Trumped Up in NYC: Film the Police Killing Someone and Go to Jail

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Ramsey Orta, the man who the shot the video of Staten Island Police officer Daniel Pantaleo choking a man to death—Eric Garner—as he plead for air with his last breath was arrested just before 10 p.m. outside of 61 Central Avenue in New York.

eric garner murder daniel pantaleo nypd james orta arrest trumped up charges

Orta and his girlfriend, it seems, were being stalked by the police as they entered the Hotel Richmond, a building near the address of their arrests, and were stopped and searched as they exited the building minutes later—police found a gun on them; and a little weed too. According to the Staten Island Live:

“An NYPD spokeswoman said Orta and Ms. Lekaj were observed entering the hotel, an area known for drug activity, and exiting moments later. As officers from the Staten Island Narcotics Unit approached the pair, they observed Orta put an object in Ms. Lekaj’s waistband.”

The gun itself was a .25 caliber Norton pistol which was reported stolen in Michigan in 2007. Orta, who was already facing a couple other prior charges, can now add facing charges for having an illegal firearm—his girlfriend is being charged with the same plus possession of marijuana. As well, though there is no word on what happened, Orta didn’t go straight to jail. Instead, he was taken to Staten Island University Hospital, Ocean Breeze, and was treated for “an undisclosed medical condition,” but has since been released. We can only take a wild guess at this point of what happened to him.

Ramsey Orta

Ramsey Orta

This unusual citizen tracking, which is illegal to begin with, that led to Orta’s search and arrest comes right after the medical examiner who did the autopsy for Garner ruled he died by homicide; and right as Garner’s mother is looking to charge Officer Pantaleo with murder. Pretty convenient, yes, but the two incidents couldn’t be related, right? As it happens, the police tackled and choked Eric Garner to death because they suspected him of selling cigarettes.

Orta is likely due to be arraigned tomorrow, sources say. Let’s just hope justice prevails and Daniel Pantaleo goes to jail for murder, because as bad as it is for a guy to get set up and do a few years in prison, it’s way harder for an officer to do life in jail for murdering a citizen with his bare hands; chances are he won’t last.

UPDATE: If there is still confusion about the existence of corruption within the Staten Island Police Force, here is another video recorded by a citizen just before the murder of Eric Garner. (Explicit beating video, not for the faint of heart)…Thanks to Carlos S. for the tip.


Article by Olan Thomas

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