False Flags: A True Conspiracy


“Conspiracy theorists,” as we are called by people ignorant of the truth and under the spell of the corporate media, government, and/or Hollywood, are those who aren’t buying the things the mainstream media is selling them, simply put. The official stories of major events the news has been showing have been shown to be lies–no doubt about it. Some people haven’t taken the time to look into these things themselves because the TV got to them first, and right away label those opposing the TV’s story a “crazy conspiracy theorist,” which is exactly what the TV has told them to say.

I, not too long ago, was the same. I called people conspiracy theorists for saying 9/11 was an inside job, as the TV and other major media sources had said they were, until I finally looked into what the conspiracy theorists were saying and saw the proof for myself–and they were right. Even though I saw this though, I still called people conspiracy theorists for saying that the Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre was a false flag. In fact, I was disgusted that people would say something like that about dead children killed in such a horrific way. I thought, “These crazy asshole gun-nuts will say anything!” But then I was finally forced into watching the conspiracy theorists proof on the matter, and dammit, they were right again! Despite all this, I still didn’t believe all the people saying the Boston Bombing was a false flag until I saw the proof. I know exactly what it’s like to wise up to what’s going on; it takes time. It’s hard to admit to yourself that the government, media, and major corporations are working together with a common agenda against the interests of the western world, but this, sadly, is the fact.


I’m very much into history, not to say I know everything, far from it actually, but I study history like an addiction, and once I started looking into false flags, I saw how much they’re actually used–all the time. When someone is being called a conspiracy theorist for saying this and that are conspiracies, you should no longer look at them as separate conspiracies, because I have looked into it–deeply–and have found this is one big conspiracy in the works being led by one group of people, slowly carried out event by event.

Call them what you want to call them–the Illuminati, the New World Order, whatever–it doesn’t matter. As far as I can find, these people don’t have a name. They’re simply the elite of our world; the modern aristocracy; the nobility; the royalty; and we are looked at as another species to them–a lower species. They only breed with each other; they have secret societies; secret handshakes; meeting places; plans, plots, and schemes; the whole nine yards, and they think we’re stupid, and for the most part they are right, but that is by their design.

It’s not people’s fault that they have no idea how their government works, how taxes work, how banking works, how the economy works, how stocks and shares work, how basic science works, how nature works, or anything else important. The ruling class has designed a circus for the lower classes–which make up the other 99% of humans on Earth–made of Facebook, Twitter, Batman movies, Republicans, Liberals, commercials, rock stars, wrestlers, wars, and everything else that really means nothing collectively or in the long run–instant gratification is the name of the game. We are sheep being herded and it seems only some of us catch on every generation, but the proof is everywhere now, and there is a movement happening, so open your eyes and don’t let it pass you by. We all share this world and we should all have our say in how it operates.


The Batman Theater Shootings: It’s Time To See Behind the Cloak

Terror Storm; A history of Government Sponsored Terror:

Sandy Hook Hoax Exposed: (Full 2 hours)

Sandy Hook & Boston: You’ve Been Punked

The James Holmes Conspiracy

The Boston Bombing (Full Movie, *7 hour case study*)

Setup: Boston Bombings Documentary (HD)

That should be enough for the next few months of research. But don’t take these peoples’ complete word for it. Don’t take anyone’s word but your own for anything. Search for the truth. There is, after all, only one truth in the end, and only those who seek it find it. But always remember, to seek it means a never ending thirst for information and a capacity to weigh odds while maintaining a logical skepticism the whole time. I hope you’re up for it!

Article by Olan Thomas

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