Silencing Australia: Anti-Democratic Corruption in Obvious Form

australia gag order wikileaks deocracy thwarted by aussie government

Today Wikileaks has released another government damning text, this one in the form of an Australian “blanket censorship order,” that will prevent “reporting on Australia’s largest financial corruption case,” where it seems seven employees of Australia’s central bank, the Bank of Australia, were indicted for “allegations of multi-million-dollar payments to persons with high-level political connections in Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia.” Apparently these payments were made “in order to secure contracts for the production of Australian plastic currency banknotes for these countries.”

Along with silencing the media on anything to do with the case, the court order also states any Australian caught tweeting or blogging about it will face legal punishment, as well. Needless to say this order is unprecedented, not to mention a direct violation of democratic rights, freedom of speech and press, and transparency of an elected, publicly funded government—though the Australian government doesn’t seem to see it that way. According to the censorship order, which is also banned from public knowledge, the government wants to protect it’s reputation and the reputation of those officials not indicted in the case.

julian assange wikileaks australia censorship order malaysia money laundering central bank

In a comment to Fairfax Media, Wikileaks co-founder, Julian Assange, aptly stated that it’s “completely egregious to block the public’s right to know and suppress the media in any instance, and especially in cases of international corruption involving politicians and subsidiaries of a public organisation.”

“Despite the legal implications WikiLeaks publishes this suppression order, as it will others, to uphold our values of freedom of information and transparency of government. The Australian people have a right to know, we work to ensure this right for them, even when their government tries to obstruct it.”


by Olan Thomas

This article was strictly for the purpose of education and was intended in no way for profiting of any kind.

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Click here for Australian banned documents.




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