Bohemian Grove: Talking Owls, Patron Saints, and Elitism

the bohemian grove by olan thomas of cut 2 the truth

In my own quest for truth, like many of us, many years ago I came across a video that has repeatedly played in my mind since. The video is one of Alex Jones—alternative media characterwho in the year 2000 sneaked passed the tight security of the exclusive compound of the Bohemian Grove—a private 2700 acre untouched Redwood forest in Northern California owned by the Bohemian Club since 1872—with a hidden camera.

Inside the private elite gentlemen’s retreat, Jones filmed what he said were the most powerful people in the world meeting with each other for a couple weeks of camping in tents and cabins, drinking uncontrollably, pissing wherever they want, ordering both male and female prostitutes for personal pleasures, and last but not least, deciding how to rule the world. Unfortunately though, Jones failed to film any of this activity or even one important person’s face, but it is easy enough to find out that members of the all-male Grove include, and have included, both George Bushes, Richard Nixon, William F. Buckley Jr., Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton, David Rockefeller, William Randolph Hearst, Henry S. Morgan, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, and many other, if not all, high profile elitists and politicians in America—but none of them have ever admitted to having sex with hookers or partaking in any other nefarious behavior. There is, however, aside from many accounts of workers from inside claiming there is a lot of sexual deviousness afoot, this audio clip of Richard Nixon—who cancelled a lakeside speech at the Grove while he was president because the press insisted on documenting it—talking about the aspects he recalls from the exclusive retreats:

Bill Clinton, who denies he ever went to the Grove, though evidence says otherwise, has been quoted as saying, “Did you say the Bohemian Club? That’s where all those rich Republicans go up and stand naked against redwood trees right?” Although the rumors of this nature fly around, the video Alex Jones captured shows none of it. But, Jones did catch something very noteworthy.

bohemian grove participants

This is by far the weirdest—and admittedly most disturbing—part of the film. It comes when all the 2000 members of the camp gather around a stream at night to watch a ritual performed which is guaranteed to grab the attention of anyone on earth who sees it.

cremation_of_care ceremony

The ceremony is called the Cremation of CARE, in which men in hoods carrying torches ritualistically burn an effigy as a sacrifice before a giant stone carved to look like an owl. Evil sounding violin music plays through loud speakers as a man’s voice speaks over it telling the story of what the crowd of spectators are observing—that they must shed their cares of everyday life for the next two weeks, the effigy being burned personifying their cares. As the man speaks the effigy speaks back—another old man’s voice—with insults and threats until he is sacrificed and the owl is finally pleased—this marks the beginning of summer for the Bohemians. This happens on the first day of camp every year at 9:15 sharp, and this footage has been confirmed by a Grove spokesperson to be a legit capturing of the ceremony.

Many questions run through one’s mind after seeing that ceremony, but my first question was: What the hell is the owl all about?

bohemian grove own photo

As we delve into mythological history we come across an ancient god represented by the owl known as Molech. This owl, mentioned many times in the Bible, was worshiped by two reigning cultures of times past: the Phoneticians and the Canaanites. What’s more is that Molech, according to ancient belief, was a god children were sacrificed to in order for it to be pleased. But, there has never been any proof that this is who the “Great Owl of Bohemia” represents.

Are we witnessing a pagan ritual carried out by the most powerful people in the world, most of whom claim to be devout Christians, but who we can now see worship a pagan owl at least once a year? Or, are we just watching terrible theatrics put on by strange, rich old men just for the hell of it? Personally I’d prefer the latter, but they’re both troubling enough to me.

It isn’t just Jones who has reported on this place either, here’s a news report from way back in 1981:

This retro ABC broadcast mentioned the owl, but the reporter either didn’t know, or chose not to report what it represents. The reporter did quickly mention the name of the Grove’s patron saint: John of Nepomuk, which to me is quite interesting in itself.

St. John Nepomuk’s history is one of lore and legend—just like all Christian theology—and historians doubt many aspects ascribed to him by the Catholic church, especially the supernatural ones, but the general story says that he was an abbot, and also the king of Bohemia’s wife’s personal confessor. Fearing his wife was having an affair, the king—King Wenceslaus—ordered John to tell him everything his wife had confessed to him, but John refused, even after the king threatened death; and so death is what he received. The Catholic church canonized him as a saint, they say, for his willingness to keep his sworn oath to never repeat what his confessors had confided in him, even if it killed him.

Shown inside the grove with his finger to his mouth indicating for all to keep silent about what they see inside the Grove is the Bohemian Club's patron saint, John of Nepomuk.

Shown inside the Grove with his finger to his mouth indicating for all to keep silent about what they see inside is the Bohemian Club’s patron saint, John of Nepomuk.

It’s no surprise this saint is one of the symbols of the Grove, as all who are invited are sworn to keep what they see inside to themselves forever, which is also why there has been so little information about the men’s club in the mainstream press for the last 130 years, even though major media moguls attend every July. Although, there was another man who snuck in 1989, and unlike Alex Jones, this man stayed inside the camp for over a week. His name was Philip Weiss.

spy magazine bohemian grove philip weiss

Weiss’s article, which appeared in a 1989 Spy Magazine, is extremely in depth. He opens by quoting Henry Kissinger as he watched him talking to his wife on one of the payphones outside the camp, telling her who he was there with; which included Nick Brady (who was the current Secretary of the US Treasury), Tom Johnson (CEO of the LA Times), Roald Sagdeev (physicist for the Soviet Council of Deputies), David Rockefeller (international banker and oil cartel kingpin), George Shultz (former USA Secretary of State), and even Michele Rocard, who was the current prime minister of France at the time and who was there without the knowledge of his citizens, as it is against France’s constitution for their officials to camp with foreign bureaucrats, and who Kissinger had told to “hide in the bushes if you have to, just don’t let anyone see you.”

As Weiss explains it:

“In the first 50 years of the club’s existence the Bohemian Grove was comparatively accessible to outsiders, but in the 1930’s, as the club gained influence and its redwoods provided a haven for Republican presidents, it grew quite secretive about its rituals and membership—you won’t even find the Grove on public maps.”

Apparently the time period Weiss snuck in to write his article—the end of the 80’s—was when the club was really taking its form as a secret power house of policy makers. “Bohemia’s stunning roster has waxed ever more statusy,” he reported, “as Kissinger and Rockefeller and Nick Brady have joined.” Now the club is made up bankers, defense contractors, heads of academia, heads of state, government scientists, military industrialists, technologists, politicians, media moguls, and top lobbyists—all of whom keep their promise to never let the secrets they learn out to the general public.

bohemian grove map

Higher ups, such as David Rockefeller, stay in Mandalay, where a gondola brings its residents to and from the clubhouse.

The rumors that vital decisions that affect the entire world are made inside the Grove without the knowledge or consent of the public, in my own opinion, are nothing to be brushed away as crazy conspiracy theories. As far as we see, this is an exclusive club full of the movers and shakers of the world—one which they swear to keep secret from the public—where a giant owl is worshiped. What other evidence do people need to see that this is clearly a dangerous situation? In what perfect world do individuals live where the men who decide what wars people fight in, what taxes people pay, what laws people follow, and what news people see in magazines and on TV can get together to just sit around and tell campfire stories for two weeks? Personally, if anyone can look at what is going at Bohemian Grove and still think these CEOs, bankers, politicians, and media moguls aren’t in there deciding world policy based on their own interests in secret, they are, in my opinion, stupid enough to deserve the policies being enforced against their free will, finances, and liberties.

Every year while the retreat’s going on inside, there is a group of protesters that are held outside the gates by the police hired to guard the private property, and as more people hear about the secret elitist club and the conspiracy theories bred around it, every year the crowd gets a little bigger too. Here’s a woman who was a former server inside the Grove educating the protesters outside of the 2012 retreat:

Whether or not the owl is Molech, a Canaanite deity, or just an ancient symbol of wisdom isn’t really the point in my mind frame; and the fact that public policy is decided behind the public’s back is no secret for any country’s government or the corporations and banks around it, either. What the Bohemian Grove represents, which is what repulses me the most, is a clear and intentional distinction of classes made up of the people who are voted into positions of power by people they clearly see as sub-human and on a much lower level than them self. The evidence that the middle class is being robbed all over the world by the elite 1% is impossible to miss at this point, and here we see the people who make decisions which alter global society fraternizing together in a club which bears a 33 year waiting list. Here we can see how proud this exclusive group’s members are to belong to something the common man could never dream of understanding; the very men promising the common man they’re looking out for him. What we’re witnessing is a bond between men; an extremely close bond between powerful men whose allegiance lies with their own kind, not yours, not ours. We’re bearing witness to class division in both a metaphoric and exact representation of itself. If the Bohemian Grove needs to be exposed for anything, it’s for the fact the people running our world into the ground from the industries of banks, media, and governmental and military positions in America, while claiming to be society’s leaders, are in a secret elitist social club doing sacrifice rituals in the dark with each other; and they don’t want you, the little man, to know about it, because you, as they think you always want to do, would just ruin their fun.

Written by Olan Thomas

This article is strictly for the purposes of social education and was not created to gain profits of any kind.

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