A Depraved New World: The Aaron Russo Interview Revisited

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Personally I don’t know if there is an “Illuminati,” and personally I don’t think it matters. Do a group of ultra elites have to have a name in order to make a conspiracy graspable to the common citizen? I should hope not, because in actual fact there is a group of people out there controlling the world at the whim of their own interests and running it quickly towards its end, or at least ours. The evidence at this is point is overwhelming, and we don’t need to call them anything but criminals.


Whether we would like to face it or not, there is a group of humans out there, bankers by trade for the most part, though they sit on the boards of many multinational top market controlling corporations together as well, who have a vision for the future on this planet; a future where the people serve the establishments, not the other way around. A world where the establishments are completely supported by all, and the individual is a mere piece of that support system, nothing more. Who would want a world like that? Let’s start, and end, with the men who are behind the biggest establishments on the planet right now. These are the men with this vision and not only have we heard countless sources bluntly verify this, including their own men on the inside, and the evidence in everyday life is overwhelming–to those with their eyes open.

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In 2007, alternative media poster boy Alex Jones did an interview with filmmaker, politician, director, producer, Hollywood agent, political activist, Aaron Russo, where Russo spells out his version of the ugly truth, giving insights into American society from an elite insiders point of view that completely decodes the matrix of stupidity, war, vanity, debt, and consumerism we are all trapped in; or so he claims.

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Leaving New York in the 60’s, Russo set out on his own and became a club owner in Chicago, which is where he was first introduced to the real world. His club, as it turned out, became a hangout for the hippy crowd which was well known for protesting the government and police force of the notoriously crooked city, and as to be expected they were hated by the authorities for it. A few weeks into owning the club, Russo was surprised one night to be all of a sudden raided by the Chicago PD, beaten, and dragged out to a squad car. He had no idea why this was happening, but really had no alternative but to go along with it, even though an officer randomly squeezed his balls as hard as he could before he threw him in the car. Right before that molestation though, as he was being dragged outside of his own nightclub in cuffs, Russo noticed the Chicago Fire Department storming inside and scattering the items from every trash can all over the floor. This confused Russo to say the least, but the next day he was to find out what it was all about. There was his picture inside the newspaper with a story about the Fire Department having to raid the “hippy” club because there was garbage all over the place–a fire hazard–and someone had called them to do it.

This was insanity, he thought, that wasn’t what happened at all, so being the type of person he was, Russo went to the papers and and tried to deny it. It was no good though, because within a day or two a couple officers showed up at his club for a little chat to explain the situation in plain English. They told him boldly, just like the mafia does, “pay us every month or pay the consequence.” As Russo says, the men gave him three options, all involving a monthly payment, and he took the third option: $2000 a month, they’ll raid less often and call first, and other than that they’ll leave him alone. This, quickly explained, was Russo’s wake up call to how society is really played.The story goes further too, but I won’t ruin it because it’s the first thing spoken about in the interview you’re about to watch. That’s not even the point of me sharing this video anyway. What he goes on to say next should be heard and weighed by every single person on earth.

After Russo had put a movie out called Mad As Hell in 1996, which is a political documentary describing the totalitarianism state America has moved into, he was approached by a man named Nick Rockefeller.  Who’s that? Well first of all he’s a Rockefeller, which is the most powerful banking and oil family in America, but he’s also a top multinational attorney, a financial professional, and a member of the CFR.


Aaron and Nick, 1999.

As Russo tells it the two men became pretty close–Nick would come over to Aaron’s house to have dinner and talk politics, he’d give Russo great tips for investing, and even offered him a chair in the Council of Foreign Relations, which Russo thankfully declined.

One night as they were at Russo’s place for dinner, Rockefeller let him know, 11 months before 9/11, that there was going to be a huge “event” that was about to happen in America, and from that event America was going to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. American soldiers, according to Nick, were going to be looking in caves in the middle east for people who didn’t even exist. The result of this “event” and the planned out shock wave of terror to follow, he said, would eventually lead the people like sheep under the rule of a one world government led by the banks and corporations around them completely. Was this just big talk?

It wasn’t even right after September 11th that Russo says he put the dots together. It took him until the “war on terror” began before he saw, “Oh my God! This is exactly what Nick said was gonna happen!” Russo, since that moment, became a very powerful force in the activism against the official story on what happened on 9/11, but unfortunately not long after this interview, he died to the cancer he had been battling during the interview. He will be severely missed for his brave efforts to bring freedom, truth, and justice to all mankind.


Saying Nick Rockefeller and his banking family and associates planned 9/11 is bad enough, but it get’s worse. Russo goes on to say he asked Nick, “What’s the end game? You’re rich, you have all the power and everything you want. What’s the end game here?” To which Rockefeller replied, “To get everyone chipped and have complete control over society.”

rfid chip in hand

Put simply, Rockefeller said the bankers plan is to have everyone on earth implanted with a tiny Radio Frequency Identification Chip (RFID), where all of their money would go. Instead of having paper money or a bank card, all funds would just be loaded on each person’s chip, and a person would just scan their chip at the grocery store to buy food, or scan it at the gas station to fill up; taxes would be deducted automatically, as well as bill payments. The best part, according to Rockefeller, is that if anyone steps out of line, they can just turn that person’s chip off. Now the person can’t buy food, shelter, anything, and will have trouble surviving long; if they do at all.

This information is pretty explosive and I can’t believe people still haven’t seen this. Now, is it all true? We have no way of knowing. This is, after all, a second hand account of some pretty intense information that stretches any person’s imagination. One thing is for sure though, with the overwhelming evidence that 9/11 was an inside job, the state of the world financial market, and the constant lies being told by the government and media to send kids to a bunch of wars started in the wake of 9/11, is there reason to doubt him?

The standard rebut to the claims made by Russo in this interview is that Nick Rockefeller isn’t related to David Rockefeller, the American kingpin. It is true that Nick Rockefeller is not part of David Rockefeller’s direct family, meaning he isn’t one of the sons of John D. Rockefeller Sr., but Nick does sit on the same boards as David Rockefeller, including Rockefeller’s own Council On Foreign Relations, is ultra rich, in finance, is a internationalist, and shares the same family name. Now aside from these glaringly obvious points, we also have the fact that Aaron Russo was friends with Nick Rockefeller and there is is photographic evidence; there is no doubting that. So to the logical mind I ask: Why would Aaron Russo lie about his friend on film, basically condemning him as an evil man and a betrayer to America? That doesn’t make much sense to me. And also, if he was going to lie about a Rockefeller telling him this information, why not use David, or one the world is actually aware of? Why use a no-namer who only got known because of, and after the interview? This Nick Rockefeller turned out to be a real guy after all; and the only reason the public knows who he is, what he does, what boards he sits on, his elite social status, everything, is because he is named in this interview. As far as I’m concerned the information seems to fit together in a neat little package, but I’ll let you be the judge in your own mind.


Article by Olan Thomas

Video from:
Truth Tube 1111

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3 thoughts on “A Depraved New World: The Aaron Russo Interview Revisited

  1. Supposedly Russo died of an illness or something he battled for six years. But how can one overlook the timing? Rockefeller shows up and tells all. TO a man that he already knows would be outraged by it. Why would he tell so much? Because its like the typical scenario of a kidnapper telling the captive all his plans because HES GONNA KILL HIM ANYWAY. The Rockefellers are a sick bunch of turds. They are born into it. And I do not doubt that Nick came over to “dinner” many times to poison Russo. Or should I say. He put something in Russo’s body that would give him a disease or whatever and kill him.

    THAT IS WHAT I THINK HAPPENED. Rockefeller had no intentions of being friends with an enemy. He came over to kill him in the fashion that a Rockefeller would. WITHOUT A TRACE.

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