False Flag Proof Series, vol. I: Operation Northwoods

Note: This is the first installment of a new periodically reoccurring series of known and documented false flag attacks throughout history.

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Readers of our past articles on Cut2thetruth are most likely familiar with the theory and definition of what a false flag attack is—they even know a few examples, I’d bet. For those who don’t know what a false flag is, allow me to briefly explain.

A false flag attack is a pre-planned event of terrorism—or any crime, really—performed by a government agency, or multiple government agencies, professional black ops agencies, mercenaries, or all of the above and possibly others, against the public in order to stir up a mass reaction of fear and anger which is directed towards a scapegoated, innocent target who has been chosen in advance to take the blame—whether they know it or not.

false flag

This act is usually done to an unsuspecting public when the ruling class needs them to do something they would logically be against if asked politely to—such as go to war, pay unjust taxes, or surrender rights. Mostly though, the false flag is done to consolidate power. The rulers create a crisis that scares the common people to their very cores; they build that fear with propaganda to build an even bigger sense of hopelessness; and then they offer a solution which the people praise their masters for offering, never really knowing what the agenda for the event was in the first place. Many people define this action, which has been used all throughout history, as Problem, Reaction, Solution.

problem reaction solution flase flag attack cut 2 the truth cut to the truth

For a hypothetical example, let’s say a corrupt police force wanted to be able search peoples houses at their own discretion, without a warrant, because they felt it would make their job a lot easier. After hearing this proposal, the government agrees this would be a positive move for them as well, as the police could help them gather information on the public through these unwarranted searches, which would save them a bundle on intelligence efforts.

Realistically, and with good reason, people wouldn’t be too fond of the police being able to walk into their homes unannounced, and the public would presumably raise hell if a bill was passed that allowed it to happen. So, instead of just proposing the bill and knowing it will fail, the police chief and his friends in the government make a plan. A bill is drawn up in secret, given a fancy name, filled with unrelated crap, and the warrantless searches are snuck in somewhere around the middle. All that’s left to do is get the public on board, so some intense propaganda needs to be spread. This is where the false flag comes in.

After coordinating a team of ex-military experts, secret government agents, and undercover cops; paying off high connections in the mainstream media; and mapping out a plan of action, the team blows up a house in a suburban neighborhood.

false flag house blow up

Breaking news bulletins interrupt television shows to inform the public about a story of a local man who had lost his mind and blown himself, several neighbors, and several officers to bits with a homemade bomb. The news also informs it’s loyal viewers that the man was under suspicion to the police as belonging to a known anti-government group with dangerous members all over the state. They could have stopped him, the news reports, if it weren’t for the time the police were made to wait to get the approval from a judge to legally search the man’s premises.

Reports on every channel and in every magazine and newspaper constantly spread fear throughout the land that another attack could come at any time—they issue an amber alert. The public is terrified! The government has an idea though, they propose a new bill—new to the public—and give it an extremely appealing name, let’s say: The Peaceful Security Act, through which the news media and politicians promise the public safety once again, explaining that by giving the police new rights to stop terrorism, this bill will keep them safe. The public, as planned, loves their heroic government for such quick action to protect them and such sound mind in such a drastic situation. Problem, Reaction, Solution. Mission accomplished.


Sound crazy? Would a government actually do something like that? Well, yes, they do it all the time; and over the next few months we’re going to go over some known examples which will amaze those who hadn’t heard of them before. Today, as I was recently asked about it, we’re going to talk about Operation Northwoods.

operation northwoods mark twain quote dont trust the government

In the early sixties, under the presidency of John F. Kennedy—and Eisenhower for that matter—the American government was hell-bent on invading Cuba in order to overthrow it’s newly appointed leader, Fidel Castro. Castro had come into power over Cuba in 1959 after leading a revolution against it’s American-backed government, announcing after he was in power that Cuba was now a one-party state—the Communist Party—right in the height of the cold war. This didn’t sit well with the American government, who hated communists, used Cuba’s land for their own military, and depended on Cuba for cheap resources.

To get a clear outlook on how the agencies of the American government really work, we look to the now unclassified documents written back in March of 1962 which hatched out plans for an American military executed false flag against it’s own people. The documents, of course highly classified at the time of composition, were drafted up by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and were sent around to high level government agency employees with the subject: Justification for US Military Intervention In Cuba. 

Simply explained, the papers are recommendations to the decision makers—namely the president and the secretary of defense—on how to fake a Cuban attack on Americans in order to lead the public into supporting an invasion of Cuba, and ultimately the overthrow of Castro. The papers themselves refer to this plan as “Operation Mongoose.”

operation mongoose operation northwoods cut 2 the truth false flag proof documented terror

The government damning records state the perfect definition of what a false flag is simply by trying to plan one out: “Such a plan would enable a logical build-up of incidents to be combined with seemingly unrelated events to camouflage the ultimate objective.” In modern terms: we need to constantly terrorize Americans and lie to them about who is doing it so they agree to go kill Cuban’s for us.

Out of the many, the first illegal scenarios revealed are plans to have American federal agents pay “friendly Cubans”—Cuban connections of the CIA; hired mercenaries; contracted agents—to invade the American military base, Guantanamo Bay, and commit acts of terror against American Soldiers; acts ranging from just starting rumors to blowing up one of their own ships. Take a look for yourself:

northwoods papers false flag 1

northwoods papers false flag 2Screenshot (180)Screenshot (181)

Okay, so far we have American funded, staged Cuban attacks on an American military base; manipulation of military radio channels; sabotaging of an American navy harbor involving “large fires”; obliteration of American ships; mach funerals; government directed fear mongering by the mass media; a communist propaganda campaign on US soil—all paid for by the American taxpayer in order to fool the American taxpayer. They also go on to suggest sinking an actual boatload of Cuban refugees; attacking neighboring countries to Cuba in imitation Cuban aircraft in order to start wars between them; and even several hijacking attempts of commercial aircraft. Could it get any worse? You be the judge.

The last part of the Northwoods documents are getting to be pretty well known—as they should be. The reason being, they describe an operation which nearly parallels the theory of what really could have happened on September 11th, 2001:

operation northwoods comic john f kennedy jfk flase flag attack

A CIA plane would be painted to look like a commercial jet, adopting an actual commercial jet’s ID number, and the two would be switched—the CIA jet left at the civilian airport. The newly painted jet would be loaded with passengers at a public airport, all of whom would have government provided fake identifications and aliases. The plane would take off as an airliner headed to Jamaica, Panama, Guatemala, or Venezuela, but in reality it would head to a US air force base midway and land. At this point a drone plane—a remote control plane with nobody in it—would take off from the same air force base and resume the same flight path as the plane that landed. The passengers would then board another plane and be brought home to assume their regular identities. As the drone plane neared Cuba, a prerecorded S.O.S message would be sent from it stating it was under attack from Cuban militants. At this point a detonator would be pushed by someone in America and the drone plane would be blown to bits over the open water. Castro would then be blamed for the apparent terrorist attack against American civilians, and the government would have all the justification they needed to invade Cuba:

Screenshot (182) Screenshot (183) Screenshot (184) Screenshot (185) Screenshot (186) Screenshot (187)

As the story is told, JFK turned the plan down and fired the writer of the papers, L.L Lemnitzer, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Unfortunately that didn’t stop the corruption within America’s federal government. As we all know, John F. Kennedy was assassinated a year later by members of his own office; or so the evidence says—the government and mass media still disagree. Imagine what the documents are going to show us once we’re allowed to see the ones relating to his death; or the 9/11 documents; or the Bin Laden assassination documents, without black lines all over them. The reason these were released in such detail, without heavy redacting, ironically a few months before 9/11, was because the government didn’t commit the acts discussed in the papers, but they stand today as solid proof of the American government’s tactics of committing terrorist attacks against it’s own citizens in order to influence them into fighting a war. For that reason, especially in today’s world, after 9/11 and the recent MH17 false flag, they could possibly be the most important documents ever released.



Click here for a PDF file of the full documents.

Article by Olan Thomas.

This article was written for the purposes of education.

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