How Many Dead Bankers Does It Take To Keep A Secret: One More

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Corruption is a word synonymous with the world of high finance, but the recent trend of high level bankers dropping dead to “suicide” is taking the whole idea of corruption to another level. Mostly JP Morgan execs, the epidemic of banker deaths started just before the turn of the year—literally dozens by this point—where obvious murders were being reported by police and finance media sources as suicides.

One example that we’ve discussed in a previous post was the man who “shot himself” repeatedly in the chest and then in the head a few times with a nail gun. Another JP Morgan bigwig shot himself with a gun, in the back of the head, twice. Whatever the secret is, these people are dying to keep it.

Just when we started to think they may have gotten everybody, another one turns up—and his wife. This week the International Business Times published an article with news of a homicide and a suicide taking place. Right away this story has all the telltale signs of a cover up.

julian-alita-knott muder

photo from—Alita had commented under the photo in 2012: “Being married for almost 18 yrs…I love him more now, he is not just my husband he is my best friend.”

According to the IB Times, “JP Morgan executive director Julian Knott blasted his wife Alita to death with a shotgun before turning the gun on himself,” in their large suburban home in Jefferson Township, NJ. Alita was the care provider for a nursery called the Quayside Tots Playgroup in West Sussex, England up until the end of last year, managing to hold the position from her and Julian’s home in New Jersey for the past three years. Any plans she had for the future were spoiled when she was shot repeatedly with a shotgun last Wednesday.

Julian, according to his LikedIn page, was an expert computer networks professional who started with JP Morgan in 2000 as a Network Support Manager. By 2010, after working his way up to the position of Tier 3 Network Operations Manager, he was moved from London to an American office in Ohio to fill the same position there for 2 years, then moving to Whippany, NJ—where he lived out his last days—to be promoted yet again to Technical Director, and by then knowing every inch of computing in regards the systems of JP Morgan Chase. Then, at the beginning of this year he was moved up even higher, getting a seat in the big man’s chair and becoming an Executive Director at one of the largest banking institutions on the planet; and successfully getting more raises than Rosanne’s chin. But, as we know, it only took 7 months for it all to end with a bang—a series of them.

Screenshot (5)

Those who knew the “happy couple” are completely blown away (no pun intended) that this would happen. According to sources, the 20 years-long married couple was, “always acting like newlyweds .” Strange, yes. What’s worse is they had three kids together—two teenage sons and a daughter in college.

Another “suicide” occurred in January of this year as Knott’s fellow employee from the office he worked at in London, Garbriel Magee, was found smeared all over the pavement in front of the JP Morgan in London:

“Knott’s years at JPMorgan in London overlapped with…Gabriel Magee, a JPMorgan Vice President who worked in computer infrastructure. Magee, aged 39, is alleged to have leaped from the rooftop of the 33-story JPMorgan London headquarters…on the evening of January 27, 2014…Despite initial…reports that the jump was observed by thousands…the coroner’s inquest on May 20 of this year revealed that not one eyewitness actually saw Magee leap from the building.-Russ and Pam Martins, Wallstreet On Parade.

According to an article released on, it was recently revealed that JP Morgan Chase has been taking out up to $180,000,000 life insurance policies on its workers, so maybe—probably—all the promotions Knott received, not to degrade his talents, were to fatten up his income, thus fattening up his value to a life insurance company—it’s certainly the most obvious motive.

why are bankers committing suicide picture

And why doesn’t the one in the picture?

With no doubt these people are getting murdered, that’s obvious, and once again the media and authorities seem to be taking part in and covering up the whole thing, which means it can’t just be about the insurance policies. Whatever is being hidden is being hidden at any cost; and with the police not helping to actually get to the bottom of the crimes, I guess we’ll just have to wait until there’s only one or two people left working at JP Morgan until we can identify the real killers. Let’s just hope in the meantime they stick to their own kind.


Article by Olan Thomas

All materials in this article were for the intention of education and philosophy and were not intended to profit monetarily.

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