Documenting Evil: Why Peace Is Our Only Weapon

war is over now

I’m on the go right now so I don’t have the luxury of referencing any of my books, or even the internet as my backup; but I don’t think I’ll need them. Let’s just use our common sense to hash this one out.

Who are we dealing with here? Who are these people that declare wars and then tell us we need to fight in them? These wars are not ours; and we don’t have to fight on them; and you need to know that and spread it too.

Call it “idealistic,” or just a dream that I believe that every human on this beautiful, blue, glowing orb we call Earth–and home–has the capacity to realize as a combined entity that we have the power to reach a plateau of consciousness that has never even been dreamed of.


We all compete with one another like the animals of the jungles do; and rightly so when one compares us with the species we dwell among on this rock; we’re nearly identical in DNA and physically only differ slightly in biological terms, but to me we are separated from the beings we consider beasts; the ones we kill and eat. We, unlike them, have the capacity to think things through with unimaginable reasoning faculties when compared to the lesser minds of this planet. Does this make us superior? No, not in the slightest, in my opinion, because the second you look into another species eyes at its most vulnerable point, when it’s helpless, unassured, and unaware of what you are going to do to it, and you see that fear in its eyes, and then pet its back–like any dog or cat you’ve met for the first time–and it immediately warms up to you and reciprocates that genuine affection, and becomes your friend without having to communicate a word, there is something special happening there; something words don’t have the power to describe; a relic memory of something we’re losing touch with, which is using our unbelievable combined powers as a human race for good.

We all share this planet, and I say that as a fact, not as a cliche. When one looks into biology in the most elementary details it becomes clear that every species on this planet works into a larger synchronicity that could only operate as it does with every piece of the puzzle functioning correctly and within harmony with one another.

bee flowers

An easy example is the flower. In order to procreate, the flower needs to get its pollen to another flower. Flowers don`t have legs, so how do they swap pollen? Here’s how: Flowers, over time and evolution, have developed cells in their bodily structures that secrete nectar–a sweet treat that feeds birds and insects–and visually stimulating colors and patterns on their petals in order to attract insects and birds to go from flower to flower, eating nectar as their main source of food to survive. What do the flowers get out of all this free bug feeding? Easy! Every time a bird or insect nuzzles deep inside of a flower to drink its nectar, it gets pollen all over it, then it goes to the next flower for more nectar and leaves the pollen from the last flower on the new flower. There you go; those flowers just had sex, a threesome I guess, and now they will procreate. Crazy right? The flower gives nectar to the animals that use the nectar as their main survival resource, making sure they can live long enough to give birth,and maintain their own species; and in turn they assist in making it possible for flowers to give birth to a new generation of their own offspring.

The point is, from flowers to birds, to cats to dogs, the planet’s species work in consort with each other to survive and maintain the status quo. So where do humans fit in the mix?


That’s the problem I’m having trouble wrapping my head around. We don’t fit into the mix. We rarely ever step back and look at the big picture of our placement in the chain of existence, but if we did we would see we don’t have a place in this world. All we really do is procreate our own species, spread, feed off every resource we can find until it disappears and then move on to the next. Is that really why we’re here? I would hate to think so, but unfortunately that’s the way we behave and have behaved since we figured out how to smash another animal over the head with a foreign object–it was on since then.

I don’t believe in any God of the religious books, because I’ve looked into them at enough length to see them as fictitious, not to mention obvious means of mass control, but I do believe, or hypothesize, that the human race has the potential to reach a height of mutual awareness, support, and elevated thinking to equate to what many civilizations of the ancient past report to have achieved; and who are we to say they haven’t?


John Lennon said it simply, “Peace on earth is attainable, the people just have to believe it’s possible.” This is absolutely true. If every man, woman, and child wanted peace on earth within humanity, then it would have no other option than to exist. The problem really does lay in the perception of the human species as a collected entity.

pollen bee


Take the bees again–the ones that drink the nectar from the flowers–they work together in every hive, each individual as a natural piece of the community serving  the whole for the benefit of all. If bees didn’t naturally work together as a team, their entire species would quickly go extinct. So there’s that problem again: What are humans doing together on this planet to sustain themselves? The answer is: Nothing. But this is changeable, as John Lennon and many other past revolutionaries, such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi, envisioned.

martin luther king gandhi john lennon

The people need to know that peace is a real option. They don’t have to fight in wars; they don’t have to fight with different races; they don’t have to fight with different religions; ages; social standings; income brackets; or opposing political beliefs. They don’t have to fight period; end of story. We, as humans, have the advantage of words and sound reasoning within our species, unlike all the rest we share the planet with, and can hold open dialogues and debates over any issue we are struggling with, without ever having to resort to violence–that is, if we were to finally realize our potential and mature into the species we are so close to being; and as well, if we could see passed our animal instincts to hurt each other so much.


The men who bring our world its wars are rich individuals with power and profit on their minds at all times. These men are internationalists who really swear no allegiance to the population any country. They own multiple mansions, companies, and even people all over the globe. They don’t care about anybody but themselves and there is no two ways about it.

The fact that there are major companies fully dedicated to building weapons and armed vehicles is a dead giveaway that war is a very lucrative business, and those invested in these weapons defense companies rely on wars continuing. War is worth so much money that these men can–and do–easily pay to get their own men into positions of politics, where they can get bills passed which allow them to rob the common man, woman, and child blind through their own private interests.



Have you ever heard of Lockheed Martin? Lockheed is the biggest defense manufacturer on earth, and it has investors from all the globe with stocks and shares in it, so they depend on continuous success by way of profit and dividend. The only way for a company like Lockheed Martin, or Halliburton, to survive though, is to keep having a demand to build toys for wars. Think about it realistically, without war, these companies are no longer profitable and no longer relevant–and major investors do all that is within their power to make sure that doesn’t happen.

They declare wars and expect the poorest people in their societies to fight, kill, and die in them without questioning why; and expecting the public to buy whatever story they sell them to justify the war–and their expectations are met every time. But these wealthy war starters never fight in the wars they start, and they never send their own children to fight in them either–that’s your children’s job as far as they’re concerned. These men sell war on the TV, on the radio, in video games, magazines, online, and even in schools. The masters of war have a social system built up that completely bends the masses minds to buy their lies and back their causes for mass violence, destruction, and death on a worldwide scale as if they had us all under a spell–which they basically do. These are the men keeping the war machine going, and they take their job damn seriously.


Lennon said we have to, “sell peace to the people like soap…We need the housewife to think there are only two products to choose from: peace or war.” Lennon, of all people, knew what it was like to be a worldwide marketed entity because he was the leader of the highest selling rock band of all time–the Beatles–and knew firsthand that the consuming public will buy what they’re shown on their TV, as long as its shown to them a lot, that’s marketing 101. Lennon was also smart enough to see that the president at that time, Richard Nixon, and his administration, which ended up leaving the White House in disgrace, were heavy promoters and profiteers of the Vietnam War. Lennon could see they spent heaps of the taxpayers money on promoting the fear and urgency needed to convince American citizens to enlist in the army and go and fight. In truth, that’s all presidents and prime ministers are: salesmen hired to temporarily sell the war to the public. Disgusted with this tactic and determined to use it against the masters of war, what Lennon decided to do was, “sell peace.” He was extremely good at it too, Nixon tried for years to get John Lennon deported back to England, but Lennon kept fighting in court at the same time as going around the world and demonstrating peace in the most public and press filled settings he could.

wa is over if you want it

In the height of the Vietnam War, John Lennon paid to have billboards put up around the world that said, “WAR IS OVER! If you want it. Happy Christmas from John & Yoko.” These went up Christmas morning in 1969 around the world in the countries official languages.

Lennon, remember, had the press following him everywhere he went. He was the first celebrity to have that happen to him at the level it exists today, and he used it to his advantage by having bed-ins for peace, or conferences for peace, playing at rallies for peace; and at one point leading thousands of people out of Madison Square Gardens and through the streets of New York with a bullhorn shouting, “Power to the people,” along with them. This man was hated by the American Government and the men who make war their bread and golden butter. The CIA followed him wherever he went, they bugged his phones, and had undercovers trying to get close to him. It’s completely crazy! All he wanted was peace for everybody, how could that offend anyone? Well it did–big time–and unfortunately John Lennon was murdered outside of his home in New York in 1980 from a gunshot to the main ventricle of his heart. The world lost the most important man they could ever ask for, and no one has tried to revive his campaign since.

Henry Kissinger, the man who wrote a public memo to depopulate entire third world nations. This is him with presidential candidates. He is the man who refers the presidency to the rest of Military Industrial Complex.

Teammates in selling the idea of debt-based wars.

Teammates in selling the idea of debt-based wars. None of these men care about you at all.

There are truly evil people deciding the fate of humanity right now and they have the public so hypnotized that they are literally steering our species towards the same fate as 99.9% of the species that have ever lived on this planet–extinct. They have such a monumental social machine built and put in place that the public doesn’t even question a thing. I would put money on the fact that 98% of the people I have ever met have no idea how their government works in the slightest; and they’re okay with that, because they have more important things to worry about, like their Facebook status or their new movie torrent they downloaded. These people must have 100% faith that their government is doing good things at all times and never trying to profit off the public, who pays their entire wages through obscene taxes from bills they put through senate without asking the public first. These people also have no idea who their government is comprised of, and if they know a name or two, they don’t know that persons background, or where they came from, and therefore, what they really stand for. This is all by design. The governments of the world have the public right where they want them. The public, by and large, is a bunch of mindless, unhealthy, selfish consumers with about as much ambition in them to wake up every morning and go work a shitty job until they die. The government doesn’t want a population who are informed of what it does, because right away the public would see they have been being lied to for the last 80 years by criminals who don’t care about anyone but themselves; and all those people who sent their kids to kill other kids on foreign soil would have to deal with the fact they sent their baby to kill, or die, or both, for lunatics and liars that were robbing them blind on a daily basis.

IRAQ-WAR-10YEARS-FILESiraqi-child-covering-eyeswarlook what were doing

What are we doing? What we need to do is awaken the spirit of  what John Lennon had going; a movement for peace. We can’t support any part of this system we’re happily letting destroy us. We need to awaken the public from their long sleep under the spell of the men running our species towards its ultimate demise for their own greed. We need to see war and hate and the people who use them to their advantage for what they really are: evil. We need to quit going to the companies these war mongers own–the entire mainstream media–for our information. We need to start documenting evil and exposing it to the world for what it really is: needless destruction. I believe we can and will have peace, we just need to start selling it as hard as possible, let the people know it’s a very real option, because the alternative is constantly being pushed with no rest, and we must defeat it before it defeats us all.



Article by Olan Thomas

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