False Flag Proof Series, vol. III: The Unsinkable USS Liberty

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In our last episode of this series we discussed President Lyndon B. Johnson and his involvement in the false flag that started America’s part in the Vietnam War. Many feel he’s the sole reason why John F. Kennedy was killed. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a few years after those two events he played a seriously maniacal part in this event too.

During the height of the Vietnam war another much shorter war suddenly broke out; this one in the Middle East. It would come to be known as the Six-Day War—summer 1967—and involved similar players as today’s eastern conflicts—specifically Israel vs. Jordan, Egypt, and Syria.

lbj ill give you your war false flag uss liberty israel attack on american boat 34 dead

As Johnson’s administration tells it, an American naval ship made for gathering intelligence called the USS Liberty was out on the open waters conducting tests and running drills right next to Israel—right when Israel had just broken out into a severe war. Suddenly, as if out of nowhere, at least to the crew aboard, the Liberty was bombarded by Israeli forces on the water and in the sky. Aside from constant torpedoes, the Liberty took thousands, if not tens or hundreds of thousands of bullets from cannon-fire for 3 to 4 hours straight. Unmarked Israeli fighter jets flew back and forth continuously dropping napalm while fires aboard the ship spread like, well, like wildfire. The attack was long and relentless.

israel plane attacking uss liberty false flag

The objective on the crystal clear day was obviously to sink the ship, though the American made vessel refused to go down. 34 crew members ended up dying in the end, many more injured. If it weren’t for a Russian vessel being spotted in the distance observing the action by the end, the Israeli military never would have left until the job was done.

uss liberty aftermath false flag israel egypt conflict 1967

When the world found out about the massacre over the next few days, the Israelis, America’s allies, claimed they thought the vessel, which had an American flag flying high, was an Egyptian naval ship. The authorities in Israel apologized and the mainstream press dropped the story altogether—case closed. Slowly but surely though, information over the last 47 years has come out to paint a radically different picture of what happened that day in 1967.

“As it happened, the institutions of government in America did not succeed in keeping the truth covered up because there were eye-witnesses who would not be silenced. They were the survivors of the Liberty’s crew.” –Alan Hart, VT Military and Foreign Affairs Journal: Veterans Today, (7/6/2012).

Though President Johnson and his sidekick, Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara, seem to have led up an operation to cover it up, there’s now enough evidence to show the attack was an intentional set-up ordered by Israel’s Defense Minister, Moshe Dayan.

moshe dayan

His orders were explicit: completely annihilate the Liberty and kill everyone on board—leave no witnesses. This didn’t happen; and the survivors of the Liberty themselves have been demanding the truth of what happened from the American government ever since. The only documents that have been released are heavily blacked out, and they’re a very small portion of what could be released but still remains “top secret.” Either way. even Israeli witnesses have since come forward to confirm such a claim.

blacked uss liberty files cut 2 the truth wordpress false flag us government israel six day war

In 1982 an Israeli pilot networked with Pete McCloskey, then a US congressman, and recanted his rendition of what happened that day. According to the pilot, as he headed through the sky for the Liberty with orders to destroy it, he immediately recognized that it was an American ship and radioed back to headquarters to inform them. Headquarters, as it turns out, knew it was an American ship and repeated the orders, telling the pilot to ignore the American flag and go ahead as planned. Refusing to carry out his orders, the pilot returned to base. For doing so he was arrested and put in jail.

“The pilot’s protests also were heard by radio monitors in the U.S. Embassy in Lebanon. Then-U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Dwight Porter has confirmed this…Unfortunately, no one in the U.S. government has any interest in hearing these first-person accounts.” –James M. Emmes Jr., Washington Report on Middle East Affairs,June 1993, Page 19.


Not too far away from the attack was a US naval aircraft carrier called the Saratoga. It’s captain, Joseph Tully, was the first to receive the open channel “MAYDAY” request from the Liberty with the information that they were being attacked by an unknown enemy. Every A-1 Skyhawk on the carrier was put into launch position as the Saratoga sent out word to other carriers and ships in the area with the news, who also readied their pilots. Word was sent by radio back to Washington, DC that an attack was underway and the military in the area were perched to assist as soon as the order was given—but Washington wouldn’t respond. Tully went ahead anyway and sent a few A-1’s en route to the action—about a thirty minute flight.

President Johnson and Secretary of Defense McNamara.

President Johnson and Secretary of Defense McNamara.

“President Johnson was very quickly informed – presumably by Defence Secretary McNamara – that…the Saratoga had launched planes to go to its assistance…the Saratoga’s planes were hardly in the air when McNamara’s voice was heard over Sixth Fleet radios, “Tell the Sixth Fleet to get those aircraft back immediately!” –Alan Hart.

To the astonishment of the Saratoga’s crew, they were ordered to tell the planes to return—which they did. There would be no rescue mission by anyone—this was directly from the White House. The USS Liberty was doomed.


The seemingly endless attack would have sunk the ship if it hadn’t been for the interfering Soviets spotted in the distance—which eventually caused the Israelis to retreat. It had gone on so long that the Russians had sent out a ship to launch nukes at Israel, as the Russians suspected Israel and America, known allies, were invading Syria together. Because of this witness ship, the Americans and Israelis couldn’t lie about what had happened.

“Writing in On Moscow’s Orders, Captain Nicolai Shashkov tells of his orders to be prepared to fire eight nuclear missiles at the shores of Israel if the Soviet high command determined that the US and Israel were attacking Syria.” –Colonel Peyton E. Smith, United States Army, Assault on the USS Liberty: Deliberate Action or Tragic Accident? (2000).

If the Soviets hadn’t inadvertently broke the destruction up and the Liberty sank, what would the story be? In other words: what was the motive for this?

Well, in his book, Assault on the Liberty, former crew member James M. Ennes concludes the motive was to disable the Liberty’s crew from monitoring radio traffic—which was it’s purpose—that would reveal Israel’s plans to invade Syria—which the White House was openly against. This could be the case, but then it doesn’t really make sense that the White House would call off the A-1 supports who were ready to deploy to the scene. For all the White House knew, this could have been the first of many attacks on America at the Hands of the Israelis. For the president to call off the A-1 fighter jets is a clear admission that the White House wanted the ship to go down as much as Israel; and it’s also a clear indication that America felt no further threat, which is basically proof that this was a controlled event from the start, both on the Israeli and American ends.

iStock 20492165 MD - American and Israeli flags

Based on startling details of what we now know about other events around that time involving the same people—JFK assassination; Gulf of Tonkin—and the new evidence shone on this case, it appears this was a failed attempt at a classic false flag. If it weren’t for the Russian intervention, in mine and many other’s opinions, the ship would have gone down, every witness would have died, and the blame would have been laid on the Egyptians, giving America the reason they needed to militarily back Israel in the war, which would have meant a whole lot more military spending for the states during a time when they were already hemorrhaging debt due to the Vietnam War. And as we saw in the last episode, Ladybird Johnson, the President’s wife, owned majority shares in a company called Brown and Root which got contracts to set up bases and rebuild roads and infrastructure in and after the Vietnam war—which made her and her husband stinking rich! It’s expected Brown and Root would have easily gotten the contracts to do the same in the Middle East, just as Halliburton, the company which bought out Brown and Root did in the recent invasion of the Middle East. The more war the more money; this can definitely be said of Lyndon Johnson’s attitude towards all the motives within his own presidency.


According to above quoted, Colonel Peyton Smith, the attack happened for, “reasons far too sensitive to be disclosed by the US or Israeli governments and that the truth may never be known.” Hopefully he is right and wrong. Hopefully the material is extremely sensitive, but the world deserves to know either way; not to mention the families of the victims. We may never know exactly why what happened to the USS Liberty and it’s crew that day happened. All we can know is that it did happen, it was a hideous war crime, it was attempted to be completely covered up by the highest men in two governments, and they got away with it.


Article by Olan Thomas

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This article was written strictly for the purposes of education.

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