obey the ordered curfew given to them by Johnny Law the last few nights.

Police sign darren wilson michael brown st louis ferguson missouri moferguson police state army of officers resembles fighters in iraq Bernard-Kerik 911 evader police commissioner of new york cnn expert on what police need martial law michael brown murder

Tear gas, rubber bullets, molotov cocktails, bricks, bottles, and even real bullets have been used in excess to quell the crowds and police against them—almost 40 people were arrested last night alone. The footage we’re being shown makes it look like an all out war going on down there—CNN seems to be taking the lead this time on feeding us the main narrative while the other stations regurgitate.

black panthers communists working with police in riots

There are even reports that the Black Panthers are working with the CIA to further the violence from within the citizens ranks; a premeditated government plan ultimately leading to the implementation of a police state across the entire United States—a scenario I can’t help but to suspect, though I can neither completely confirm it. Let’s just start at the beginning.

michael brown shooting st louis ferguson false flag cut to the truth cut2thetruth

A couple Saturdays ago, on the 9th of August, 18 year old, unarmed, Ferguson resident, Michael Brown, was executed in the middle of the street after having been shot six times from his head to his waste by officer Darren Wilson. 

The police tried their best to conceal all information about the murder at first, but they soon gave the excuse that Brown was stopped on the street in connection to an “armed robbery” which occurred at a convenience store down the road from the scene of the killing. This story, though it has been pushed by the mainstream media, has proven to be false according to Ferguson’s police chief Thomas Jackson:

As it turns out, the police officer had no reason to stop Brown in the first place. There was no armed robbery, though Brown did steal a pack of cigarillos then manhandled the clerk of the store as cctv footage released days later by the police shows, but he had no weapon at all—and according to Thomas Jackson, the police chief in the video above, officer Wilson had no idea that event ever took place, and that “wasn’t the reason the officer stopped him.” Either way, there seems to have been a tussle between the two parties. According to CNN:

“The preliminary investigation showed that the officer tried to exit his vehicle, but Brown pushed him back into the car, “where he physically assaulted the police officer” and struggled over the officer’s weapon, St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar said. A shot was fired inside the police car.”

It was at this point, according to the police narrative, that Brown and his friend, Dorian Johnson, who was by now a little up the road from the commotion, began to run away up the street, though they didn’t make it far as Wilson fired several shots at Brown, dropping and killing him.

darren wilson map ferguson shootings michael brown false flag riot swat team missouri united states marshal law

Unfortunately for the aggressive Ferguson Police Department, this unfolding of events contradicts witness testimony of what happened. We’ll start with the most obvious witness—Dorian Johnson:

 According to Johnson, him and Brown were walking in the middle of the road, “not but a minute from [their] destination,” when officer Wilson pulled up to them and told them to, “Get the fuck out the road!” The pair replied that they were almost to their house and would be off the road in a minute, refusing to obey the officer’s orders as he pulled away from them in the opposite direction. Suddenly the officer slammed on his breaks and gunned it backwards at the two teens, nearly hitting them, according to Johnson.

“We were so close, almost inches away, that when he tried to open his door aggressively, the door ricocheted both off me and Big Mike’s body and closed back on the officer.”

After the door hit officer Wilson it got him even more angry; and as Johnson tells it, while still sitting in the car Wilson grabbed onto “Big Mike’s” arm and began violently trying to yank him inside—I guess the front seat. A struggle ensued which quickly led to officer Wilson whipping out his gun and saying, “I’m gonna shoot,” right before his weapon fired inside the car.

Dorian Johnson [center].

Dorian Johnson [center].

Startled by the blast, Brown had a chance to get free of the officer’s grip and flee the scene along with Johnson, who jumped behind a car to hide. Brown yelled to “keep running,” as he kicked it up the street. He wouldn’t get far though, stepping out of the car with his weapon drawn Wilson began to give chase while he fired shots, one connecting with his mark. Brown turned around with his hands in the air, dropping to his knees, and begging the officer to stop shooting at him, but the words had no sway. Again Wilson opened fire, this time hitting Michael Brown in the head, face, neck, torso, and arm; instantly killing him.

Next we’ll look at a witness who just came out of the woodwork corroborating Dorian Johnson’s story completely—nearly word for word, actually. Her name is Piaget Crenshaw, and she filmed the situation on her cell phone. According to TheWrap.com:

“Piaget Crenshaw said she has waited until now to release the video because she feared for her safety and was waiting for police to release Wilson’s name.”

According to Crenshaw, just like Dorian said, officer Wilson grabbed onto Brown’s arm and tried to force him into the car but was unsuccessful. As Brown turned around to run, Wilson hopped out of the car with his gun blazing. A bullet grazed Brown’s side, at which point he turned around with his hands up and “was shot multiple times.”

Here’s another recording from someone in the neighborhood directly after the shooting:

The situation is under control at this point, but since those horrid hours the city of Ferguson has blown up into an all out warzone. Amongst peaceful protesters there are also those characters set on destroying the city. According to The Wire:

“Ferguson, Missouri, the St. Louis suburb has been struck by constant protests, and almost nightly violence. Overnight, things escalated from bad to worse. Though there was no curfew and the National Guard was ordered in to keep the peace, police officers still tear gassed the crowds, shot faux bullets, and arrested 31 individuals.”

Along with the National Guard last night came the FBI, who are basically now just guarding a police station which was vandalized a few nights ago. According to Ron Johnson, a Missouri State Highway Patrol captain who is now in charge of the whole riot force, in the early hours of the morning the police were attacked with a hail of bullets, to which they didn’t return one, hitting two people who are now in hospital. Johnson didn’t give any information on who was shot, but he claims they were hit by bullets from the crowd of protesters, not the police. It’s a hard claim to buy in my own opinion; and this is where we get into the inconsistencies of this whole episode.

Is This A False Flag?

I can’t say for sure that this is a false flag because there is no real conclusive evidence, yet; no smoking gun, if you will, only leads. There isn’t anything like during the Santa Barbara false flag when there was no blood in the car Elliot Rodger was supposed to have shot himself in; or like how building 7 fell at freefall speed when it was barely on fire on 9/11—scientific impossibilities. But I will say this constantly covered by the media event appears to have all the traits of a black-operation to enforce martial law. Only time will tell, but there is some damning evidence already available that leads me to conclude this whole riot scenario, at least, is government planned and organized.

Whether the original killing of Michael Brown was planned or not, the government, media, and law enforcement have jumped on this opportunity to spread the message of racial tension and unavoidable violence in the streets St. Louis; selling this angle 24/7 to their loyal listeners and readers. Just look at the overall theme of the stories which have been presented by the mainstream media, and stories on the mainstream TV news stations, and you quickly see the thread. A simple Google search reveals nearly every title involving racial conflict:

Screenshot (234) Screenshot (235) Screenshot (236)

 When the mainstream media is trying their best, along with police and government, to sell us, the common people, an angle to a crisis, we know we’ve found the motive. In this case it seems to be to create civil unrest within the black communities of America.

In the couple weeks since the shooting happened the New Black Panthers have already taken charge of the protesters, self proclaiming themselves as the voice and leader of the people against the police and government:

This is where it gets crazy, as if it wasn’t already. Remember Ron Johnson, the highway patrolman in charge of the riot police? Well, some pretty damning photographs have come out of him apparently coordinating the riots with New Black Panther leader Malik Shabazz.

Malik Shabazz ron johnson black panthers and ferguson police department working together false flag attack in missouri

A report in DCClothesline.com claims:

“A combination of the Department of Justice, Communist agitators and members of the radical New Black Panther party have descended on Ferguson, Missouri to hijack what were largely peaceful protests that have turned increasingly violent in recent days.”

In the same article—which as well claims the New Black Panther Party to be a group of radicals that even the original Black Panther Party feels is a threat—a video appears of Shabazz leading a chant where protesters yell they want officer “Darren Wilson,” the man who killed Brown, “Dead!”

Around the same time that picture was taken of Shabazz and Johnson coordinating together, CBS was reporting:

“The FBI is concerned members of the New Black Panther Party are in Ferguson, Missouri and advocating violence against police, according to an alert from the St. Louis Division of the FBI.”

Chawn Kweli, another high ranking New Panther posted a status to Facebook that read:

“This is the hour all the greats promised. If you die, die like a warrior.”

Contrary to corporate media reports, many alternative media sources have been reporting that the New Panthers are in fact the ones lighting the fires and causing destruction, even running up amongst the peaceful protesters and shooting rounds of live ammunition at police and then running out of the crowds as the police retaliate, leading to arrests and injuries of innocent bystanders. The protest, it seems, has been completely commandeered.

Picture claimed to be New Black Panther Members lighting molotov cocktails to incite violence from police against the peaceful crowds.

Picture claimed to be New Black Panther Members lighting molotov cocktails to incite violence from police against the peaceful crowds.

Another strange occurrence, besides the immense number of arrests, is the treatment of the press. There are things people are clearly willing to kill for to not to be seen. Video evidence shows there have been multiple threats against reporters’ lives both from police and from the New Black Panthers:

This is where it gets extra-crazy. In the first of the two videos above, where the officer threatens to shoot the reporter in the face, it seems the reporter caught something he shouldn’t have caught on his camera—the controlled burning garbage can.


The Ottawa Expositor’s channel on Youtube featured a video of another Youtuber’s channel named Dark Skywalker, who has live feeds from all of the news sources streaming into multiple screens where he has been tracking the events in Ferguson by the minute. By his estimation, the man who was threatened by the police officer for filming the flaming dumpster—who was also an alternative media reporter—wasn’t far from where the Fox News camera was pointing at the same time. The only difference between their shots was that the alternative media guy’s camera happened to catch the fire in the dumpster behind the police lines—Fox News never turned their camera to see it. Why not? And how did the fire get lit from behind the police lines?

Could the authorities be working with the New Black Panthers, a communist group from Chicago, and the government of the United States itself to cause terror? It certainly smells like it. Many are saying that very thing. As I’ve gone over repeatedly in my False Flag Series, America’s media and government have worked together to do very similar things before; and it’s all documented. These are the people, remember, that brought us 9/11.

martial law in ferguson missouri mo

The Ferguson military.

Speaking of 9/11, another known tactic you may remember the corporate media using to sell fear and panic to the senseless masses was to have bogus experts on their non-stop propaganda feeds to solidify their agenda. As our friend Jeff C. of Free Radio Revolution points out in a recent video (at bottom and a recommended in depth watch), CNN just had on an ex-con, criminal, “expert” on police work to tell America to spend more money on more militaristic equipment for police forces in lieu of the events in Ferguson. This man also just happened to be with Rudy Giuliani—away from the World Trade Center—when the towers fell in 2001. His name is Bernard Kerik and he’s the former New York City Police Commissioner

Bernard-Kerik 911 evader police commissioner of new york cnn expert on what police need martial law michael brown murder

Kerik, aside from being nominated by George Bush in 2004 to head up the DHS (Department of Homeland Security), is also fresh out of the pen after being arrested in 2006 on charges of mail fraud, tax fraud, wire fraud, and conspiracy (surprise, surprise), leading to his lock up 2010 for four years—being denied an appeal a year into his sentence. After he was freed from prison he was instantly treated as a genius by the staff of CNN while they encouraged him pedal the argument for more police force, more police weapons, more police rights, and more reasons to fear the outside world of America. In his own words, “It’s absolutely needed!”

Next we’ll look at the closest thing to a smoking gun I’ve come across: Ericka Artz—very  questionable character. Ericka is an undercover agent.

Ericka Artz twitter photo screen shot feguson fire government agent

Not only does Ericka work for the Ferguson Fire Department—she was responsible for providing video to the media of fires started by “protesters”—she also works for a company called IIF Data Solutions—a government agency which specializes in running terror drills just like the one unfolding in Ferguson.

Simply put, Ericka Artz is a government agent who specializes in coordinating entire fake disaster situations involving hundreds of people—actors—at a time. Among heading up other operations, on the Nevada Spartan Project website, Ericka is still listed as the “Exercise Planner” for running terror drills in Nevada schools. She has a whole resume of government work she’s done.

ericka artz ferguson iif data solution likedn page phot cut 2 the truth olan thomas iif data solutions terror drills false flag in ferguson

To add to this, the fire station, which is brand new, doesn’t even register Agent Artz’s name on it’s official website, leading me to firmly believe she never worked there at all—the official website, by the way, has been inaccessible for the past day. All things considered, it’s no wonder how New Black Panthers member Hashim Nzinga sporadically took over a recent press conference inside of Artz’s fire station with ease to dominate the airwaves with his extreme rhetoric against Obama, aggressively stirring up the public’s rage:

Yes, Ericka is a suspect if there has ever been one—and speaking of drills, just like during 9/11, a 500 person drill was being run nearby in Indiana to simulate the exact same scenario going on in Ferguson in what the media reported as an “exercise…to see how coordinated the response would be between agencies,” in such a situation—at the same time as the riots. Those agencies testing their coordinated responses are the same agencies working in the next-door state of Missouri in the “real terror.”

Screenshot (241)

To add to all of this it appears Facebook is filtering information by hiding people’s posts, pictures, and videos of the events to shadow anything but the “official” story coming to us from the lame-stream media.

I’ve got to say, so far it certainly has the all the trappings of a planned event meant to drive public opinion and behavior, but again, only time will tell conclusively—though my mind is made up. All we can do for now is not take part in any protest, as we’ve seen what a few idiots can do to them, especially in the St. Louis area; and keep a heads-up on the progress of this terribly horrifying, but devastatingly interesting case.

By Olan Thomas

This article was made strictly for the purposes of education and were not intended for profit of any kind.

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