The Santa Barbara Massacre of 2014: What Really Happened? (A Look At The Players Involved)

elliot rodger peter rodger janet napolitano richard martinez false flag hoax shooting gun control

For those involved in living room debates after watching some of the videos, or hearing some of the theories that 9/11, Sandy Hook, or the Boston Bombing, etc., were hoaxes, let’s get a few things straight before we proceed with this article.

First of all, to say these events were set up doesn’t mean a lot of people didn’t get hurt and killed at any of them, or any other purportedly “set up” event. The theory, which I know now to be true, is that the American government (and its clear many others) and the global corporate media are lying about them, and therefor behind them. There are literally thousands of movies on 9/11 that prove it was an inside job. There is no way it was done by who the media and government said did it. I advise everyone to look heavily into that event and the map will start to unfurl. As soon as you can admit to yourself, which is difficult, that you have been lied to by the people you thought you could trust with your life there’s no going back, but these are the facts–and it’s affecting to all of us.

false flag1

What we’re dealing with here are false flag attacks. These are attacks carried out by people other than who is being reported to be behind them in order to achieve a preconceived result. Hitler burning down his own parliament building (The Reichstag) and blaming terrorists in order to fool Germany into invading Czechoslovakia is an example of a famous and very provable false flag.

false flag 2

I’m a man of science, though I’m not a scientist, but it is my main interest in my life-long pursuit of knowledge and has been for many years now; I live and govern my entire life by its method of deciphering reality from fantasy. To me the truth is the only way; 1+1 will never equal 3, or 4; it will always equal two and there is no way around it. Now with September 11th, the sheer impossibility that those 2 planes could knock those towers over never sat well with me. After a few years of looking at the situation of how both buildings fell at free fall speed in a pile directly under themselves, and the constant expert testimony that that’s impossible without explosives doing it was enough for me–that’s not to mention that building 7 also fell uniformly, faster than free fall speed, and was never even hit by a planeor on fire at the moment it fell. Someone had the buildings strapped with bombs and it no longer mattered what CNN, Fox news, CBC, or any of the other corporate media stations were trying to sell me anymore–they were wrong; I’ve checked the science and so can you. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of inconsistencies to prove we weren’t told what really happened 9/11–on purpose. So why should we ever trust the corporate media again? The answer, of course, is: We can’t. We all know what happened after September 11th because it’s still going on, except it’s even worse now. There are millions of innocent people dead from all over the world because of wars that sprang up after 9/11 and the effect it had on the minds of the American people. But, when we know the media and government aren’t telling us what really happened that day, and we know they definitely used it as an excuse to invade other countries; what the hell are we fighting in their wars for?

What they used to do in these situations.

What they used to do in these situations.

One thing is for sure, when the corporate media is smearing something all over the headlines, you know there’s an agenda being pushed. With this latest Santa Barbara shooting, we know this is a push to fool the public into accepting stricter gun laws. There are shootings everyday, especially in California, but for some reason the press wants you to be outraged and terrified about this one–because this was the planned one. I’m not a gun owner and I never will, but if we’re to have a discussion of the right to own them, we can’t have it based on staged events, which is what this is. Maybe people did die at the hands of Elliot Rodger–son of the director of the Hunger Games, Peter Rodger–a 22 year old with a BMW who never kissed or even held a girls hand in his life, and went and killed a bunch of people and then himself, but I highly doubt it, and after seeing this video, so will you. There are physical impossibilities the news is reporting, so in my opinion, we have them caught red handed in some massive lies which implicate the entire Santa Barbara police force, the corporate media and its moguls, and every witness and key player involved.

We’ll start with the shooting that occurred inside the deli first, where CNN reports a young man named Chris Martinez was shot in the head and killed. In the video we clearly see shopkeepers cleaning up the crime scene–one of them smiling–with paper towels. For me this seals the deal already. There is no way the shopkeepers would be cleaning up a crime scene in a heavily reported mass killing spree. Everything in that store would have been evidence. The store would have been completely shut down, taped off, dusted, photographed from all angles, the body would have been outlined, there would have been a professional forensics team that took every piece of evidence with them in a plastic bag, and most importantly, there would have been a team of professional bio-hazard waste removers there to deal with the blood, not a couple of deli workers; that’s the protocol and the law. It’s completely ridiculous that they would have us believe these two men, who CNN verified as “deli workers”  volunteered to clean up brain matter calmly and got away with it too, especially since there is a bullet on the ground in the blood! How was that left behind?

santa-barbara-shooting-deli cleanupclean up deli santa barabraimage of santa barbara shooting

As for the blood on the ground, what a pathetic setup that was. If this boy had been shot point-blank in the head his brains would be all over the place. Now, I could post a bunch of pictures here to show you what a room looks like after someone blows someone else’s brains out, but I don’t want to be the one to pop your cherry if you’ve never seen stuff like that before, so you can look it up on Google if you want, but let me assure you, the perfectly set up chips on the shelf would have blood and brains all over them if someone was shot beside or in front of them, and if not all over them, at least on some of them, and instead there is blood on none of them. This again doesn’t add up. Did they switch the chips with some fresh bags before they cleaned everything else? I doubt it, because the shelf has been broken to make it look like a crime scene, so why would they not put the bottom shelf back into place while refilling the case with new chip bags? Of course, that would never happen anyways. This crime scene is fake, and it looks corporately sponsored to me–which we will get into later.

Also, I don’t believe they mentioned it in the video above, but look at the picture below; the glass is already ordered before they cleaned up the crime scene! Do you really believe that was their first priority? I guess when someone gets murdered in your store you should first replace the chips, then call the glass company with a rush order, and lastly, clean up the crime scene yourself.


Next we jump into the “smoking gun piece of evidence,” as Red Pill Revolution aptly refers to it as, which is the lack of blood anywhere in Elliot Rodger’s car. CNN reported, as everyone has since, that the police stated Elliot Rodger smashed into a car and then turned his gun on himself, blowing his own brains out. As you can clearly see in the video, there is no blood anywhere in Elliot’s car.

elliot ridger carelliots carcar-interior_no-blood

To insult our intelligence further though, there are clear shots of every angle of the drivers area that show a huge white airbag deployed out of the steering wheel. Now, Elliot apparently had just hacked 3 people up with a machete back at his dorm room before hopping in his car with a gun, according to the official report, so he would have had blood all over himself, and therefore all over his car. He would have been dripping. There would have been a massive trail of blood from his dorm room to his car’s parking spot. Do you know how much blood would come out of three bodies that person was wildly hacking apart with a huge blade? Elliot would have been painted red and getting blood all over his car.

You know and I know for sure that there is no way that someone could shoot themselves in the head a few inches away from a deployed white airbag and get no visible body matter on it. If you do think that can happen, then you have CNN syndrome. This is where you can be shown something in front of your face and deny it, like people who are under hypnosis, even though it is clear as day. There is no blood in Elliot Rodger’s car at all–at all–and the only reason to believe someone actually shot themselves in that car is because the TV said so. It is a lie and you know it–I hope.

gun blood spatter

These mistakes are undeniable once pointed out, and two of these inconsistencies are scientifically contradictory and can’t be taken as the truth, ever. This is case closed on the Santa Barbara shooting media-hoax for any critically thinking individual. Did people really die? It’s always a possibility, but it is looking very doubtful. We’ll continue on with a little about the character they call “Elliot Rodger.”


The news has told us that Elliot Rodger was the son of Hollywood director, Peter Rodger, who was a co-director on the movie The Hunger Games. Elliot was a 22 year old student of the University of California, Santa Barbara campus, which is where he lost his mind because he couldn’t get a date to save his life–according to him.

Elliot on the red carpet. Peter Rodger with the long hair on the far right.

Elliot began making videos a few weeks before he went on his massacre–which took place May 23rd, 2014– where he would film himself, or the scenery around him, and whine about how unhappy he was with the fact girls don’t like him. He would say how lonely he is and how much it hurts to see guys with no money with girls, when he has a BMW, nice clothes, designer shades, and is, in his words, a God among men.

Elliot’s last video, which he called, Retribution, was the final addition to his “psychotic” manifesto, where he swears he is going to get even with the world by killing a number of blond girls in one of the campus sorority houses. He then, according to the news, went home to his dorm and killed his roommates, who were all male, with a machete sized blade, and then got in his BMW and went around shooting people out of the window. After driving around for a while like a game of GTA: Vice City, he racked up 6 kills (two girls, one kind of blond, the rest boys) and a number of injuries, in the end deciding to end it all, running over a few people and crashing into a parked car, where he shot himself in the head in the drivers seat of his black BMW.

santa barbara victims

6 Alleged murder victims.

To begin with, the videos Elliot made and uploaded to Youtube were all uploaded very recently, and they are terribly acted out. Elliot says the words, but has none of the passion someone feeling his alleged pain would purvey. He literally sounds like a bad actor who keeps forgetting his lines.

This, of course, is only a matter of opinion, but knowing the inconsistencies of this case shines the light on how terribly scripted Elliot’s videos were. In my own opinion, I believe Elliot was wearing an earpiece and repeating what he was being told to say. Notice you never clearly see his left ear in his videos; he pauses before every statement he makes, sometimes mid-statement; he never does his evil little laugh to close a statement, he pauses, gets the order, and then laughs, and it’s a terribly acted laugh too.

Elliot, on the other hand, has become the face and endorser of some of the biggest name brands on the planet, which leads me (a marketer by trade)  to believe this was a corporately sponsored event.


For one, most of the videos are made in Elliot’s BMW, with the camera pointed right at the emblem on the steering wheel (My Morning Drive To School, Elliot Rodger’s Adventures Driving to The Beach, Elliot Rodger’s Adventures, Another Sunny Day In Santa Barbara, Elliot Rodger’s Adventers, Santa Barbara In The Morning, Elliot Rodger’s Adventures, Driving Through Montecito (at 50 sec mark)). The BMW logo is difinitively shown over 30 times in his whole video catalog. One of Elliot’s main complaints is that he can’t even get laid with a BMW! This is marketing at work and I know it–and I’ll explain it:

In advertising and marketing you don’t want to come out and say a statement, you want the consuming public to subconsciously think a statement without you having to tell them what it is. A good example would be the Axe Deodorant commercials where a guy sprays some on before walking through a public place, and girls start running at him from all angles, even married women, because the scent is driving them sexually crazy. The average consumer thinks the statement Axe is trying to make is: Wear Axe and the women will be all over you. But no, that’s just the message on top, that’s not the statement the marketers have in mind for the consumer; it’s the subtleties your mind picks up that really work on you–and marketers have studied that science for generations. What the Axe commercial is really stating is: If you don’t wear Axe, your woman will leave you for someone who does, just like all the women you see in this commercial. The most effective marketing isn’t vanity based; it’s fear based. Does it work? Look in every store in America and you tell me. Axe is multi-billion dollar super company. Marketing works, and they are using it big time in the Elliot Rodger hoax. What the marketers are saying with the car is: Elliot must be sad because anyone can get laid if they drive a BMW! Look at the pictures released of Elliot in his cars. Notice how Elliot’s wheel is turned in the BMW pictures. That’s an old car sales tactic to display the rims in the photo. They’re basically magazine shots:

elliot-rodger car bmwfacebook pagemercedes

The Mercedes isn’t mentioned in the videos, though it looks like the photo was taken around the same time based on Elliot’s appearance. Maybe BMW paid a little more to have theirs as the feature product?

But that’s not all. There is a Starbucks endorsement in one of Elliot’s video’s too. There is no need to watch this whole video–although you are more than welcome to–just watch the first 25 seconds to see a clear Starbucks advertisement where Elliot says, “Elliot Rodger here. Just sitting in my car right now after watching that beautiful sunset descend beyond the hill up there, enjoying a nice vanilla latte.” Elliot, holding a Starbucks cup up to the camera, then takes a big, refreshing gulp of his latte and says, “mmm, that’s nice.” After that he puts it down and the terribly delivered rant begins. This video is the actual version from Elliot’s channel.

That was the most awkwardly delivered product placement I’ve ever seen. Ever wonder how HBO stays on the air with no commercials? Pay attention to the shows–product placement. Good shows are so slick at it you don’t even notice it, but Elliot’s plug–which is what an ad like that is called in the biz–for Starbucks is beyond obvious, he starts the video with it instead of just sticking it in the middle–this though, is also intentional. The shots of the BMW logo on Elliot’s steering wheel appear right at the beginning of videos as well, and this would be–from a marketers standpoint–because the company paying for the advertisement wants to be sure everybody who views the video sees their ad. How is that for disgusting?

As far as ads are concerned, the pictures of the chips are a dead giveaway for product placement. Every single one of the bags on the shelf in the deli we looked at earlier–where Chris Martinez was reported killed–are in absolutely perfect condition, just as they would be in an advertisement on TV or in a coupon catalog. Take another look, now in the light of seeing the Starbucks ad. Notice how the bags all have their labels perfectly visible.


Notice how the items above the chips all have their labels facing forward. Other than the shelf angled to the floor in the bottom, the condition of everything is pristine. Does it make sense why there is no blood on the chips now? If you were paying someone to show your product in magazines and news broadcasts all over the world, which would cost a great amount of money, would you want a bunch of blood-or fake blood–all over it? No, because ads cost–and make–incredible amounts of money, and the people behind this hoax eat, sleep, and breathe money. They left the chips untouched to highlight the product, single-handedly exposing their entire crime scene as a fraud. Care for more ads?

“I have a nice car, a BMW, well, its nicer than 90% of the guys at my college.” (7:39 of video below.)

“These sunglasses here cost $300, Georgio Armani, see I’ll put them on.” Elliot puts on the glasses and models them and says, “See? Look at how fabulous I look!” (8:17 of the video below.)

“The other day I was doing some grocery shopping ,at Trader Joe’s…” (10:42 of the video below)

“Enjoying a nice Vanilla Latte. [gulp]. Ah yes, that’s nice. It makes me feel all pumped up.” (12:54 of the video below.)

“Every time I drive my car through Isla Vista, which is a town next to UCSB, I see so many beautiful blonde girls.”

This kid is the modern day Ronald Reagan of spokespeople, which I guess makes him American presidential material. It’s a shame they had to fake his death so young. Not the best situation for advertising, but as the saying goes, any press is good press, and these pictures and videos have been seen, and will continue to be seen, millions of times, all over the world.


But enough about Elliot for now, let’s talk about his father, Peter Rodger. As previously mentioned, Peter Rodger is the famous co-director of The Hunger Games–a movie about a futuristic world where the wealthy aristocracy rules autocratically and forces children from around the globe to fight to the death against each other for sport–and he’s also a professional photographer. In fact, Peter is the son of famous photographer named George Elliot, who took many pictures of the Nazi concentration camps at the end of WW2. George, Peter`s father, Elliot`s grandfather, was also instrumental in the conception of Time Magazine, as he worked with Black Star, a photography company that supplied Time with its pictures for the first many years of its existence.

Peter stayed silent for about a month after the apparent shooting, but his lawyer issued a statement for him right after the killings in which he was sure to report Peter and his family, “are staunchly against guns,” and they “support gun control laws”; and then, not surprisingly, a month later Peter broke his silence and did an interview with Barbara Walters on prime time. His message: nobody should be able to have guns; it’s the NRA’s fault that his son killed all those people; congress needs to pass stricter gun laws; anyone on prescribed pills should be looked at as a possible threat; he reminded America this could happen to anyone as long as people have the right to have weapons in their homes. It was an hour long plea to remove the right in America for citizens to protect themselves. It was mind control and opinion programming at its finest; or most horrendous, however you choose to view it, I prefer the latter. One thing they didn’t harp on was the fact that three of the reported six murders were committed with a blade, not a gun.

hunger games conver

The Hunger Games really plays a role in this Hollywood murder hoax, because many people have called it a New World Order propaganda film–a vision of the future from the perspective of the ruling elite that are currently behind disarming the country. Eerily enough, on Peter Rodger’s official website,, where Peter has samples of all the photos and films he has worked on, the working title, or secondary title, to The Hunger Games is “Propaganda Film.”
*UPDATE: Peter Rodger directed a 90 second film within the Hunger Games called “Propaganda Film,” which is the sample on his website below. The purpose in the movie of this film is to manipulate the masses into supporting and participating in the hunger games. To add even more substance to the Santa Barbara hoax theory, here is a quote from Peter Rodger back in April 2012 about his large research efforts into making the propaganda film: “…I studied propaganda masters of times past and imagined what a propaganda film would look like in this sort of futuristic world.” So there you have it. Peter Rodger’s own words, he studied masters of propaganda. Just another coincidence? Click here for the article linked with the Peter Rodger quote.

peter rodger propaganda film hinger games

Where did the Hunger Games come from all a sudden? It was written by an obscure writer as a book series first and then quickly adapted to film to become one of the largest grossing releases of all time; and its on its way to becoming the highest grossing ongoing film series all of time too. The author also wrote the screenplay. Who is this writer? Suzanne Collins.


Suzanne was born in Hartford, CT, to a high ranking military officer and had to move around a lot as a child. She never really had a place to call home and went to military schools her whole education. After she was free to move out she became a writer and got a few jobs writing for childrens television programs, until she wrote a book series that became an instant phenomenon, the Hunger Games. Suzanne has now lived comfortably in one spot for years with her husband and two sons–Sandy Hook, CT.

If you’re unaware of the huge connection here, then I advise you to watch any of the hundreds of movies proving the school shooting last year in Sandy Hook, CT, where Suzanne Collins’ two sons go to school, was a completely staged event, just as this one is. (I’ll leave a link or two at the bottom). The writer of the movie that Elliot Rodger’s father directed and called “propaganda film” is from the same town a suspected (all but officially proven) gun control hoax just happened. It’s quite a coincidence indeed, wouldn’t you say?

janet napolitano

Former Head of Homeland Security and current President of the University of California, Janet Napolitano, aka “Big Sis.”

Next we will look at the president of the University of California, which is where these shootings took place. Her name is Janet Napolitano, and last year, before she was the president of this prestigious university, she was the Head of Homeland Security for the Obama administration, until she was forced to resign after sexual harassment charges were filed against her by younger male employees, and as well for heat over releasing a CIA memo many felt unfairly targeted American citizens and veterans as suspected terrorists called “Right Wing Extremism,” which you can read here. Some call her, ” Big Sis,” in reference to George Orwell’s, Big Brother character from the book 1984.

Many years ago, Napolitano used to be the governor of Arizona where she is known for being a “gun grabber,” and advocating strict gun policies. Her goals when becoming the head of the DHS for 2010 included,

  • “Develop and require “smart gun” technology to prevent use of firearms by unauthorized persons and implement sensible gun control measures.”
    (These are guns sold to the public that could be shut off by the government or police with the click of a remote)
  • “…encourage criminal targeting through better information on actual suspects.”
    (Criminal targeting? Of her own citizens? You see where this woman’s head is at.)

You know all the DHS checkpoints popping up all over America where officers are illegally demanding to see citizens ID’s? Thank Janet Napolitano for those. I’ll also leave a video link at the bottom on how to deal with unconstitutional, illegal checkpoints when you run into them, which you are bound to do.

It’s quite a coincidence that all of this happened on her university’s campus so soon after she became the president of it. Let’s hope she doesn’t try to run for president of the country. As terrifying as it sounds, she is running for president in the 2016 election, according to Time Magazine and her Wikipedia page.

The tearless, snotless, mucusless cries of Richard Martinez.

Next we’ll look at the poster-dad for gun control in this episode. A man they are calling Richard Martinez, father of Chris Martinez who was allegedly shot in the head in the deli.

Within 24 hours, Richard Martinez was being posted all over CNN, Fox News, CBC, you name it, spewing rants and raves against the “craven politicians,” who, “can’t get anything done about gun control.” Richard didn’t blame Elliot Rodger for killing his son, he blamed guns and the people in government letting citizens own them.

This man, like the parents of the Sandy Hook children, who are now multimillionaires, and Elliot Rodger himself, is a terrible actor. He shows none of the signs of a man who has just lost his son. In none of the videos of him–and there are lots because he’s been campaigning against the 2nd amendment on every major media source available since the day his son died–has Richard Martinez shed a tear. Not once. He has pretended to cry a few times, which is odd in itself since the father of a slain child would have trouble speaking every time they thought of their son, but he has never shed a single tear.


Now, we’ve all cried, and we’ve all seen people cry uncontrollably when they are at their lowest emotional point. It’s a troubling thing to see. First of all the person begins to shake uncontrollably, and next comes the gasping for air, and finally the waterworks. I had a best friend kill them self, actually two; I’ve seen parents who have lost their children; most of us have known people, if not been the people themselves going through similar situations, and when they cry, they cry hard. Mucus flies out of their mouth, tears stream like rivers out of their dark red eyes and down their cheeks, and there is usually a fair bit of sniffling due to the large amounts of snot that begin to flow out of peoples nostrils. This apparent man who just lost his child and then went on an anti-gun rights campaign has shown none of the almost obligatory symptoms described above that we have all experienced when crying. This man is an actor, a bad actor, and a liar.

One of the first people to make a statement on the Rodger’s family’s behalf was a man named Simon Astaire. Simon is a press agent for some of the biggest actors and musicians in Hollywood, a photographer, author, and friend and press agent of royals from England. As it turns out, Simon also works as an international sponsor for some of the biggest brand names in the world; one of those brands being Giorgio Armani. Remember Elliot’s random Armani ad in his video earlier? Makes more sense now, doesn’t it?

Simon Astaire is one of the lowest people in society. One of the people cramming celebrity down the public’s throats everyday to push agendas. Did you know he’s the most quoted man in the world when it comes to relaying celebrity and corporate quotes for news stories? Basically every scandal that happens that you see on Entertainment Tonight, or Extra, when they have quotes printed down the screen beside the photo of a celebrity; those are his words, not theirs. Celebrities pay big money to appear a certain way to the public, and they hire scum-balls like Simon Astaire to become their public voice. He is the definition of propaganda. When he’s involved in anything you should be suspicious of where things are being directed; in what direction and what financial gain is being had. He’s one of the phoniest men alive, no doubt about it; a compulsive liar.


Aside from the story he gave the press a day or two after the incident being contradictory with the account Peter Rodger would later give of the events that happened, Astaire also took these pictures and splashed them all over the mainstream news a few days ago:

86587_efd7145ea8a686c3788c1572d383b347_1919371acaf3fcd8c49f3c4973d86c85 article-2658723-1ECD61E500000578-282_634x474

That’s right, the father of the killer and the father of the victim are best-friends, now together, “on a mission,” to make sure Americans lose their right to protect themselves with guns in their homes. California has already passed a few gun regulations because of the stink these two are raising. Funny, a gang war broke out in the 90’s in California and hundreds of kids were killing each other by the week in the poor areas of the state, but the news couldn’t be less concerned, neither could the government.  This whole Santa Barbara nightmare is by design, and it’s clear to see.


So these are the players involved in the Santa Barbara college shooting hoax that I’ve picked up on so far. There are so many connections between these people, the government, and the military, that it’s not even funny–it’s scary. As we watch Richard Martinez and Peter Rodger hug in agreement that they will disarm the county, it’s no surprise to me that they bring up, “the tragedy at Sandy Hook,” every interview they do with the mainstream media–ABC seems to be the station with most of the exclusives–especially when we see where the writer of Peter’s, “propaganda film,” is from–and still lives. But with everything that can be said about this case there are two things that seal the deal with me, and any thinking person will agree, and that’s that you can’t shoot yourself in the head and get blood nowhere, and that you can’t have shopkeepers clean up a crime scene, especially one in a nationally syndicated massacre. I hope everyone who took the time to read this, which I appreciate wholeheartedly by the way, can see why these things are impossible and therefore why we should all be investigating this further on our own, because this Santa Barbara episode has clear and undeniable proof that we are being lied to by ABC. CNN, Fox News, CBC, BBC, MSNBC, Time Magazine, the National Post, the Huffington Post, and a host of others involved in media, the State of California, the United States Government, Trader Joe’s Groceries, Starbucks, BMW, Giorgio Armani, Mercedes, Janet “Big Sis” Napolitano and her staff at UCSB, the men in the photo’s who own the deli, and all of the actors pretending to be witnesses and family members. All of these people, and the people behind these entities, should be thrown in prison for tyranny and crimes against humanity; and I only say that based on the law itself. Personally I believe, if we can get this information out to enough people, this is the event that is going to expose them all. With that being said, please share! Below I will leave some videos recently added to Youtube which expose all the players involved in this staged event.

Strange Eyewitnesses and Product Placement:

Actor Richard Martinez Exposed: 

Diner Scene: 

Simon Astaire Contradicts Peter Rodger: 


Article by Olan Thomas

All information and material involved in the posting of this story are for the purposes of education and are not used for profit in any way, shape, or form.

Videos from:
Max Malone
Red Pill Revolution
Free Radio Revolution
Elliot Rodger

Sandy Hook Hoax (Ultimate)! Case Closed:

Best Checkpoints:


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