Awaiting A Major False Flag: Who Is ISIS?


Flip on the idiot box and you’ll see the hot topic on the propaganda stations lately is the fear based indoctrination of the newest middle eastern terrorist network known as ISIS. If you haven’t heard about them yet, ISIS—the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria—is a jihadi splinter group of the American funded Islamic terror network we have all grown to know—and fear—as al Qaeda, though apparently even al Qaeda has said ISIS is too crazy for them and have cut ties with the group; which is led by former al Qaeda member Abu Musab Al Zarqawi.

The goal of ISIS, according to the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post, is to establish an Islamic state under their ultimate reign in the middle east, which would include Iran, Jordan, Israel, and much of Northern Africa. Currently this militia has taken large parts of Syria and Iraq under their direct control, and are right now headed for Baghdad. They have also claimed they are the Caliphate—the sole religious authority over all Muslims on earth—and are calling on their soldiers to kill any person who does not comply with this self proclaimed status and their own form of interpenetration of the Koran. ISIS is recruiting more men—and children—by the day; and we’re being told they are not to be taken lightly.

middle east map isis territory

Besides the absolute commitment to take over the Muslim world, the fear mongering news channels and magazine publishers of the world are pumping out the story that members of ISIS also have American passports, could be in America already, and have directly told the American soldiers who released them from Iraqi prison that they were headed for New York City; and not to catch a Broadway show.

Isis, according to the news, is being reported to be incredibly well-funded by some of the richest Arabs on earth; to be robbing banks; murdering families; and stealing uranium; and can you guess where they got their military training and equipment?

If you guessed the American government, you’re right, of course. The American CIA, Israeli Special Ops, and British Mi6 are the ones who funded and trained these terrorists in the first place; and they’re also the ones who gave them their illegal passports—knowing they were terrorists when they did it—and as a cherry on top, the weapons ISIS is using—including tanks, missiles, and drone planes—are all modern US military equipment.

Now, to understand the ISIS situation it’s important we first recognize who al Qaeda really is. So, who are they exactly?

Al Qaeda, as we’ve heard it from the compulsive liars who feed us our news, is a very organized terrorist network who sprung up in Iraq with a hate for democracy and a willingness to blow themselves up; and whose most famous members hijacked the planes on 9/11 for the Taliban and flew them into the USA’s tallest buildings and the Pentagon with amazing precision. Well, for those of us who know this to be untrue, mainly because the most of the men reported dead from the hijackings are still alive, we need to look deeper.

As it happens, al Qaeda didn’t just spring up at all. It’s a group of rebels from all over the middle east which the American, Israeli, and British governments trained and funded to become terrorists in the mid 1980’s.

Why would the American government need terrorists? Well, according to them, this was during the cold war, the Soviets were viewed as the biggest threat to the western world, and they had just invaded Afghanistan to aide its pro-communist government during the Afghan Civil War (1979-1989) .

mujahadeen in the 1980's

During that time there were many groups of rebels fighting the Afghan government and calling themselves the Mujaheddin, which simply means struggle in the same way Jihad does, roughly translated. These rebel groups sent out word through the western intelligence agencies who were known to oppose communism that they were in dire need of funding and weapons in order to be able to successfully fight the Soviets.

Mi6 was first to respond, mainly to benefit British Petroleum imports, and this was followed by the CIA, who provided major funding for the terrorists, weapons, and trained them in expert US military tactics. Aside from only having to pay to fight the communist threat, the western governments also made a killing on oil deals they struck up in relation to their services, the weapons manufacturing defense companies made billions, the Muslims turned their rage on each other leaving less time to think about the American-backed Palestinian genocide by the Israelis, but most importantly, this got the oil boys in the American government a permanent foothold in the middle east’s affairs—the most oil-rich place on the planet—from then on.

A base was formed where the Mujaheddin were trained by CIA operatives to kill their enemies with no mercy. Cleverly, it was named: The Base, which in English translates over to: al Qaeda. All the names and information of the Mujaheddin soldiers being trained was entered into a database in America by the same name—al Qaeda. This is where the mythical group which was reported to have carried out 9/11 by themselves was born. To add to this, Osama Bin Laden once said in an interview:

CIA trained operative, Osama Bin Laden.

CIA trained operative, Osama Bin Laden.

“The situation isn’t like the West portrays it, that there is an ‘organization’ with a specific name and so on. That particular name is very old. It was born without any intention from us…[They] created a military base to train the young men to fight against the vicious, arrogant, brutal, terrorizing Soviet empire…this place was called ‘The Base’ [‘Al-Qa`idah’], as in a training base.”

As most researches into the situation will tell you straight up, the western intelligence agencies are the ones who start and fund these terrorist networks themselves in order to stir up wars in countries run by governments they can’t control, and even ones they can. Let’s remember, and never forget, that war is the ultimate money maker to the few who profit off of it. For an easy example of this, we can just look at the world’s opium supply and note that less than 30% of it came from Afghanistan before the American invasion, and more than 90% of the world’s opium comes from Afghanistan after the invasion; and that’s not to mention the money the defense companies, the bankers, and the oil companies have made—unimaginable amounts. The American-based military industrial complex really is the largest active criminal enterprise ever assembled.

afghanistan poppy fields us troops

American soldiers guarding the world’s heroin supply in occupied Afghanistan.

Al Qaeda was purely an invention of the CIA; one that was peddled by the corporate media to trick the world into fighting an illegal war. Here’s CFR puppet, Hilary “Ironbox” Clinton, explaining the situation pretty accurately.

What many people have been assuming, with sound reasoning, is that ISIS is being funded covertly by western governments through their business allies—such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar—and therefore the western governments are funding both sides of a civil war they’re starting in the middle east; and that we are currently hearing about this new super-terrorist group, which they have been saying have cells inside America, because we’re being pre-conditioned with propaganda of a major false flag attack, or a few, right about to happen, which the western governments and media sources are going to blame on ISIS.

In a new interview from with former Mi5 whistleblower, Annie Machon, this theory of western states funding the very groups they want their populations to view as their enemies is furthered, “They [the western intelligence agencies] create the very enemies they say they have to fight,” Machon says with assurance on the absurd topic, “we’ve seen that in Afghanistan with the Taliban, we saw it with the fight back against the Soviets in the 1980’s, we saw it in Libya in the 1990’s; we’ve seen it across the whole region ever since.” Continuing on, she then explains exactly how it’s done.

“What they do is go in preemptively. They put people on the ground—CIA officers, Mi6 officers, special forces from our armed forces—in order to provide support, know-how, and equipment so that these so-called ‘independent rebels’ can bring ‘independent democracy’ to their ‘independent countries’; that is a lie. It’s not the case. They’re going in and subverting these states for long-term economic and strategic goals, that’s what they’re doing.”

There’s no doubt that this group of radicals born out of a war torn environment is dangerous, but there’s also no doubt that they are a premeditated scapegoat for western governments to spend trillions on further war efforts, and in a worst case scenario, they are the next group of Islamic’s set to take the blame for “the next 9/11,”  which every politician in America seems to lately been warning of happening, whether it be a “cyber 9/11,” like ex-head of homeland security and false flag suspect, Janet Napolitano predicts, or a “nuclear 9/11,” like Cheney has been predicting. As the old saying goes, only time will tell.

Janet Napolitano in 2013 says a cyber 9/11 is not an if, but a when:

Cheney warns of next 9/11 attack in June 2014:

In any case, in this observers opinion, we should be fearing what the establishments here at home use ISIS for, and not so much what ISIS is really capable of doing, because based on past evidence, it only seems logical that this is another complete creation of the war machine from the good old U.S of A.

Article by Olan Thomas.

All material presented in this article are strictly for the purposes of education and is to be used in no way for monetary profits of any kind.

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