Selling Canadian Power: Why Have a Map?

berkshire hathaway energy buys altalink albertas main electricity provider

The New World Order theorists are going to love this one—or rightfully hate it. You see, in Canada the arm of government which focuses on our economy and the building of it’s strength is called simply: Industry Canada, and last Friday they decided the best move for Alberta’s economy would be to sell their power company, AltaLink, which provides electricity to over half of Alberta’s power grid, to a foreign corporation owned by Warren Buffet called: Berkshire Hathaway Energy.


I guess it would be hard for the owners of AltaLink—parent company SNC Lavalin—to turn away from the 3.2 billion dollar deal, but unfortunately the people of Alberta won’t see a penny of that money— in fact the owner of the company selling control of Alberta’s power to an American company comes from Quebec—instead the residents of the province will be completely under the control, pricing, and ruling of an American based company which has no personal affection for the place they’ll be powering—just a business relationship which, of course, functions solely based on profits.

Granted, the foreign company proposing the deal, which isn’t expected to be fully approved until December 31’st of this year, have said they will invest all of the company’s earnings back into the company and Alberta’s infrastructure for the first five years, but realistically this is just to cover an agreement AltaLink had already made with the province, and certainly not by the good graces of the vultures looking to take a piece of Canada’s vitality. Besides, after five years that agreement is over and Berkshire Hathaway Energy will no longer have an obligatory allegiance to Alberta’s economy whatsoever, just to their own bottom line.

warren buffet brekshire hathaway

Of course, the other part of the deal is that $27,000,000—nothing compared to the whole $3.2 billion—will be invested into more Canada-US integration deals, just like this one. This is no shocker. The fact of the matter is, this is just another move forward in a long made plan to integrate Canada and the US, at least the corporate aspects of them, into a single entity. This plan is extremely beneficial for CEO’s of huge companies since they can pay workers less, pay less taxes, and trade for free over the border, among other pluses, but for employees of these companies, consumers, taxpayers, sovereignty, and democracy, this is a terrible idea. As Ronald Reagan put it, free trade wan’t just a deal for trading, but a new North American “economic constitution.”

canadian counsel of chief executives

The cold-hard truth is, businessmen have been trying to join North America as one country controlled by businessmen for a long time. A few decades ago there was a group of powerful CEO’s who got together and planned how to wipe the border out altogether—over time. The Canadian arm of this movement was comprised of the chief executives of the 150 largest corporations in Canada, who basically all lived in the US most of the time. This is the group of men who were responsible for pushing through NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) and today they go by the name of the Canadian Counsel of Chief Executives (CCCE). To these incredibly rich men, Canada—and the US and Mexico for that matter—isn’t a country, but an “economic region.” This economic region—Canada—is only about as large as California, except it doesn’t have the power to vote in America’s elections to effect policy in any way—and vice versa.

Business integration between the two countries, hatched the executives, would lead to more integration; which would quickly lead to one economy between Canada and the US instead of two; finally leading to one currency. Just as it happened in Europe, so too is it planned to happen here.

Rail cars loaded with canadian wheat travel through the Rocky Mountains on the Canadian Pacific railway line near Banff, Alberta

One of the chief propagandists within the CCCE was/is a man named Paul Tellier. During the Mulroney government in the early 1990’s Tellier worked as clerk to the Privy Counsel and was secretary to the cabinet; his job: promote integration. In 1992 Molroney made Tellier the president of the Crown corporation Canadian National Railway (CN Rail), where within three years he made the railway a private company and opened up shares to American investors on Wall Street, who started buying immediately, and by 2006, though the name never changed, Canadian National Railway was an American owned company profiting American executives; decisions for how a Canadian international train line operates were now made by people who never even took the train; employees were laid off; and even some Canadian flags were taken down. He had sold our national railway to make himself and his American executive friends on Wall Street a little richer; and by doing so, Tellier became one of the top 0.01% earners in Canada—and Canadians became customers to foreign shareholders in their own country.

Paul Tellier, 1993

Paul Tellier, 1993

It’s becoming an old tale now; this is how business is done. It doesn’t matter how it affects the common man, it only matters how it affects the rich. Rich men are going to benefit, presumably, from the acquisition of Alberta’s main electricity source, leaving a vital part of Albertan’s survival and livelihood in the hands of people who won’t even be using it, just trying to profit off of it. What, therefore, does the map even mean these days? If companies from anywhere can come into another country and buy it’s electric company as their own, or it’s national railway, or water supply, or whatever they want, then what do the lines on the map even mean? Realistically they mean nothing, and what we’re seeing in Alberta is yet another clear indication of that.

Article by Olan Thomas.

This article is trictly for the purposes of education and was in no way meant for profiting in any monetary form.

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