Russell Brand Tears Sean Hannity and Fox News to Bits From the Comfort of His Living Room: One for the Good Guys

russel brand blasts and destroys sean hannity for being a fucking ass hole piece of shit palesine and israel genocide rocket interception

I love it when people of notoriety step up and call out the pathetic corporate media for the non-journalistic, public opinion forming, lying, scum they are. After Sean Hannity blasted Russell Brand on his mind control entertainment hour on Fox News with a table full of other bigots—for Brand pointing out Israel’s part in the current genocide happening is Palestine—Brand came back with a round-table of his own featuring himself, a Jesus statue, a pot of flowers, and a Gandhi doll.

Brand is quick to point out many truths which he delivers clearly and with facts as his basis. The most obvious truth being that Sean Hannity and Fox News are a fascist, propaganda spreading bunch of liars which exist only to instill fear into the American people in order to  justify illegal foreign invasions perpetrated by their own government (well maybe he didn’t put it that way); but Brand also articulates the situation in Palestine quite well, which is funny, because that’s Hannity’s job, not Brand’s.

Not only is it educational, well versed, and relevant, but it’s also hilarious. So without further ado, here’s Russell Brand’s video from his Twitter completely destroying that right-wing, prick-faced weasel, Sean “the interrupter” Hannity:


by Olan Thomas

Video from
Russell Brand

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3 thoughts on “Russell Brand Tears Sean Hannity and Fox News to Bits From the Comfort of His Living Room: One for the Good Guys

  1. Totally agree and what a dick anything to make your TV show interesting ! If your going to do a debate it should come from both sides not you “Sean Hannity”controlling the conversation! Both sides are suffering, dying . Pull your head out of your arse it needs to stop real people not plastic ones are living this nightmare !

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