The Gun Grab: Only A Step Towards Finalizing the Police State?

canada police state

Some Americans seem to be aware of it, which is a good thing, but unfortunately the implementation of the police state in Canada is going off without a hitch, and Canadians don’t seem to care; or even notice. This article should be looked at as a plea to the good and honest officers of the RCMP, which I believe there are many of, who are aware of what is going on within the ranks of their own detachment and don’t know what to do; please refuse to take part in any activity that infringes on the rights of the fellow citizens you swore to protect.

For those Canadians unaware of the issue, the RCMP is going full speed into the disarmament of the average Canadian citizen. Now, before going any further into this, I must let my readers know that I am not, nor have I ever been a “gun person.” This means I’ve never owned one, wanted to own one, and I never will own one. This isn’t the point of this article. The point of this article is to let Canadians know their rights are being stripped away by the very people they are letting run their country into a huge decline; they are being lied to by their government and media; and this gun grab is a major step towards the implementation of martial law over the Canadian citizens. The right to own a gun, and anything else for that matter, is every person on earth’s right and no one can take that, or any right away from them–unless they are allowed to.

flood high river pun intended

Now let’s start off with a story you might have missed that began in High River, Alberta, June 20th, 2013, and lasted for months. The story the mainstream media threw all over the news and headlines was about the terrible floods that hit Southern Alberta, displacing thousands of residents as their homes filled up with water–which was and still remains a terrible tragedy in the process of recuperation. However, the story that wasn’t splashed all over the media, day after day after day, was the one about the RCMP illegally breaking into the vacant homes of High River–repeated times–and illegally seizing their guns.

gun grab

To those that may be a little foggy on the subject, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms plainly states the police are not allowed to enter residents homes and look for firearms; or anything for that matter. In fact, the police aren’t even allowed to enter your home without a warrant, unless of course you invite them in. Now, in the case of natural disasters, the government and RCMP are granted some extra rights, but only so far as they can enter a home if they suspect there is someone injured or in danger inside, but this clearly was not the case in High River.

canada map high river alberta

After the flood stopped for good, as all of the cities of southern Alberta began to repopulate and rebuild what mother nature had decided to do, the town of High River, which by its name you can tell is no stranger to flooding, was locked down completely by the government. The residents were told sharply that they would not be allowed to go home–they couldn’t even get in to town. In no time flat there were dozens of armored military vehicles inside the barricades of RCMP cars and army tanks that acted as an impenetrable wall around the streets of the quarantined city, letting no one pass who begged to get to their homes to save whatever belongings they still could.

Why weren’t the people of this town–which is the set for the CBC Television series, Heartland–let back into their houses? In a press conference with police protection–in the middle of the road–the mayor told the irate, homeless citizens that the electricity was gone, the sewers weren’t working, the grocery store and gas station weren’t open, and because of these reasons the citizens were going to have to stay out. This, as you can imagine, didn’t sit right with people of High River, but they had to grin and bare it; scramble for accommodations; and hope the authorities were working their hardest to get them back inside; safety first and all that.

WEA Alta Flooding 20130625

Then something happened. A select few media cameras we allowed inside of the barricades and on to the streets of High River. They were hoisted up onto a couple of heavily armed and armored trucks and escorted around the city to film, photograph, and… interview? That’s right, there were residents inside the barricades!

A local man inside told the cameras the “armored cars and residents inside the town all use the gas station on a daily basis.” The gas station was working? What was going on here? The man also told the reporters that the citizens are able to get out of town, but were told by the police they “weren’t getting back in” if they left. A woman estimated there were about “600 residents still inside.”

As is to be expected, after seeing this footage the residents outside of the barricades were livid. Not only were the living conditions fine for all of the officials and residents on the inside of the RCMP walls, but the residents outside could now see that large parts of the town were dry as a bone, not even touched by the flood. Why weren’t they let back into there homes?


The answer becomes clear when you hear what came next. By this escalated point, day 8, the police put down spike strips in front of the their barricades while one of their chief officers, Brian Topham, let it leak to the media that the RCMP had, “seized a substantial amount of firearms,” from residents.

This unbelievable statement got the locked out residents of High River up in arms–pun intended. The intensity of their protests grew so large, Prime Minister Stephen Harper had to come to town to make statement, promising that no government official had anything to do with the gun seizure and the RCMP had acted alone–typical. He also advised the police to put an end to the illegal searches, “as soon as possible,” and return the guns they had taken.

As the weeks were trudging on, experts in support of the citizens of High River’s situation began making public announcements about the many dangers involved with letting the homes inside the barricade just sit and rot unattended; so the government finally caved and started letting people back in; and low-and-behold, the residents of the molested town were once again horrified to find the damages the RCMP had left.

As it turns out, the Canadian officers had smashed residents doors to pieces, some right off the hinges, all off the bolts. They dragged flood water all over the upper floors and unaffected areas of the homes; and had completely ransacked every inch of every house in search of where the average Canadian gun owner hides their firearm. Who was going to pay for all of this damage?


Now, at the the time the police let it out to the media that they had seized peoples guns from their homes, the excuses they gave along with their admission were:

1. “We want to make sure those things are in a spot we control.”
2. “People have a significant amount of money invested in firearms…so we put them in a place we control, that they’re safe.”

Neither of these excuses, which is all they are, and terrible ones at that, should entitle the police force of a community to illegally break into peoples houses by force and steal their property, no matter what the property may be; and for the police to say they were only taking the guns to keep them safe because they are expensive items is an insult to any intelligent persons sense of hearing. Are we to believe the police broke into peoples homes and stole their guns, and only their guns (and ammo), so they wouldn’t get damaged? What about all of the other expensive items in peoples houses that could have been saved? Art work; electronics; appliances? Jewelry is much lighter, usually much more expensive, and also much more sentimental than guns are; why weren’t they taken into police protection?

gun grab high river alberta police break in homes and seize guns

Though the guns are reported to have been returned, none of the 500,000 rounds of ammunition the RCMP stole was ever given back to the people of High River–and for the record, that’s over a million dollars worth of public property stolen by people who get their paychecks from the public they robbed; and never paid back.

Feeling beaten and bruised, kicked in the face by their apparent protectors while they were already down, and violated at their most vulnerable point in their lives, the citizens of High River banded together and arranged to have a public meeting where they could address the serious ramifications of what happened to their homes while they were kept away from them. Person after person after person stood up to the podium and gave a couple RCMP officers and the opposition candidate in the next civic election the hell they–and many others involved who were too scared to show up–deserved. The date was now September 5th and still nobody had stepped forward to pay for the damages done.  An apt comment that all Canadians should heed was voiced by one woman at the microphone who stated, “I thought I lived in a free country, but what this flood taught me is that I don’t.” Another angry victim passionately bellowed, “I have two RCMP officers [living] on my street. Every door but 2 got kicked in. Wanna guess which ones?”

High River

Once again feeling the heat, but taking no responsibility whatsoever, the government of Alberta scrambled to an agreement with the RCMP to split the charges of the damages done during the illegal search and seizures committed in the town of High River, Alberta. Yes, that’s right, the taxpayers would foot half the bill–the whole bill when one considers where the RCMP gets its money from.

What are we to take from all of this? Are we really to believe that the RCMP acted alone in this strategically executed operation as the government claims? To me this is doubtful. To me this was not only another drill to train Canadian officers on how to lock down an entire city, but it was also a research project into how easily the public could be held away from their residences, and most importantly, where Canadians hide their guns. They didn’t get to keep them this time, thanks to the brave men and women of High River repeatedly standing up for their rights against their gutless government, but this, to me, is one of the scariest occurrences in Canadian history, and I’m damn-sure this wasn’t just a random idea thought up by the police force alone–this was an orchestrated plan that they were directed to carry out. Nature came and scared everyone out of their homes and the sick powers that be in Canada used the opportunity to try and disarm their public. Why? Maybe this next, seemingly unrelated, story will explain.

moncton shooting false flag

This year, very recently, a similar situation occurred in the eastern part of Canada, in a city called Moncton, New Brunswick. As the mainstream news media put out reports that a psychopathic, gun-toting, fatigue wearing, maniac was walking the streets on a rampage, the residents of Moncton watched in disbelief. Next reports came out  on the news that this man had killed three officers in a shootout and wounded two others, though for some reason he was talking to civilians and waving them away from the wounded officers when they tried to help them.

Once again the RCMP–looking mysteriously like the military in armored tanks and trucks–filled the neighborhoods of a Canadian city. They claimed to be in search of a gun-strapped cop-killer–who the public now knew as Justin Bourque. Despite the hundreds of cops called in from all over eastern Canada; all the machine guns and rounds, tanks and armored trucks, it still wasn’t enough to contain this vigilante. The city was officially locked down and nobody, except the police, was allowed outside.


A manhunt ensued for almost 30 hours as sightings of Bourque were reported on CBC and other propaganda spewing broadcasts; and finally, the beast was caught.

To those in the know, this story has all the tells of a false-flag attack. What’s that? A false flag is a disaster operation carried out by a government against its own people while shifting the blame on another entity in order to achieve a certain result. A famous example would be Adolf Hitler’s storm troopers burning down their own government building (the Reichstag) and blaming foreign terrorists, opening up the door to fire up the German people into attacking Czechoslovakia and beginning the Second World War. Because of Nazi documents since released, it’s now common knowledge among historians that Hitler was the one who ordered the burning of the Reichstag, and lied about it to start a war–it’s fact. Another example of a false flag would be the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, which happened when the US Military reported two of their ships were attacked and sunk by southeast Asian forces, leading to the American involvement in the Vietnam War. The NSA has since released a report called Skunks, Bogies, Silent Hounds, and the Flying Fish: The Gulf of Tonkin Mystery, 2-4 August 1964, which states the events never even happened. The American government lied in order to get people to fight in the war. The false flag attack has been used by countless governments to manipulate the minds of their people, and they are happening right now at an enormous rate. In fact, at relatively the same time as this shooting, the same scenario was playing out in a shooting in Las Vegas (proven hoax), while another mass shooting with another lone-gunman happened at a Seattle university, while yet another lone-gunmen did the same thing at the University of California’s, Santa Barbara campus–which is undeniably full of holes and will be discussed in our next post at length.

Now before moving on I’d like to stress the fact that a false flag is a staged event, but that doesn’t mean innocent people don’t get hurt. People may very well have died in the events that happened in Moncton, and if that’s the case then it only makes what is going on in Canada that much more sick, but this story has many holes in it too, and the timing couldn’t be more convenient with the very public gun debate that has been firing on for the past few years all over the globe.

justin bourque contradicting witness

Now to begin with, we start with the testimony of the first witness; a young mother named Virginia Boudreau who called the police after seeing Justin Bourque walk by her trailer-park home, strapped to the teeth with guns and ammo slung around him, and apparently a crossbow, though there are no photographs of one in the released pictures of Justin on the move. This woman can’t keep her story straight for more than a few seconds. In fact, she changes her story mid-sentence at some points. Now ask yourself, why would someone telling the truth keep changing their story? The answer is simple: People don’t change their story when they’re telling the truth; but they always do when they’re lying because they have no real reference point.

In a video taped interview, Virginia begins by saying she was across the street from her own trailer at the neighbors. Her son and the neighbor boy were playing in the window when her son spotted Justin Bourque “walking by outside.” Her son then looked at her and said, “Did you just see that guy walking up the road?”

virginia boudreau

Virginia then tells the camera, “So I flew to the window,” she then shakes her head and continues, “well, when I thought there was a weapon on him I flew to the window, gotta good look at the guy, and we just thought it was some kid doing something really stupid, trying to get a rise outta people.”

This, basically right off the bat, is where Virginia’s story starts to come apart. From saying she saw Justin Bourque out of a neighbors window and thinking he was a prankster, she then completely changes her tune. Pay close attention. As she rambles on and fidgets with her hair she then says, “and I took one look as his face, this dead look in his face [she says with a giggle while she scratches her own face]…he was just walking in a straight line, looking in a straight line. If anybody said anything to him he didn’t look at them, he didn’t blink, nothing. He was just, he was on a mission and you could tell, I mean, I was standing at the edge of my driveway talking on the phone with the RCMP and he heard me, he could have turned around at any point and shot me, or shot my neighbor, who was also on the phone, they were outside, out front when he walked by them.”


Did you catch that? Unbelievably, now Virginia claims she was standing at the edge of her driveway on the phone with the RCMP with her neighbors who were also outside on the phone. So how does she go from being in her neighbors window to being at the edge of her own driveway, already reporting this guy to the RCMP, with her neighbors, who are also on their phone, and while Justin is still walking by within ear shot of whats going on? Are you buying this? If someone is walking by with guns all over them, do you run outside towards them talking to the cops on the phone loud enough for the lunatic to hear you? And how slow was this guy walking that she had time to get outside to him, already describing him to the RCMP? Well, next the “reporter” asks her, “How fast was he walking?”

“Really fast,” Virginia confirms, making the situation physically impossible. It’s a damn good thing, for Virginia and her neighbors, that this maniac turned out to only be hunting cops. “He wasn’t after civilians,” she continues into the camera, “he could have taken a shot at anybody while he was walking down the street and he didn’t, and I, called RCMP?” I added the question mark to end Virginia’s statement because as she completely lost track of what she was saying, she posed that statement as if it were a question. What is she talking about anyway? I thought she was already on the phone talking to the RCMP loud enough for Justin Bourque to hear her; now she’s just calling? None of this is adding up, but she continues on anyway as if this is the real story, as if she had just now called the police department, when she was outside, completely ignoring the first few minutes of her account completely.


“And they had a hard time believing me at first,” Virginia says about the 911 operator, “they asked several times if I was sure it was a real gun and I said the guns gotta be a real gun [Virginia is holding back a smile at this point] and I said the crossbow, you can’t really fake a crossbow, and I’ve seen crossbows before, and it was very distinctively a crossbow over his right shoulder, and I, as, as I was on the phone with the RCMP and they were kinda doubting my story, and got a call in from 911 from my neighbor about a minute after I called, and that’s when we, I hung up the phone. I was on the phone maybe two minutes before one of the officers in the area was dispatched. The guy just wasn’t even at the end of the road before the police officer was already here.”

It’s very hard to keep up with such a badly put together story. Either this woman can’t remember what just happened to her, or she’s botching a pre-written story she should have spent a little more time memorizing. None of what she’s saying makes any sense with what she said right before. It’s amazing that even though the dispatch didn’t believe her story that a cop was on scene within a minute or two. It’s also amazing that this woman started her story in her neighbors trailer and ended up outside fast enough to point out the person she was calling the police on, to the police! That’s the most efficient police work, or the biggest timing coincidence in the world.

As Virginia goes on she tells the camera man how her and her neighbors sent the lone-police officer after the lone-gunman, who was gone and out of sight all of a sudden, down into a wooded area where the officer was shot dead.

“It’s sad,” Virginia continues, “that we were the ones who sent him down there alone, without anybody to back him up,” she then smiles and says, “we’re still trying to deal with that part.” When is it the citizen’s job to call for back up; or order a cop to go anywhere? The RCMP knows to call back up when there is a report of a man with guns strapped all over him.

JK14 0605 manhunt 8060

Virginia then goes on to change her story a third time, this version going back to the attitude of not feeling that Justin was a threat at all. “We just chuckled about it at first, we were like ‘what is this guy doing?’ and then after a couple neighbors talked we found out nobody had called the RCMP or 911 at that point, then we, we immediately called the police.”

So now, with her third rendition of what she saw, Virginia claims she spoke with her neighbors before any of them realized that none of them had called the cops on this gun-toting, militarily dressed, young man outside walking passed their trailers, so then they decided to call the police.

How can this testimony be taken seriously? Below is a video made by Radio Free Revolution which will pick apart the interview we just went over. See for yourself.

Next we’ll take a look at the second witness the mainstream media has been smearing all over the news. This witness is another young woman. She’s much more sure of herself than Virginia in her account of what she had just seen, and that could be because she’s a paid actress by profession. She’s an actress named Michelle Thibodeau, from Toronto, Ontario, who just happened to be at her parents house in Moncton the night Justin Bourque was found by police and arrested in their backyard.

Michelle-Thibodeau-8-300x300 pic for rapunzel

Michelle told the press the swat team arrived out front of her parents house in the middle of the night, at which point her and her family headed down to the basement and assumed “locked down position,” whatever that is, until the swat team had Justin on the front lawn, at which point the family was allowed upstairs. for some reason, to watch the arrest out the window–this is basically a word for account of what she says happened.

michelle twitter

grainy jsu b arrest

Not surprisingly, and not unlike Virginia’s story, this is a different account than Michelle had just given fifteen seconds earlier, where she explained watching the police go into her parents backyard where yelling ensued for a good five minutes, until Justin crawled out from where he was hiding and said, “I’m done.” At which point the officers dragged him out front, cuffed him, and “threw him into the swat trucks.” As you can see in the picture above, which is a screenshot from the video released by police of Justin Bourque’s arrest, there are no swat trucks near Justin, though you can’t even tell if Justin is really there or not anyway, but if it is him they’re arresting, as they claim, then it’s plain to see Justin was put into a police cruiser. Here is another angle below.

other angle justin bourque

Again we’re confronted with contradictory accounts within the same few sentences. How did her family hear, see, and know what was going on out back of their house, and out front of their house, if they were all downstairs in “locked down position?” How do they hear Justin surrender and say, “I’m done,” from dowstairs in the basement? How did they know it was suddenly okay to go look out the window? It makes no sense, like, none of it. The fact that these two witnesses–one a paid actress–can’t keep either of their stories straight is a giant red flag in both of theirs, and therefore this entire events credibility. For a deeper look into this witness, check out another deconstruction video by Radio Free Revolution.

Our third piece of evidence the Moncton city lock-down episode was a planned and staged event is extremely circumstantial, but has the potential to completely prove this whole thing was, in fact, a hoax. It’s circumstantial because it was posted to the internet and labelled as a note from an anonymous resident of Moncton. This person, they contend, says they live right by where all the action is said to have been happening, but says it was all an act, and there was no action to be had.


Among stating there were no real gunshots occurring the whole time the police radio was reporting multiple rounds going off, this anonymous person also claims to know many of the people on the Facebook page that the news claims to be Justin’s, only those people don’t know Justin and have no idea how they got onto his friends list. This would be a good time to mention that Justin’s Facebook page is only four months old and only contains pictures of him with guns–another suspicious fact that goes along with the new Facebook and Youtube accounts created for the other lone-gunman killing sprees that have sprung up all over the news lately. The anonymous messenger says they checked the recently added friends on Justin Bourque’s Facebook friends list, and they were all recently created and obvious fake accounts.

Justin, according to this messenger, wasn’t a real gun lover, but was paid to act like it. Justin’s best friend was killed a year ago, “and then they started to change the plot,” the messenger reports. If any of this is true, then its case closed on the Moncton False Flag. But again, whoever wrote this message, who I don’t believe to be the person who posted it based on the pure honesty of their many previous posts, is choosing to remain anonymous and not providing any ground-shattering evidence, just big claims, and though the claims provide a big piece to the puzzle, they can’t be taken as a credible source–yet.

Last but not least, a huge piece of evidence that this was a staged event is the telltale sign of an RCMP drill for this exact premise taking place a day before the “actual” shooting. This drill took place in Sackville, NB, which is only 20 minutes away from Moncton, called in police from all over the east coast, and covered what the RCMP are to do in the exact situation that unfolded the next day, in the next town over. Where was Justin Bourque brought when he was arrested? You guessed it: Sackville.

sackville drill

Having this hugely funded, mirror image drill is extremely telling because there have been drills reported before other major crisis events that are almost definite false flags; such as 9/11, Sandy Hook, the Boston Bombings, and the recent Las Vegas Walmart shootings, to name a few.

At the very least, there are questions that need to be answered about what happened in Moncton in June, but as it sits as of five minutes ago from me writing this very sentence, CBC News released an article online titled, “Moncton MP denies reports of public inquiry into Mountie shootings: Conservative Robert Goguen says internal RCMP investigation suffient.” The final story the news presented is the final story; but did you expect to get the truth from the very system which created the lie?

It’s a wonder to those of us who have caught on after seeing the now mountains of evidence to show that 9/11, the Boston Bombing, the UK Subway Massacre, Sandy Hook, Aurora’s theater shooting, Seattle University, Las Vegas, Santa Barbara, and Moncton, were all staged events to scare the public into trading their rights for false securities; what city will they hit next? Where is the next false flag attack going to occur? Its no longer possible to look at these things as unrelated, especially when one sees the way the RCMP behaved in High River when its residents were displaced out of their homes, some losing everything they had, others never given a chance to save the things they could have saved–all for their police and officials to literally break in and rob them. I think its time to wake up Canada, because just as the actors paid to pretend they lost a loved one at Sandy Hook always say, “You never think it can happen to you, until it does!”

charter of liberty


Article by Olan Thomas, June 26th, 2014.


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