Senator David Norris On the Genocide In Palestine: “It is time people told the truth about what is being said in Israel!” — AMAZING SPEECH!!!

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Maybe it’s because I’m still so pumped off it, considering I just watched it, but this may be the greatest delivery of the most important speech ever given in my lifetime—so far. Though I saw it reported as a speech given at the United Nations, it actually happened last week, July 29th, at Leinster House, Dublin, Ireland, in front of Ireland’s Houses of the Oireachtas, which is their senate and congress, and was delivered by Senator David Patrick Bernard Norris, where he proceeded to rip Israel’s obviously genocidal actions to shreds, confirmed Israel created Hamas, and also viciously tore into Israel’s financial supporters in recent years, namely Obama, Bush, and Tony Blair, who he claimed have completely ruined the Middle East for their own personal gain—I can’t help but to agree. Please share this speech if you feel it’s as important as I do.

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  People ask: “What for? What can Seanad Éireann do?” The answer in the international context is “Nothing”, because nobody will pay that much attention to what Ireland does. I remember being in Palestine some years ago in an area that was heavily controlled by the Israelis, and I said to my Palestinian hosts, “You know there is nothing I can do, I will have no effect”, and they said, “But at least you will be a witness, you will be a record to our suffering, and we will not go unnoticed”. It is for that reason I called for the recall of the Seanad.

  I am very sad. I am not anti-Israeli; I am not anti-Semitic. I supported the State of Israel. However, in the 40 years that I have known the State of Israel and sometimes had a home there, I have seen it completely change. It changed from a left wing, socially directed country to an extreme right-wing regime that is behaving in the most criminal fashion, defying the world and unscrupulously using the Holocaust to justify what they are doing. It is time that rag was torn away from them.

  Israel is afraid of Palestinian unity. That is what all of this is about. It has nothing to do with the appalling murder of those three Israeli kids. The Israeli police knew that Hamas had nothing to do with it before this war started. Israel created Hamas in order to split Fatah, so it is responsible for Hamas. I had this confirmed at the highest level in the foreign ministry in Jerusalem some years ago. It is astonishing to me that those in the West prate about democracy, yet every time an Islamic government crops up around the Mediterranean, they refuse to deal with it, they subvert it and they destroy it. Where is the democracy in that? We may not like it. They may be antagonistic. My Jewish friends and Israeli friends sometimes say to me, “How would you fare, as a gay man, in any of these?” I know exactly how I would fare, but it does not mean it is correct to deny people the right to choose their own government. What self-respecting or sane people would allow their enemies to choose their government for them? Can anyone imagine it happening in this country? I certainly cannot.

  America has a shameful role to play in this. Israel could not get away with these disgraceful acts of international piracy and brigandage if it was not for the protecting shadow of the United States of America. I condemn President Obama for his utter inaction. I have to say I was a bit taken aback when I saw Ukraine had been added to the statements as it is irrelevant. It is a bit of “whataboutery”. What about Syria? What about the Congo? What about Iraq? What about everything? However, the one thing it does is to show the extraordinary discrepancy here. At the instructions of the Americans we are prepared to boycott, go after the Russian banks and do this, that and the other. What do we do about Israel? We do not even mark a protest note with our vote at the United Nations Human Rights Commission.

That is shameful – absolutely shameful. I would have interjected that it had been better to be one country in the right than be with all the rest of them in the wrong.

  There are no words to describe what happened yesterday in Jebalyia where there were six attacks on schools. They are deliberate, I have no doubt, because 3,300 people were sheltered there. They had been directed there by Israel. The co-ordinates were given 17 times. How could anybody claim that they did not know what they were doing? Israel’s policy is shoot first and weep afterwards saying, “Oh, did we hit children? What a terrible tragedy”. Nobody believes Israel anymore. It is doing this to exert pressure on Hamas. It will not resolve this problem until, as we did in this country, it involves both of the participants.

There is no point in having any kind of an alleged truce when it only has one side. It was laughable the rubbish produced by the Israelis, Americans and the Egyptians. They did not consult Hamas, which is madness. Tony Blair was involved. My God, that man is shameless.

He should keep his face out of the Middle East after what he and George W. Bush have done to the region.

  On the other side, three moth-balled schools were used to store weapons. That was discovered by the UN and reported by it, not by the Israelis.

  Entire families have been obliterated and in one case, 20 members of the same family were slaughtered. Also, a disproportionate amount of women and children have been killed in this situation, which is a violation of all the spiritual beauty that Judaism stands for – the respect for life and the fact that if one saves one life then one has saved the universe. All of that is blown out of the window and done so, as I saw, by the arrival of 1,200,000 extreme right-wing former citizens of the Soviet Union.

  It is time people told the truth about what is being said in Israel.  For example, the interior Minister, Eli Yishai, stated in 2012 that Israel would send Gaza back to the Middle Ages.  Defence deputy Minister Matan Vilnai stated that it would visit the Holocaust on the Palestinians.  That is Nazi talk.  I am not saying that he is a Nazi but what he is saying makes him sound like a Nazi.

  What should we do?  First, we must remove the embargo.  Then there is the Euro-Med agreement, to which human rights protocols attach.  Time after time on the foreign affairs committee, I have asked for the situation to be monitored.  People will not even monitor the human rights agreements.  What human rights are there when thousands of women and children are being killed and injured?

Israeli goods, particularly those from the settlements, should be boycotted and there should be an expulsion of the Israeli ambassador.  I delayed in saying this, but he always has his fingers in his ears and just repeats slogans from Jerusalem.

  I have received a considerable volume of correspondence, 90% of it in support of the Israeli side.  I respect all of my correspondents but it is clearly an organised campaign.  They all thank Ireland for voting the way we did at the UN.  That tells the story.  The Israeli spokesmen, all with South African, English or American accents, referring to the land of Palestine, also congratulated us.

  The UN should accept full and permanent responsibility for the welfare of the people of Gaza.  If that means the deployment of an international force, fine.  This country should explore the possibility of using our civilian services, for example, the ESB, to rebuild the only power station in Gaza.  Cutting off electricity to people who are being squeezed into an appalling punishment camp, only to then cut back on food imports and claim – this is where I say “Nazi” – that Israel is placing the people of Palestine on a diet shows contempt for human beings.

We should stand against that contempt and in favour of human rights. I am in favour of human rights, whether one is Israeli, gay, a woman or black. I am not changing my position. I am not anti-Israel or anti-Semitic, but I am pro-human rights for every human being.


15 thoughts on “Senator David Norris On the Genocide In Palestine: “It is time people told the truth about what is being said in Israel!” — AMAZING SPEECH!!!

  1. David Norris is filled with hate, talks on Hamas as a reasonable side of an argument which is simply blinding people’s eyes. if he’s not intelligent enough to understand a situation, he should at least have the decency of remaining silent.
    It is people like him that look at things as flat – and so let fanatics use this “righteous” way. Different opinions must be, different cultures must exist – but if the western world won’t be wise enough to put its foot down and not let cultures that are based openly on hate and murder rise in our backdoor, well then the world will get those fanatics cheering a WWIII in our front door.

  2. so then you are against abortion right ……. hmmm i wonder …if you say you are for human rights then abortion would be murder correct……are you making a stink about that ?

  3. Olan, Thank you for posting this. Very powerful and truthful. David Norris is spot on, and justifiably angry as we all should be.

      • What is it that you so agree about with Norris, mangrove?
        I really want to know please.
        I live in Israel, and am a human-rights activist. I follow every piece of this conflict and indeed, there are terrible things going on in Gaza, things I wish would no longer exist in our world.
        But can you please advise another option? again, I follow “my” leaders’ actions, and they are trying to avoid using military force as much as they can.
        This Hamas group calls openly in its manifest to the death of all Jews, and the extinction of Israel.
        Israel’s soldiers went into Gaza by foot only because there are tunnels that were built from Gaza to our civilians’ homes.
        In Gaza they found Hamas soldiers hiding these tunnels, rockets and other armory in homes, schools and hospitals.
        We can’t go in there and take them – because they’re traps.
        We must bomb them first, so our soldiers won’t simply walk to their death.
        We CALL all the civilians in an area to move to another area so they won’t get hurt. I don’t know how much Israel’s leaders really care about Gazan children, but at the very least they’re not stupid and they know that these horrifying pics are bad for them, so they ARE trying to avoid them in any way.
        I can add a video that shows Hamas soldiers beat their own civilian when they want to evacuate as IDF asks them to. They simply beat them so they’d stay and die, as a way of action.
        These are the extremes that are getting closer to Europe playground.
        I like Arabs, like them a lot. They have a great culture and they are very warm people.
        Still, can we at least agree that religious extremes are a danger and somewhat of a threat to this world?

  4. Oron, it seems like you are confused what human rights really means, considering you as a human rights activist. As an activist you need to take stand for how unpopular it is in your state or in the society where you leave. In this conflict, it is not only about hamas. What israel is doing is killing civilians and you think it is because of Hamas who is using their own people. Lets keep aside about hamas using its own people, lets look around what Israel is doing. Do you think it is right to kill people? Yes, we can condemn hamas for being rigid and fundamentalist but what Israel is doing is not merely speaking but really killing and butchering the palestinians. I will certainly condemn Israel for it now and i will not make an excuse that Hamas led Israel to do it.

  5. You can tell a rabid Jew hater, where to make his point against Israel he says that in countries that have majorities that want their gay citizens to have no rights, the majority should be able to oppress the gay minority, and the gays are plum out of luck because the majority doesn’t want to give them rights. He talks about an international force in Gaza, as though Hamas and all of its supporters in Gaza will not kill the international force to get it out of there. Nice of him to use the Nazi analogy, as if German-Jews ever fired rockets into all German cities the way Hamas has been doing to Israel.

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