False Flag Proof Series, vol. IV: Overthrowing the Cuban Government For $5.41 An Hour

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News of this latest false flag comes to us very recently—today actually. According to The Associated Press, the American government has been sending Latin American’s, Venezuelans, Peruvians, and Costa Ricans down to Cuba since 2009, the beginning of the Obama administration, to covertly assemble a group of Cuban rebels dedicated to overthrowing their government.

usaid democracy promotion program state department cuba travellers program illegal false flag

Their cover, made up by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) who oversaw the project, was that the young men were foreigners on vacation—at first; then the plan developed into them posing as health workers. According to this plan, they would travel to Cuba and set up health workshops to attract locals—in one case an HIV-prevention workshop which documents referred to as, “the perfect excuse,” to achieve the projects goals of getting to know, then befriend disgruntled, poor locals, and then direct their thoughts towards staging a revolution against the state. Classic America, right?

It was no easy task, though; and the workers were only paid $5.41 an hour for their troubles. They never felt safe, or even protected by the USAID if anything should happen to them, claiming they received very little training or useful instructions from their handlers. As well, while in Cuba they drew suspicion almost immediately from authorities as to where they were getting their funding; one of the men on the project was even arrested and put in Cuban jail. To quote AP:

“One said he got a paltry, 30-minute seminar on how to evade Cuban intelligence, and there appeared to be no safety net for the inexperienced workers if they were caught.” –Associated Press (4/8/2014).

Their American handlers at the USAID didn’t feel they needed to be protected though, stating in an email:

“Trust that the authorities will not try to harm you physically, only frighten you…Remember that the Cuban government prefers to avoid negative media reports abroad, so a beaten foreigner is not convenient for them.”

That was that. They were on their own, though ultimately the project was a failure; case in point: there was no rebellion. The details came to light following another recently exposed Cuban White House plot called Project ZunZuneo, where American authorities created a social media site to gather the personal information of Cubans and create civil unrest—it too was a failure.

cuba-zunzuneo creating  unrest

Though when questioned about their illegal spying and infiltration the American government gives the tired excuse of trying to liberate Cuba and bring democracy to a socialist state, this excuse goes out the window when one looks at the fact that these hired workers were travelling to Cuba for five years and couldn’t even stir up a bar fight. To me this clearly paints a picture of a people who are satisfied with their government, or at least not angry enough to try and overthrow it. Even if they were, which they aren’t, what business of it is America’s?

The fact of the matter, and the point I really want to drive home in this False Flag Series, is even if Cuba, or any other country, such as Iraq, Iran, Palestine, or Afghanistan, wanted to change the way their country is run, which it doesn’t seem like Cuba wants to do, what business is it of the American government’s? They’re a completely different country, are they not? Already in only four installments of this series can we clearly see a pattern:

  • America (by which I mean the American government) sends agents to a foreign country to stir up a false flag civil war, paid for by the American taxpayer.
  • America then sets up another false flag, such as an attack on an American ship, to justify sending troops in to “assist” in that civil war.
  • America takes out huge loans from their central bank and taxes their citizens to finance the new war.
  • American companies get huge contracts to provide the materials for that war (weapons, tanks, bases, hospitals, intelligence equipment) and they also get the contracts to rebuild the cities destroyed by that war (roads, buildings, plumbing, electricity, transit, hospitals, libraries, industry, etc.)

While this is all scandalous, deranged, sadistic, selfish, and really very childish behavior, one thing really jumps out at me, and that’s the strategy of assisting in other countries civil wars. With all the propaganda Americans are made to digest since birth about their own “heroic” civil war, can you imagine if other countries had done the same to them? Can you imagine if the shoe was on the other foot and China, or Germany, or France, or Russia had suddenly deployed thousands of their own troops, stepped in the middle of the American Civil War, began dictating it’s rules and objectives, broke into American homes at night and put guns to American families heads, started blowing up buildings, and then never left? The Americans would have lost their minds! The current government would be up in arms and ready to nuke a country for using the same tactics they use on other countries of the world on their own soil. Think about that. It should be very understandable to everybody: countries don’t go to other countries and start throwing their weight around; that’s what tyrants do.


All in all it’s no surprise America is still running the same old drill in countries around the world today. There are probably, almost certainly, American agents in every civilized country in the world. You could know one right now and have no idea. A college student named Hector Baranda became good friends with the team of agents in Cuba, only to be devastated when he found out they were working for the American government to gather information on him, his family, and all of the people of his community, while pretending they were there to help. Hector answered a question with a question when asked how he felt about the deception: “How would you feel if you offered your sincere friendship and received this kind of news?” Good question Hector.

To finish I’ll leave this brand new video of a woman from the State Department dodging questions, making excuses, and relying completely on semantics to justify the illegal actions of the American government; painting a picture of them closer to evangelists spreading the good word of democracy, rather than criminals committing illegal acts all over the world.

by Olan Thomas

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